Best neighborhoods in San Dimas

If you are thinking about moving to San Dimas, CA, this is the guide for you. Learn all about the city’s cost of living, job opportunities, education options, and overall lifestyle. Also, check out the best neighborhoods in San Dimas for singles, families, students, and retirees. Learn all about relocating to this magnificent city, and let Good Neighbors Moving Company take care of the whole moving process from start to finish.

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Check out the best neighborhoods in San Dimas

A few words about San Dimas

San Dimas is in Los Angeles County, California, part of the San Gabriel Valley. Originally called La Cienega Mud Springs, it was established from a Mexican land grant in 1837. The city, which was incorporated in 1960, was once a major center for the citrus industry, notably contributing to the Sunkist brand’s beginnings. Today, San Dimas combines historic charm with modern living across its 15.4 square miles. Home to about 34,924 people, it features a warm-summer Mediterranean climate. Residents enjoy amenities like parks, a golf course, and a community hospital. The city’s schools and proximity to colleges provide strong educational options. San Dimas maintains a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas, making it a well-rounded suburban community.

The cost of living in San Dimas, CA

Before we move on to the best neighborhoods in San Dimas, let’s check out the cost of living. Namely, in San Dimas, CA, the cost of living provides a balanced view of affordability and quality of life. The monthly expenses for food can range from $666 to $1,734, reflecting the diversity of dining options and grocery costs. Transportation costs are also quite reasonable, with monthly expenses ranging from $65.3 to $179, accommodating both public transit users and those who commute by car. Residents of San Dimas enjoy a decent quality of life with a score of 71, which suggests a satisfactory balance between everyday costs and community benefits. The average monthly salary after tax is $4,028, which supports a comfortable living standard relative to local expenses.

With a population of approximately 34.9K, San Dimas offers a community that is large enough to provide essential amenities and services but small enough to maintain a close-knit feel. So, if the cost of living is appealing enough for you to move here, hire movers Los Angeles County offers and move when it suits you.

Real estate in San Dimas

Real estate in San Dimas, California, reflects its status as a sought-after suburban area. The median home value in San Dimas stands at $715,400, which significantly surpasses the national average of $281,900. This suggests a rich housing market and possibly higher living standards compared to many other U.S. locales. Similarly, the median rent in San Dimas is $2,202, much higher than the national median of $1,268, indicating a competitive rental market.

The area’s dense suburban feel is attributed to its well-developed housing stock, moderate population density, and good access to local amenities, making it an appealing place for both families and professionals. Homeownership dominates the housing scene, with 71% of residents owning their homes compared to 29% who rent. This ownership rate underscores a stable residential environment and a community where people invest in long-term living arrangements. However, the real estate prices may vary by neighborhood. So, let’s see what the best neighborhoods in San Dimas are for you.

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Real estate options are great in San Dimas.

These are the best neighborhoods in San Dimas

Now that you know the man traits of this beautiful city, let us check the best neighborhoods San Dimas has to offer:

  1. West San Dimas
  2. San Dimas North
  3. City Center
  4. San Dimas South

West San Dimas

West San Dimas, also known as Mesa Oaks, lies within the southwestern portion of the city and is locally referred to as “unincorporated Covina” or “unincorporated San Dimas.” Despite its unincorporated status, the region uses Covina for home addresses. As of the 2000 census, West San Dimas had a population of 309. The community is purely residential with no commercial zones, which contributes to its quiet, suburban feel. Employment within the area mainly comes from local institutions such as Walnut Creek Regional Park and the national headquarters of Tzu Chi USA, which are significant employers.

Education in West San Dimas is managed by the Charter Oak Unified School District. Children from the area typically attend Badillo Elementary School, Royal Oak Middle School, and Charter Oak High School. This educational arrangement provides residents with access to consistent and quality education close to home.

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Write down all the pros and cons o moving to San Dimas.

San Dimas North – one of the best neighborhoods in San Dimas

San Dimas North is a predominantly residential neighborhood in San Dimas, California, known for its rural feel and tightly-knit community. Housing in this area primarily consists of medium to large single-family homes and townhomes, most of which are owner-occupied. The residences mainly date from between 1970 and 1999, contributing to the neighborhood’s established yet contemporary character.

