How to pack and transport artwork

Moving is a challenging endeavor for everyone who has to do it shortly. This gets even worse when the items that need to be moved are fragile. Precious artwork and family photos also have sentimental value, so your heart will break also if they break. Artwork can also be large, and the parts of it that are supposed to protect it can end up damaging it. The best protection you can get for your belongings is to hire Good Neighbors Moving Company. But even like that, there are some things you can do to ensure that you properly pack and transport artwork.

The steps you need to take to pack and transport artwork the right way

As with everything regarding moving, preparation is key. Proper preparation will make you pack and transport artwork efficiently. Some things you can do:

  • Get the right packing materials
  • Use the properly sized boxes
  • Protect the face of the artwork
  • Use padding materials
  • Test for movement and seal the box

    Person holding bubble wrap ready to pack and transport artwork
    The right packing materials will make the packing and transport artwork easier

Get the right packing materials when packing artwork

The right packing materials make the packing process so much easier. Hiring some white glove movers Los Angeles can even further ease your relocation process. Some of the main packing materials that you will need are boxes, packing and masking tape, packing paper, and bubble wrap. Bubble wrap cushions delicate surfaces, preventing scratches and dents. Acid-free paper protects against moisture and discoloration, ideal for sensitive works. Foam board adds an extra layer of security for glass frames and canvases, absorbing shocks and impacts. Corner protectors safeguard the artwork’s edges, a common area for damage. Investing in quality packing supplies minimizes the risk of damage, preserving the artwork’s condition and value. Proper materials make a significant difference in protecting your art investments.

Use the properly sized boxes

When moving with a Pasadena moving company, we recommend matching the size of the artwork with the size of the box. Smaller-sized art pieces can be grouped. Large ones should be put in special boxes that are slightly larger than the artwork itself. Use specialized picture or mirror boxes that fit the size of your artwork closely. These boxes come in adjustable sizes to accommodate various art dimensions. For extra-large or unusually shaped pieces, consider custom crates. They provide the highest level of security, especially for valuable or fragile items. Telescoping boxes are another great option, offering flexibility for taller artworks. Additionally, using corner protectors before placing the artwork in the box can prevent damage to the corners. Always select sturdy, high-quality boxes to ensure your artwork arrives safely at its destination.

Protect the face of the artwork

Some art pieces have glass on the face, while some don’t. Your next step depends on this. If your piece has glass, then mark an x on it with masking tape. This will prevent the glass from completely shattering in case it breaks. When moving with some moving companies Los Angeles county, there is no need to worry about this. If it doesn’t have a glass cover, then wrap the face of the piece with a few layers of plastic wrap to protect it from potential damage.

Use padding materials

Use a piece of packing paper that is twice the size of your artwork and wrap it in that like a present. Put packing tape both lengthwise and widthwise over it to prevent it from slipping. Repeat the same process with the bubble wrap. High-quality padding materials are crucial, and never use newspapers for padding materials because they can leave prints on your art pieces.

Man sealing a box with tape
Testing for movement is important

Test for movement and seal the box to pack and transport artwork properly

Even though it might seem like it can be skipped, it shouldn’t. Testing for movement will help you determine whether the items will shift during transport. If they do shift when moved, add more padding materials to fill out the empty spaces. Seal the box for moving day once this is done. It can seem scary to pack and transport artwork, but it doesn’t have to be. If you follow our tips and tricks, your precious belongings will arrive at your new home without a scratch.

How to organize packed artwork in a moving truck

tart by loading the heaviest items first, such as large sculptures or crated pieces, and placing them against the truck’s walls for stability. Ensure these items are securely tied down to avoid movement. Next, place large, flat items like framed paintings or mirrors vertically, using mattress pads or heavy blankets between them for added protection. It’s important to avoid placing anything heavy on top of your artwork. Smaller, delicate items can be packed last, ideally in a separate, clearly labeled box to avoid being crushed. Utilize soft packing materials or specialized art boxes for extra security. Throughout the process, maintain a clear path in the truck to prevent accidents or damage.

packing tape
Our white glove movers will provide you with the right packing supplies.

Pack And Transport Artwork with Good Neighbors Moving Company

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