Best places in LA County to invest in the real estate

Are you looking to invest in real estate in LA County? You are in the right place at the right time. This guide will tell you the best places in LA County to invest in real estate, whether you are searching for a new home, a place to buy and rent, or a business space. And whichever place you choose to invest in, Good Neighbors Moving Company is here to help you conduct your move whether residential or commercial one.

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Finding the best places in LA County to invest in the real estate is easy.

Factors to consider before investing in home real estate

When deciding to invest in home real estate, careful planning and consideration are crucial for success. Here are key factors to consider:

  • Location: The saying “location, location, location” holds true. A desirable area influences rentability and resale value. Consider factors like safety, schools, and amenities.
  • Market trends: Understanding local real estate market trends helps predict property value changes. Look into current supply and demand, average rent, and future development plans in the area.
  • Condition and age of the property: The state of the property affects maintenance costs and potential renovations. Older homes might require more upkeep, impacting your budget.
  • Rental yield: Calculate the potential rental income versus the property’s cost to assess its profitability. A higher yield means more income relative to your investment.
  • Financing: Your financing options and interest rates will significantly impact your investment’s cost. Explore different mortgage rates and terms to find the best fit.
  • Legal and tax implications: Different areas have varying laws and taxes related to property ownership. Understand these to avoid unexpected costs.

Factors to consider before investing in office real estate

Investing in office real estate requires a thorough analysis to ensure it aligns with your financial goals. Here are essential factors to keep in mind:

  • Location: The area’s accessibility, proximity to public transport, and local business climate play a significant role in attracting tenants.
    Market Trends: Keep an eye on vacancy rates, average rent prices, and employment rates in the sector, as these indicate the market’s health and potential for growth.
  • Building Condition: Assess the age, layout, and condition of the building. Modern, well-maintained offices with flexible spaces are more attractive to tenants.
  • Economic Indicators: Broader economic trends can affect office space demand. Consider the health of the local economy and industry-specific trends.
  • Legal and zoning issues: Be aware of zoning laws and potential legal restrictions or benefits, such as tax incentives for certain areas or developments.

These are the best places in LA County to invest in the real estate

  1. Los Angeles
  2. Pasadena
  3. Burbank
  4. Alhambra
  5. Diamond Bar
  6. Glendora
  7. Covina

Each of these places offers a competitive real estate market. Thus, whichever you choose, you won’t regret your decision. Now, let’s explore each of them and the main factors to consider before hiring moving companies Los Angeles County offers.

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LA County has a lot to offer.

Los Angeles is the first on the list of the best places in LA County to invest in the real estate

Los Angeles tops the list as the best place in LA County for real estate investment. The city has navigated through the challenges posed by interest rate increases from 2022 to 2023, adapting to the new normal in the market. Despite initial shocks from rates jumping from around 3% to 7%, the market stabilized. Buyers, recognizing 7% as a reasonable rate, are keen to invest in 2024, reassured by the historical perspective on mortgage rates. Here’s a glimpse into the current state of the LA housing market:

  • Solid buyer demand: Homes in Los Angeles often sell for 0.3% over the asking price, usually within six weeks.
    High Rent: With median rental rates for one-bedroom at $2,554 and two-bedroom units at $3,734, the rental market is thriving, showing varying growth rates across neighborhoods.
  • High property values: The median home sales price stands at $1,025,000, significantly above the national average, though affordability varies by neighborhood.
  • Impressive Rates of Appreciation: Home prices have appreciated by 46% over five years, averaging a 9.2% annual increase.
    A Large Renter Pool: With 63% of households renting, the demand for rental properties remains high.

So, if these numbers sound appealing enough for you to invest, go for it. And when the time for the move comes, hire local movers Los Angeles companies offer and organize your move seamlessly.

Investing in office real estate in LA

Investing in Los Angeles’ office real estate presents a varied picture, with prices and prospects differing across neighborhoods. The city saw an average office space sale price at $190.16 per square foot in 2023, with rates varying significantly by location. For example, Hollywood offices were priced at $57.92 per square foot, contrasting with the Central Business District’s $41.55 per square foot. In 2023, Los Angeles welcomed 796,580 square feet of new office developments and is expecting another 601,675 square feet to be completed in 2024. Despite ongoing adjustments to office space usage due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a rise in remote working, the direct asking rent in the city was maintained at $42.97 per square foot by the end of 2023​.

Best real estate agencies in LA

In Los Angeles, some of the top real estate agencies include Grove Realty, Keller Williams – L.A. Harbor, Keller Williams World Media Center, and RE/MAX of Valencia- Mike Hrezo Inc. These agencies are well-reviewed and have agents with significant experience and a high number of successful transactions.

Hollywood sign in LA one of the best places in LA County to invest in the real estate
Los Angeles is one of the best places in LA County to invest in real estate, both residential and commercial.

