Arcadia VS Studio City – which one should you move to this fall?

Most people consider fall as a happy season. Some could also say that everything is prettier in autumn. Nature is revealing different colors and it’s the time for harvest. Insanely hot summer days are over and we can finally work on things we’ve delayed because of the vacation. That is why some choose to move during this golden time of the year. Even though it can be crowded, with professional movers like Good Neighbors Moving Company your relocation can go smooth. Now that you’ve avoided heat and humidity, let’s look at Arcadia VS Studio City offers – where should you move this fall? Let’s compare these two popular areas in LA that share a 20-mile distance.

Arcadia VS Studio City – meet the neighbors

Arcadia is for the rich

The city of Arcadia has a population of around 57,000 which makes it pretty popular. Comparing to other cities, here you can find so many rich Chinese people. Some also call it the “Chinese Beverly Hills”. This is one of the most diverse cities in LA, but it is pretty expensive to live in. The median home value is over $1 million, but you won’t regret investing for your future here. This could be due to the city’s history when rich people came after WWII to build mansions and make the city look like this today.

chinese food here is great if you compare Arcadia vs. Studio City
The Chinese population in Arcadia brought plenty of marvelous Chinese restaurants you can visit daily.

So, we already mentioned this – you have to save a lot of money if you want to buy a house in Arcadia. The cost of living here is 120% higher than the national average. Nevertheless, places have a fairytale look with numerous bathrooms and bedrooms. Huge yards that surround mansions with elevators are pretty common to see. Although this is a paradise for large families, living alone in this city isn’t boring at all. Moving companies Arcadia CA has in the area always do their best to help you relocate, even though you don’t have a friendly helping hand before the move. Afterward, neighborhoods are so friendly and welcoming you can easily meet someone new.

Studio City welcomes the celebs

Moving to Studio City is one of the things on the bucket list for plenty of people. Not only there is the famous CBS Studios, but some aim for the best private and public schools this area of LA has. Restaurants in the main street called Ventura Boulevard are the places where all of the locals like to spend their free time. Furthermore, you can already guess why this neighborhood got the name Studio City. The proximity of a plethora of studios somehow forced a major number of actors and celebs to live here. They were also attracted by yoga studios, trendy boutiques, professional movers Studio City CA has to offer, and the beautiful surrounding nature.

paparazzi are common in Studio City
With a lot of celebrities living in Studio City, you have to get used to seeing paparazzi.

Arcadia VS Studio City – amenities and places to have fun

You will never feel bored in Arcadia

A dense suburban feel doesn’t kill all the fun. There are so many locals that own their homes which means you won’t have to meet so many new people over and over again. Of course, you have to meet someone new after the move, but it gets tiring when you have to do it often. Arcadia offers a lot of coffee shops, parks, and places to hang out with your friends:

  • Enjoy Arcadia’s largest mall called Westfield in Santa Anita and meet a lot of rich Chinese people.
  • Santa Anita Park is home to the best horse races in the country – that wins in Arcadia VS Studio City battle.
  • Botanic Garden is the place of many different plants that came from all over the world.
  • You can always visit museums, coffee shops, and beautiful restaurants that offer a wide range of cuisines to try out.

Studio City is known for fun

Even though this city enjoys plenty of celebrities that want privacy, you will get that small-town feel. People welcome each other, there are trees everywhere, and you will have a great local shopping experience. There are a lot of things you can easily get used to:

  • A lot of take-out food and drinks that you can consume while in a park or at a jazz performance.
  • Farmers Market offers amazing stock of fresh and delicious food.
  • Schools are highly rated in Studio City, which makes it a popular neighborhood for families.
  • Toluca Lake and Hollywood Hills are the places that surround this city – wonderful, isn’t it?
downtown la is very close to studio city
The proximity of Downtown LA is one of the benefits of living in Studio City.

The great thing about Studio City is that you are very near to Downtown LA. On the other hand, it is good for people who enjoy a quieter lifestyle. Who would say that Bruno Mars or George Clooney enjoy quiet? Yes, you read that right, but they are not the only ones living here. Just like them, there are so many rich people that chose Studio City to move to. If you are just like them and have a lot of valuable belongings, consider hiring white glove movers Los Angeles is offering. You will know your possessions arrived safely, especially if you own a lot of precious art or vintage items.

Arcadia VS Studio City – you choose the winner

We tried to put close these two places and help you choose the city to live in. When it comes to the cost of living, they are barely the same. Furthermore, you can find fun everywhere. It depends on your wishes and desires only, or if you can stand all of the paparazzi on a daily basis in Studio City. Nevertheless, let us know who won in this battle called Arcadia VS Studio City. Whichever you choose, ensure to do the complete research on what suits you best. We can agree on one thing – fall is the best time to move, so don’t wait too long.