Best California cities for active lifestyle

The Californian weather and sun leave a lot of options for people to spend time exercising. However, not all places have the same culture and locations to fully present their inhabitants with numerous opportunities to work out. However, it’s no wonder that most moving company Los Angeles are relocating people to places that are more adjusted to a healthier type of living. Here are the best California cities for an active lifestyle that won’t disappoint you with their diversity of possibilities.

San Diego

As the population of San Diego gets younger, the number of people that live an active lifestyle rises. Thankfully, the geographical position of the city and the climate help it to always have some kind of recreational activity available. Even our residential movers are witnesses to the fact that the culture of sports and recreation is on the rise in San Diego. On top of that, many businesses and companies in the recreational and sports industry are getting more and more involved around the city as a result of this spike.

View of San Diego from the beach
San Diego offers a lot for people who lead a healthy lifestyle

Irvine is among the California cities for an active lifestyle

Be it that you love doing your workout in a gym or a park, Irvine is the place for you. Here, people are very oriented towards a healthy lifestyle and living as outdoorsy as possible. For example, there are almost twice as many bikers in Irvine as the average in all the major cities in the US. On top of that, according to our Burbank movers,  you can also enjoy many gyms in the city that are very affordable for any type of budget. It’s no wonder Irvine ranks on the top of the lists of California cities for an active lifestyle.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the legendary cities when it comes to sports. However, it’s not only home to world-class franchises, but also to amazing places for people to lead an active lifestyle. After watching professionals, what can you do to stay healthy? Surprisingly, even the clients of our senior movers do some yoga from time to time. On top of that, there are amazing places you can go hiking with your family or friends. Here are just some of the hiking trails that are worth checking out:

  • Griffith Park Trails
  • Glendale Peak
  • Elysian Park Trail

San Francisco

If you take into consideration that San Francisco is a huge city, it really has a lot to offer on many levels. Be it that you like hiking, biking, or working out in parks or gyms, you will have an abundance of choices. On top of that, the city of San Francisco is generally one of the healthiest places when it comes to food, and in combination with the inhabitants that like working out it makes it one of the best California cities for an active lifestyle and good health overall.

The Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco is among the best California cities for an active lifestyle. Above all, because of its diversity when it comes to options for a healthy lifestyle.

Looking for the best California cities for an active lifestyle? Don’t forget about Long Beach

When you move to Long Beach you’ll see that the majority of its population is living a very healthy lifestyle. Because of the many hiking trails, parks, outdoor gyms, and more spaces to live an active lifestyle, there are not too many people paying for a gym membership. And why would they? They have everything they need to be on the move and live in good health. Whatever your preferences are, we’re sure you’ll find more than enough opportunities in Long Beach to practice them. Here are some great parks we can recommend you to visit:

  • 14th Street Park Fitness Zone
  • Admiral Kidd Park Life Trail
  • Bixby Fitness Loop

Obviously, staying active is very important and doesn’t have an alternative. Be it that it boosts your health or generally makes you feel better, it’s one of the things people do to stay in shape and overall improve their lives. Picking to live in the best California cities for an active lifestyle will help you a lot in that cause. Are you a gym rat? Do you love hiking and biking on trails and enjoying the scenery? Above all, you won’t make a mistake whatever city from the list you choose to move to.