Pasadena is also a great choice for real estate investment

Pasadena presents an appealing opportunity for real estate investment. The city’s median home value stands at $981,600, reflecting its desirability and the potential for growth in the property market. On the other hand, the price for office spaces in Pasadena averages at $45.74 per square foot as of 2022. This represents a 4.61% increase from the previous year, highlighting the area’s growth and demand in the commercial real estate market. However, before hiring Pasadena movers, check out the best real estate agencies in Pasadena, such as Tom Tennant from Reliance Real Estate Services of California, who has over two decades of experience and has completed over 1500 property transactions. Another highly recommended agent is Dennis Chernov of The Agency Sherman Oaks, known for his solid track record of over a decade in the real estate industry. Oriana Shea of The Oriana Shea Group and Richard Schulman of Keller Williams RealtyThe Schulman Team are also among the top agents, with extensive experience and hundreds of successful transactions each.

Burbank is one of the best places in LA County to invest in the real estate

The Burbank real estate market is showing positive trends, with home prices rising by 9.0% over the last year, reaching a median sale price of $1.2M as of February 2024. Homes in Burbank typically sell after 53 days on the market. About 80% of Burbank homebuyers are looking to stay within the metropolitan area, indicating a strong local interest in the housing market. So, if you invested in Burbank real estate, plan your relocation with movers Burbank CA offers.

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Compare the costs and decide where to invest.

Consider investing in Alhambra real estate

Investing in Alhambra real estate looks promising, with a median property sale price of $980,000 and an average cost of $2,053 per square foot. The cash-on-cash return for traditional investments stands at 2.00%. Top neighborhoods for investment include Midwick Tract, Emery Park, and North Alhambra. These areas are favored for their excellent schools, shopping centers, recreational facilities, and well-maintained amenities. They offer diverse investment opportunities, from single-family homes to apartment complexes and multi-family units, appealing to a broad investor base looking for solid returns.

Don’t miss out on Diamond Bar

In February 2024, Diamond Bar’s real estate market was somewhat competitive, with homes selling for a median price of $1.0M, a significant increase of 44.1% compared to the previous year, according to Redfin. This area is attractive for investment due to its rising home values and demand, indicating a robust market. On the other hand, Niche suggests that the median home value in Diamond Bar stands at $829,000, significantly higher than the national average of $281,900. The median rent in this area is $2,332, compared to the national median of $1,268. Diamond Bar offers a sparse suburban feel, with 77% of residents owning their homes and 23% renting. This area’s residential makeup, population density, and proximity to amenities contribute to its community atmosphere. If you want to move here, schedule movers Diamond Bar offers and ensure peace of mind.

a woman pointing at a map searching for the best places in LA County to invest in the real estate
Diamond Bar is one of the best places in LA County to invest in the real estate

Best places in LA County to invest in the real estate: Glendora

Glendora in LA County is a promising location for real estate investment, with a median home value of $749,400, significantly above the national average. This area offers a sparse suburban feel, appealing to those seeking a less dense living environment while still being close to urban amenities. Homeownership is prevalent, with 68% of residents owning their homes compared to 32% who rent. This balance suggests a stable housing market with potential for both rental and sale investments. So, if Glendora is the place to invest in the real estate, you know whom to hire – our movers Glednora CA residents gladly choose.

Last but not least – Covina

One of the best places in LA County to invest in the real estate is definitely Coivna. Investing in Covina’s real estate is a strategic move, despite its median home value of $628,600, which significantly exceeds the national average. The city’s urban-suburban mix appeals to a wide range of preferences, offering both the vibrancy of urban life and the comfort of suburban living. With a relatively balanced rent-to-own ratio (44% rent, 56% own), Covina, CA, presents a dynamic market for potential investors looking for properties with strong resale value potential.

Which city to choose?

Choosing the best place in LA County to invest in the real estate depends on various factors, including median home values, rent vs. own ratios, and area feel. Los Angeles, Pasadena, Burbank, Alhambra, Diamond Bar, Glendora, and Covina each offer unique opportunities and challenges. High property values and strong rental markets are common across these areas, with differences in urban and suburban lifestyles. Investors should consider their specific goals, whether aiming for high appreciation, rental income, or a mix of both and select a location that aligns with their investment strategy.

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Choose Good Neighbors Moving Company for your upcoming move.

Move with Good Neighbors Moving Company

Now that you know what are the best places in LA County to invest in the real estate, it’s time to decide upon the location. And after you decide, its time to search for the right movers. Luckily, you don’t have to search further. Good Neighbors Moving Company is the right address for your upcoming move, no matter which LA County location you have chosen. We have covered almost all locations. therefore, contact us today, get your free estimate and choose moving services that suit your type of move, whether residential or commercial.


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