Best Companies to Work for in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a large city, spanning 502 sq. mi., with many businesses located within it and around it. There are many big and small established companies to work for in Los Angeles but there’s also exciting opportunities working for startups. It hasn’t quite reached the ranks of Silicon Valley but The City of Angels is gaining popularity for startup businesses. According to Statista, it ranks third as a leading city for new business ventures.

Therefore, job opportunities are plentiful and with a population of 3.9 million people, many companies have to compete with each other to attract new recruits. After our research of the best companies to work for in Los Angeles, we know how competitive it can be from wages, benefits, growth opportunities, and more.

The median household income in Los Angeles is around $65,000. Don’t necessarily let that be your guide to determine a salary though. According to MIT, a family of 4 would have to make close to $50 an hour for a liveable wage in Los Angeles. If the average full time employee works 2,080 hours per year, that comes out to a salary of $104,000. We found the companies on our list compensate well, where you could be making six-figures, so don’t fret!

Best Companies to Work for in Los Angeles

We scoured about a dozen resources, including Zippia, Glassdoor, and LA Business Journal, to find the best companies to work for in Los Angeles. Below are a few that we found to be exceptional from their benefit packages to their office environments.

5 Best Large Companies to Work for in LA

1. Blackline

Founded over 20 years ago, the financial software company has grown by leaps and bounds becoming a premier provider for essential accounting processes for companies.

It’s received high marks in terms of its services and a great place to work. It offers competitive wages and generous benefits including health insurance, 401K with matching, unlimited paid time off, and more. It’s been recognized several times as one of the best companies to work for in Los Angeles by LA Business Journal, Inc. Magazine, Newsweek, and many more.

2. Accenture

Within 30 years this business management consulting firm has made its mark in 49 different countries and is serving even more than that. You could be one of over 721,000 employees proudly representing this multi-billion dollar company helping other businesses.

Across the board, Accenture has been admired by its customers and employees raving about its ethical and honest conduct, competence, and care for well-being. It is a 3-time #1 winner of the Refinitiv Diversity and Inclusion Index and ranked #17 of Great Place to Work List of World’s Best Workplaces for 2022.

3. Deloitte

An international accounting firm headquartered in London employs thousands of employees abroad. One of their successful offices is located right here in Los Angeles in The Gas Company Tower.

Deloitte ranked #7 in the Great Place to Work list of Best Workplaces for 2022. It also was voted as one of the best workplaces for parents, women, and veterans. With their endless list of recognitions and awards, it’s undeniable that this is one of the best companies to work for in Los Angeles.

4. Korn Ferry

Nearing its 55th year in business as a business management consulting firm, it’s grown into a multi-million dollar business aiding in the recruitment and placement process of employees.

Since they understand employees are an essential asset to growing a business, naturally they’re going to ensure they have a high retention rate. That’s why they offer competitive compensation along with benefits catering to your health, personal development, career expansion, and fun team building activities.

5. Northwestern Mutual

Be a part of helping individuals and families set sustainable and smart financial plans at this highly admired 165 year old company. They take good care of their customers – as shown by their 97% retention rate – and their employees.

You can expect competitive compensation along with an attractive benefits package that includes flexible working hours, training program with stipends, health insurance, and more. The Fortune 500 company has been the recipient of a Diversity & Inclusion Award and numerous times earned a perfect score on Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index.

5 Best Medium Size Companies to Work for in LA

1 Tinder

Swipe right for Tinder. The popular dating app has been around for 10 years and has acquired over 75 million active users in 197 countries. It’s the most popular and profitable dating app and recognized as one of the best companies to work for in LA.

It’s receive 8 awards in 2022 from Comparably including Best Company for Perks & Benefits, Work-Life Balance, and Career Growth. Employees have praised it for its healthy work-life balance, fun work environment, good benefits, and more.

2. Videoamp

Only 9 years in business, this advertising software company is breaking grounds in the industry with sophisticated and advanced methods. With integrity, they focus on real solutions and real results for their clients through the company’s “teamwork makes the dream work” attitude.

Employees have raved about the amount of growth opportunities, fair compensation, and amazing benefits like unlimited paid time off, health insurance, and parental leave. Videoamp was featured on Ad Age’s 2022 Best Place to Work list.

3. Lever

An international software company that helps businesses recruit the best talent for their needs in a cost-effective approach. Within just a decade, Lever has expanded exponentially employing over 220,000 people and acquiring over 5,000 customers globally.

