Best Neighborhoods in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is one of the most gorgeous locations in California, making a name for itself as both a must-see destination for sightseers and a gorgeous forever home for countless families. With its fabulous beaches, vibrant nightlife, and year-round temperate weather, it’s hard to see why anyone wouldn’t love it here. The area comprises several unique neighborhoods, each of which has its own style and history. From Huntington Harbour to Gilbert Island to Bolsa Chica, let’s go over all of the best neighborhoods in Huntington Beach so you can decide which one to call home.

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Huntington Harbour

Huntington Harbour is truly a gem of the West Coast with its fabulous Pacific beaches, nightlife, and events. This island community is situated far from downtown but is still rich with things to do and relaxing natural sights to see and explore. With over 500 bayfront homes situated on its surface, Huntington Harbour is a popular place to call home – and for good reason.

Huntington Harbor neighbors Seal Beach and Sunset Beach, giving you multiple options for natural fun, rest, and relaxation year-round. The waterfront boardwalk features shopping, regular events, and unforgettable views. Whether you’re looking for something to eat or drink or an activity to enjoy, you’ll find everything you want and need in Huntington Harbour.

Gilbert Island

If waterfront views are your dream, look no further than Gilbert Island, which is just one of five manmade islands in Huntington Beach. This gorgeous area, located northwest of Huntington Beach, features large three-to-five-bedroom homes that feature boat docks, boat slips, and views you can’t find elsewhere.

Gilbert Island is also known for its extremely family-friendly vibe, with beaches featuring large playgrounds and swings. The island is rich with green areas and parks featuring sculptures, trails, play areas, family activities, and more. For a life of luxury and relaxation that is perfect for the whole family, Gilbert Island is the place to go.

Sunset Beach

For a taste of the best history, views, and things to do in California, Sunset Beach is an ideal place to live. Not only is this neighborhood home to great shopping and food with frequent events taking place year-round, but it also has a unique history and vibe. One example of Sunset Beach’s quirky locations is the neighborhood’s gargantuan Water Tower House, one of the tallest residential homes in the United States.

Sunset Beach’s history isn’t its only appeal; it is absolutely gorgeous, making a name for itself as one of the widest beaches in Southern California. In addition to the fabulous beach in Sunset Beach, the neighborhood also sports an enormous 14-acre park known as the “Green Belt.” The Green Belt features hiking trails, biking paths, and more. Needless to say, you should have no trouble finding ways to get your Vitamin D while living in Sunset Beach!

Bolsa Chica

Head west from Sunset Beach and you’ll end up in beautiful Bolsa Chica, a neighborhood known for its natural sights, surfing scene, and fun boardwalks. The waves near Bolsa Chica are gentle, making it a hotspot for surfers.

Bolsa Chica is open both during the day and night, making it an ideal location for camping, bonfires, and evening relaxation and enjoyment. Still, Bolsa Chica’s beaches are not its only natural appeal; the neighborhood is also home to marshes, trails, and hikes. Walk along the Bolsa Chica State Beach or explore the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, a 1,300-mile estuary home to seabirds, reptiles, over 60 species of marine fishes and marine invertebrates.  Bolsa Chica is sure to be an ideal destination for anyone looking for the perfect mix of urban life and relaxation in nature.

Downtown Huntington Beach

If you’re torn between fast-paced urban living and the relaxing beach life, you don’t have to decide between them – Downtown Huntington Beach has it all. Not only does this industrial area have opportunities galore for those looking to further their careers, but there are also countless things to do in your free time. The city is known for its nightlife, vibrant food scene, and various shopping options. Downtown Huntington Beach is notably home to Pacific City, a modern dining, shopping, and recreation hub with modern retail offerings.

Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is a laid-back community that is highly popular with athletes. You’ll find lots of things to do here, ranging from a vibrant nightlife to a sports scene, to a great food scene. In terms of housing, there are a wide variety of options in Manhattan Beach; rather than just large multi-million dollar homes or mansions, you can also purchase or rent condos, single-family houses, and apartment buildings here. In other words, Manhattan Beach lends itself to a wide range of lifestyles while maintaining a luxury vibe.

Moving To Huntington Beach?

Countless gorgeous neighborhoods in Huntington Beach are ready for you to call them home. Whether you find yourself at home near the gentle waves of Bolsa Chica, looking for a life of luxury on Gilbert Island, or searching for the vibrant nightlife available in Downtown Huntington Beach, there is the perfect house waiting for you in sunny California. And when it comes to moving to your new home, don’t forget to hire the best Huntington Beach movers to ensure a smooth and stress-free move.

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