Residential Moving

If you are about to move from one home to another and are looking for a trustworthy company to help you settle, you’re just where you are supposed to be! Housing some of the finest residential movers Los Angeles has to provide, Good Neighbors Moving Company is the company that can drastically alleviate the toll of this process. Whether you are moving across the city or down the street makes no difference to our capable crew, as we strive to make your transition as smooth as possible, regardless of the circumstances. So, don’t let the stress of moving weigh you down. Contact us today to get a taste of the peace of mind you are soon to experience!

member of our team of residential movers los angeles has moving boxes
There’s no need to worry since our residential movers Los Angeles residents love handle all the heavy lifting.

Embrace your new chapter in Los Angeles with Good Neighbors Moving

Moving within LA is a monumental event – Are you excited or anxious ahead of this next chapter in life? Or perhaps, a little bit of both? Well, either way, we don’t blame you, as this change is surely an exciting one, although also one that can be scary unless you’ve got professionals helping you along the way. Luckily, Good Neighbors Moving Company, with its selection of residential movers in Los Angeles, is here to assist you. By having us handle the tricky parts of your relocation, there will be nothing for you to do but enjoy LA. And oh boy, does the iconic City of Angels have some heavenly appeal, both in terms of its beautiful natural wonders and a diverse, fast-growing economy. Once you’ve got a new home lined up here, you’ve got a destination to head towards, while we’ve got a residential move to plan!

How to prepare for your Los Angeles move

When you decide to relocate to Los Angeles, it’s time to start getting ready. You’ve got some important matters to put in order, and the sooner you get started, the better. To begin, research the local area. If you’ve got some flexibility regarding when you can move into your new residence, examine the best time to move to the city. Furthermore, if you know your new address, you can also look up the essentials in the surrounding area. Make sure you know where the doctors, dentists, pharmacies, grocery stores, and home repair shops are located. You should also look up fun things to do so you and your family can celebrate once you are all settled in. And since the City of Angels has an abundance of sights to see and spots to explore, treating yourself once in the area won’t be complicated. Not even the slightest!

Make a list and consider decluttering

After handling basic research, the next step is to list all the items you want to bring. Your first instinct may be to bring everything – but do you really need to? Sometimes, offloading unnecessary items is the right idea. This could expedite your move by lightening the load and giving you less to keep up with while your items are being securely packed up by residential movers in LA. Then, when you make a list of items you do want to take, consider organizing your list by:

  • Room so that you can go one at a time for easy organization
  • Type so you can ensure fragile or heavy items get special attention
  • Need so you can easily access the essential items first upon moving in

That’s how you can organize the list of items you want to bring – but what about the ones you want to leave behind? Our secure storage services can provide you with temporary space to house your belongings safely. You can have them hosted here for safekeeping until you want to bring them along to your new location or until you can make arrangements to have them sold, donated, or recycled.

people sorting through donations
Donating is a great way of decluttering and giving back to the community.

Picking the right Los Angeles residential moving company

As one of the trusted residential moving companies Los Angeles has to offer, we know our customers’ unique needs. That is why we’re prepared to handle all the moving tasks that your relocation requires. Some of them may go hand in hand with your residential move in LA, such as:

On the other hand, your household relocation needs may extend beyond the city limits, in which case, you can count on us to provide you with the long-distance move of your dreams within any of the following regions:

While at it, we can also provide moving boxes and other supplies to streamline the process.

Packing and white glove services

Now, we have already mentioned the high-quality storage solutions that our residential movers LA residents are proud of have the means of securing. However, not only will you find storage at Good Neighbors Moving, but you will also get all the other services necessary to make your moving day easy and enjoyable. Let’s start with the process many people worry about the most – packing. The thought of taking all your belongings from one place to another can make you concerned. Even if you’ve made a list to ensure nothing is left behind, what if something is damaged? Luckily, when our professional crew handles packing, there’s nothing to worry about, as we use proper packing supplies to handle this important task with care. This includes:

  • Boxes of the appropriate size
  • Wraps and pads for protection
  • Dolleys to safely handle heavy items
residential movers los angeles has helping a customer pack
Not only can we provide you with sturdy and secure moving boxes, but we can also complete the whole packing process for you.

In addition to our standard packing services, we also offer white glove services to handle sensitive antiques and heirlooms that require additional care. No matter what you need moved or how far, we understand that protecting your property is part of creating a great residential moving experience. After all, you’ll feel more at home after relocating when you have all your belongings safely beside you.

Loading and unloading services

While packing up your items is a big part of the moving process, there’s also the matter of loading up. This constitutes some serious heavy lifting. Even carrying many average-sized boxes can take its toll on a person physically. Thankfully, ours is one of the residential moving companies in LA that has an experienced team that can handle the heavy lifting. Entrusting us with this part of the process, you essentially avoid feeling stressed during the move and prevent the injuries associated with moving heavy belongings. We’ll also be happy to get your items unloaded upon arrival. This process will help your new house feel like a home sooner – making it easier for you to settle in and feel comfortable.

Our residential movers Los Angeles locals rely on provide solutions for all relocation types

Even though tens of thousands of people move to Los Angeles yearly, none of their moves are the same. Homes come in many shapes and sizes, and our team is prepared to help with your move, no matter the situation. If you’ve got a multi-story home to fill with belongings, we’ll get everything loaded into the right rooms quickly.

Two residential movers Los Angeles is proud to have lifting boxes and furniture
No matter the size and complexity of your move, we have the expertise and equipment to handle it.

If it’s a compact apartment or condo, we’ll exercise the care needed to handle your move with no damage to the property and minimal disruption to your neighbors. Home is wherever you feel comfortable – and you’ll be comfortable and content with the fantastic service you’ll get from us. To get started, feel free to request an estimate tailored to your specific moving needs.

Make your Los Angeles move with Good Neighbors

We live up to our name because we’re like the friends next door you can call for support. But unlike asking your actual neighbors for help, with us, you get a professionally trained team with moving industry expertise. We are:

End your search for reliable residential movers Los Angeles is proud to have

If you are looking to make it safely to the City of Angels or the surrounding area, you’re right to consider enlisting the help of Good Neighbors Moving Company. After all, our residential movers Los Angeles residents wholeheartedly recommend have the traits of a responsible crew that understands your move is unique. We are fully committed to providing you with a personalized experience. From the initial consultation to unpacking the last box, we are here to ensure smooth sailing to your final destination. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our representatives as soon as possible for a moving plan that goes above and beyond the expected and a no-obligation quote!