Across the board, employees have given the medium sized company high rankings for work-life balance, work environment, compensation, and more. In fact, it was recognized by Comparably as one of the best companies to work for in terms of perks and benefits, compensation, and happiness. It also made People Magazine’s 2022 list of Top 100 Companies that Care.

4. Media Alpha

A fast growing marketing company for the insurance industry. The founders value transparency through the business from their clients to their employees. They give special attention to their office environment ensuring everyone has a voice and comfortable space to learn and grow.

Located in The Bloc in downtown LA, its location alone is a perk of working at Media Alpha. On top of that, they offer competitive compensation and a bucket of benefits including health insurance, 401k with matching, paid time off, and so much more!

5. FloQast

Birthed by accountants to streamline accounting workflow through automation, the company has been a success since its inception 10 years ago and is growing by the numbers.

Employees love working here from its bright and airy office environment to its generous benefit package of unlimited paid time off, stock options, 401ks, and many more. In fact, according to Glassdoor, 92% would recommend working at FloQast and it’s been recognized as one of the best companies to work for in Los Angeles by, Builtin, and Los Angeles Business Journal.

5 Best Small Companies to Work for in LA

1. DeciBio Consulting

Focusing on precision medicine, this consulting firm has been around for 10 years and seems to have a bright future ahead of them. Although their work is serious, the environment of the office is fun and energetic which plays a part in employee happiness.

The consulting firm is highly admired by the industry and their employees, in which they have earned a 4.9 star rating on Glassdoor and 100% of those who reviewed said they would recommend working for the company. It also landed in the 30th spot of Vault’s list of best consulting firms to work for.

2. Murphy O’Brien

If you’re into public relations, this 30-year old company is one of the best, according to Forbes. The firm is a tight-knit organization with group collaboration as an essential element to their success.

With solid leadership, resources to help you learn, grow, and create, a calming environment, competitive pay, and more, Murphy O’Brien definitely makes our list of best companies to work for in Los Angeles. The city’s business journal also lists them on their list of Best Places to Work for 2022 and 2021.

3. Keystone Law Group, P.C.

In this probate focused law firm, everyone is valued and treated with dignity. Their togetherness, talent, friendliness,and ambition to help individuals through litigation and continue to grow Keystone makes this firm a wonderful place to work.

Founded 9 years ago by Shawn Kerendian, a probate lawyer and managing partner, the company has already made headlines being recognized as a great place to work by Great Place to Work®, and best places to work in southern California by Best Companies Group.

4. Startr Co.

This company is fairly new but gaining momentum. Plus, it has an impressive team that has a track record of explosive success. The small PR firm of 10 works has worked on some fun brands and on some really creative projects. Being bored is not a thing here.

Additionally, the inspiring and supportive team at hand will keep you fueled and determined for a job well done. This, and more, has helped make it into the Los Angeles Business Journal of Best Places to Work. It also helps that it’s in the heart of LA!

5. Be Structured Technology Group

Who doesn’t need IT support these days and with the award-winning services of this 15-year old business, we don’t see it fizzling out any time soon. Therefore, job security won’t be a concern.

Be Structured values their employees referring to them as their “most valuable resource.” With a 4.6 rating on Glassdoor, it’s hard to argue that they don’t make it a good experience to work there. They offer competitive pay, great benefits and made the list of Best Places to Work multiple times in the Los Angeles Business Journal.

Identifying a Good Company to Work for in LA

At the end of the day, a company may look like a good company to work for on paper, but it ultimately depends on what you value to be a good company to work for. For some, it might be salary, benefits, workplace environment, diversity, or growth opportunity. If you can’t find these things out on your own, ask about them during your interview with the company.

Some other things to do to figure out if a company would be good to work for include:

  • Observe the vibe of the office.
  • Learn about the growth of the company.
  • Find out if overtime is common and if you’ll be compensated for it.
  • Are promotions based on seniority or qualifications?
  • Determine if the workload is in fact manageable.
  • What’s their employee and client retention rate?

Don’t forget that whenever a company conducts an interview with you they’re not only learning more about your credentials and character to see if you’d be a good fit but they’re also trying to win you over. That means you also have some power in the interview process.

You may think you’re powerless in this situation and get tied up on making a good impression trying to sell yourself. Don’t forget to ask imperative questions to make sure the company is a good fit for you too.

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