The neighborhood stands out for its extremely low real estate vacancy rates, indicating a high demand for housing. Due to the limited supply, this demand could potentially drive up real estate prices. San Dimas North is also notable for its high car ownership, with a significant number of households owning multiple vehicles, much higher than the national average. Residents of San Dimas North are generally well-off, with the neighborhood being among the wealthier areas in the country. So, if this is the neighborhood for you, hire movers San Dimas CA offers and move with no stress.

Living in San Dimas City Centre

Living in San Dimas City Centre offers a dense suburban feel with a mix of residential and commercial areas. Residents appreciate the strong sense of community and the accessibility to various amenities, which are often within walking distance. The area has several parks, cafes, and dining options, enhancing the quality of life for its inhabitants. The city center is notable for its safety and excellent public transit access, making it a practical choice for both families and young professionals. However, potential residents should be aware of the high cost of living here, which is reflective of housing, groceries, and general services.

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City center offers exceptional options

Places to enjoy in San Dimas City center

San Dimas offers a range of parks great for families looking for recreational spaces. One of the popular spots is Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park, which provides extensive options for activities such as picnicking, hiking, and water sports on Puddingstone Lake. San Dimas Canyon Park is another great choice, known for its natural settings and trails that are perfect for a peaceful walk or a morning jog. Via Verde Park offers playgrounds and sports facilities, making it a favorite among families.

For those who enjoy cafes, San Dimas has several cozy spots. Coffee Klatch is well-regarded for its high-quality brews and friendly atmosphere, making it a local favorite. Another popular spot is Hanger The Norms Coffee Shop, which serves up a variety of coffee drinks in a relaxed setting. Donut Club, while primarily a bakery, offers a range of beverages and is a go-to place for those with a sweet tooth. So, to enjoy these places as soon as you move to some of the best neighborhoods in San Dimas, hire local movers Los Angeles area has.

San Dimas South

San Dimas South, one of the best neighborhoods in San Dimas, stands out as a particularly affluent neighborhood in California. The median real estate price here is a substantial $1,213,702, positioning San Dimas South as pricier than 78.5% of California neighborhoods and 95.4% of neighborhoods across the U.S. This high cost reflects the upscale nature of the housing market in this area, where homes boast luxury features and spacious layouts catering to discerning buyers. Rental prices in San Dimas South are equally steep, with an average cost of $5,618, which is higher than 98.0% of neighborhoods in California. This suggests that rentals here are likely high-end, possibly offering extensive amenities and services that justify the premium price point.

Is San Dimas a safe place?

San Dimas is generally considered a safe place to live, with a crime and safety grade of B minus. The rates for violent crimes such as assault, rape, and robbery are lower than national averages, which contributes to the community’s overall sense of security. For instance, the rate of assault in San Dimas is 180 per 100,000 residents, significantly lower than the national average of 282.7. Additionally, San Dimas has recorded zero murders, which is favorable when compared to the national average. Property crimes are also less frequent here than in many other parts of the country, with burglary and theft rates below national averages. This data suggests that San Dimas maintains a relatively safe environment for its residents. And, for a safe relocation, rely on moving services Los Angeles companies, such as Good Neighbors Moving Company, provide.

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San Dima’s working options are various.

Working in the best neighborhoods in San Dimas

In San Dimas, the primary industries include healthcare, utilities, and dining, contributing significantly to the local economy. Prominent companies like Southern California Gas Company, which provides energy services across a vast region, and Exide Technologies, known for its battery manufacturing, are key employers in the area. Additionally, the restaurant industry is represented by chains such as Red Robin and Jack in the Box, offering various dining and employment opportunities. These companies and sectors offer a range of job prospects, supporting San Dimas’s status as a community with a strong economic foundation. By the way, if you are moving a business to San Dinmas, you can rely on our commercial movers in Los Angeles to help you relocate.

Is San Dimas suitable for you?

San Dimas, California, offers a blend of historic charm and modern living, making it appealing to many. It provides a close-knit community atmosphere enhanced by parks, a golf course, and a community hospital. The city’s schools and proximity to colleges offer robust educational opportunities. While the cost of living is high compared to the national average, it matches the quality of life and amenities available, including a median household income of $102,241. All in all, whether to move here or not will depend solely on your life preferences. However, you won’t regret if you move.

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Hire our San Dimas movers and move with no hassle.

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