Best Places for Young Professionals in Orange County

Whether you’re seeking career growth, a lively social scene, or a safe community to call home, Orange County has just that something you need. However, not all places here, just like anywhere else for that matter, present equal opportunities. That’s why, today, Good Neighbors Moving Company will be focusing on the best places for young professionals in Orange County and best places only! And who knows, after gaining new knowledge, you may even decide to make one of them your permanent home.

Explore the best places for young professionals in Orange County

The OC has received its fair share of newcomers in recent years, many of whom have relied on trustworthy movers Orange County companies employ for their relocation needs. While some take to this region because of its irresistible charm and coastal appeal, some venture here to pursue professional opportunities. That begs the question, where exactly in this county should aspiring young pros try their luck? There are multiple options, although the ones that particularly stand out include the following:

  • Irvine
  • Newport Beach
  • Costa Mesa


This city is nothing short of extraordinary. In fact, Irvine’s commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness sets it apart as an eco-friendly haven. One that’s like made for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Regarding education, its top-notch schools and the renowned University of California, Irvine, provide an excellent foundation for families and those planning to have one in the future. These exceptional academic institutions are why Irvine Unified School District consistently ranks among the best in California.

Beyond the booming job market and exceptional education, the city takes social life to heart. It hosts numerous community events, festivals, and cultural gatherings annually. For example, the Irvine Global Village Festival is a highly anticipated event highlighting the city’s multiculturalism with live music, dance performances, international food, and arts and crafts from various countries. In addition, local transportation and public services are also commendable. Efficient public transportation options, well-maintained roads, and accessibility to nearby freeways make commuting a breeze.

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Each location offers a wealth of job opportunities in various industries

Newport Beach is one of the best places for young professionals in Orange County

The pristine beaches along the coastline of Newport Beach provide the perfect setting for sunbathing, beach volleyball, and strolls by the water. The city’s upscale neighborhoods are a testament to its dedication to luxury and elegance. For example, Fashion Island boasts a lavish collection of high-end boutiques, designer stores, and luxury retailers, offering an exquisite shopping experience. What’s more, with Newport Beach’s fine dining scene, culinary enthusiasts will find themselves in gastronomic heaven.

But why does this city appeal to young professionals in particular? Well, for once, it presents a wealth of job opportunities. Its thriving tourism industry contributes to many job openings in hospitality and customer service. Beyond that, the city has embraced innovation and technology, which has and continues to attract more and more tech companies and startups to the area, such as MSC Software and Aerospace Parts Holdings Inc.

Costa Mesa

Have you recently been looking at movers Costa Mesa has to offer in the hopes of landing the best crew to transport you to this town should you decide to move here? If so, you probably already know everything there is about this charming heaven on Earth, although just in case you don’t, we’ll bring you one step closer to it. Costa Mesa is a place that embraces creativity and expression and has proven to be quite a fertile ground for all the artists, musicians, and performers out there. The city regularly hosts community events and festivals that bring people from all walks of life together, with notable mentions going to the Costa Mesa Community Run, Concerts in the Park, and Orange County Fair.

Thanks to its central location in OC, residents of this charming city are close to practically everything this region offers in terms of recreation. This makes it possible to tan at beautiful beaches, ride the glorious waves, hike through picturesque trails, relax in scenic parks, or do something else altogether. Costa Mesa’s dynamic and creative yet relaxing atmosphere extends to its job opportunities, making it an exciting destination for young professionals. Additionally, its strategic position between Los Angeles and San Diego positions it as an ideal spot for businesses looking to expand beyond OC, guided by commercial movers Los Angeles County and San Diego County companies have already turned to.

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Networking events, career development workshops, and cultural gatherings provide opportunities to expand your social and professional circles within the places for young professionals in Orange County.

Unlock your career potential in Orange County’s diverse economy

While you contemplate where to move, let’s explore the major industries and prominent companies that shape the job market in the area.

  • Technology: Companies such as Broadcom Inc., Blizzard Entertainment, and VIZIO are making waves in the tech world.
  • Healthcare: Leading hospitals and medical centers, such as Hoag Memorial Hospital and St. Joseph Hospital Orange, offer diverse roles in nursing, medical administration, and allied health services.
  • Finance: The region hosts prominent financial institutions, including Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO) and Banc of California.

As you explore the top locations for young professionals in Orange County, you must understand how costly it is to live here. Orange County’s cost of living is 51% higher than the national average, reflecting the region’s exceptional quality of life and amenities. However, compared to other major California cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, Orange County offers a more balanced cost of living. Housing costs vary depending on the exact location, although, on average, it costs $1,158,846 to buy a property, whereas it costs $3,523 a month to rent one. Higher prices can commonly be seen in highly sought-after cities like Irvine and Newport Beach or, rather, in their upscale neighborhoods.

Explore peace of mind in OC

Those who decide to settle in OC can relax knowing that the area is exceptionally safe and easy to get around. For once, Irvine boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the entire county, if not the state, making it a safe haven for young professionals. Only one out of 1644 people will become a victim of violent crime here. Newport Beach also enjoys a commendably low crime rate, with a 1 in 597 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime compared to California’s average of 1 in 227. While discussing Orange County’s communities, we cannot but mention its public transportation. Irvine, Newport Beach, and Costa Mesa, for example, all enjoy convenient access to transit services thanks to the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA), which makes it easy to travel back and forth between various communities.

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Orange County’s public services further elevate your convenience and enhance your quality of life.

Settle in one of the best places for young professionals in Orange County

Although we have only focused on the best places for young professionals in Orange County, know that there are many more where these have come from. Now, it’s up to you to choose the one that resonates with you. And when you finally do, embrace the endless possibilities that make Orange County your gateway to success, happiness, and a life well-lived.



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