How to avoid cluttering your storage unit

The feeling that you get when you first enter a newly packed storage unit is unmistakable. The cleanliness and organization make you feel good and up for almost anything. However, over time, clutter builds up – just like at home. Why not retain that feeling and avoid cluttering your storage unit? All it takes is a bit of planning, keeping track of things, and some effort. Nothing you can’t manage. White Glove movers Los Angeles can provide you with a clean unit, but it’s up to you to keep it clutter-free. Here are some tips that can help you achieve it.

How to avoid cluttering your storage unit.
Labeling your boxes is the first step in organizing your unit. 

Organize your storage unit

As with most things in life, a good plan is a foundation for a successful enterprise. It is the same when attempting to keep your unit clutter-free. You need to organize your unit by separating the items you will need often and the ones you won’t. Any item that you won’t use at least once a month goes in the back. The less likely you are to use it, the further back it goes. For the other items, make them accessible (i.e. nearer the entrance and pathway) based on how often you will need them. If you are using moving and packing Los Angeles services, label your boxes with back and front so they know where to place them.

Take Inventory of Your Unit

In order to avoid cluttering your storage unit, you need to know what you have. The easiest way for items to build up is if you forget you have them at all. Taking inventory is simple. Write what each box contains and the quantity of the items. If you do it while you are packing it will take almost no effort. Every time you add or remove something, just note it on your list – it will take less than a minute. In case you want to optimize your inventory list, make it a digital one. There are many intuitive programs that do the job and even professionals, like Pasadena movers, use them. Use what you feel comfortable with. This way, you can’t lose your list, and finding anything requires just basic typing.

Old TV.
Don’t keep things you don’t need if you wish to avoid cluttering your storage unit.

Store Only the Things You Need

This may be the most important step in keeping your unit clutter-free. Most of us store items that we think we may need at some point. More often than not, we never use them again. An old TV, damaged furniture, old lawn decorations – you don’t really need any of this, do you? It takes up space and clutters your unit. Throw it out, give it away, recycle it, or even organize a yard sale. You’ll see how much easier it is once you make up your mind not to store unnecessary possessions.

Occasional Cleaning Helps A Cluttered Storage Unit

Cleaning your unit from time to time is necessary, of course. It prevents your items from getting damaged and is simply hygienic. Additionally, it helps you avoid cluttering your storage unit. Every time you clean, you will naturally do a bit of organizing too, which will help in the long run. You may even decide that you don’t actually need certain items and throw them away. Nobody expects you to do a deep clean every time. A monthly brush and wipe will do the trick. Remember, even if your unit is already cluttered, it’s never too late to start the decluttering process. Apply these tips and you’ll see how easy it is!