How to spring clean your Brea home

Haven’t spring-cleaned your home yet? No worries. Good Neighbors Moving Company is here to guide you on how to spring clean your Brea home quickly yet efficiently, from cleaning up your interior to the exterior and storage space. Learn how to achieve spring cleaning in a fast and effective way and enjoy the whole process. And for any help regarding packing and storage, you can count on our Brea movers to help you streamline and conduct the whole process.

a woman dusting in order to spring clean your Brea home
There are numerous ways to spring clean your Brea home

Spring clean checklist

To begin, compile a list of all the necessary tools and cleaning supplies. This should include:

  1. Microfiber cloths and sponges
  2. Multipurpose cleaners and disinfectants
  3. Vacuum cleaner with attachments
  4. Mop and bucket
  5. Duster (long-handled and regular)
  6. Garbage bags and recycling bins
  7. Protective gloves
  8. Window cleaner

When it comes to setting a schedule, first, break the tasks down by room or by type (decluttering, deep cleaning, outdoor work). Prioritize areas that need the most attention or get the most use. All in all, set realistic goals for each day or weekend, depending on your availability.

Decluttering your home as the main step when spring cleaning

Decluttering your home efficiently involves a strategic room-by-room approach that clears space and organizes your environment for better functionality and aesthetics. Start with the kitchen by emptying cabinets and drawers, sorting items into categories of ‘keep’, ‘donate’, and ‘throw away’. Keep essentials that you use regularly, donate duplicates or rarely used items in good condition, and discard anything damaged or expired. In the living room, focus on clearing out old magazines, unused electronics, and clutter from coffee tables and shelves. For bedrooms, sift through wardrobes and dressers, applying the same sorting principles. Clothing that hasn’t been worn in over a year is a prime candidate for donation.

As you declutter each area, reorganize the space immediately—this could involve installing organizational tools like shelf dividers or storage boxes, which help maintain order and make it easier to keep the area tidy long-term. By the way, for packing the downsized items in case of putting them into a storage unit, hire movers Brea CA has and ensure the safety of each item.

Spring clean your Brea home: Deep cleaning techniques

When you spring clean your Brea home, deep cleaning goes beyond the surface, addressing areas that aren’t part of your regular cleaning routine. Here’s how to tackle each major area:

  1. Kitchen: First, deal with appliances. Clean the inside and outside of refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves. Pull appliances away from the wall to sweep and mop underneath. Then, empty cabinets and pantry. Wipe down shelves and doors. Discard expired food and donate non-perishables you won’t use. For packing delicate appliances, rely on our white glove movers. They will pack them up with the best packing supplies with no chance of getting damaged.
  2. Bathrooms: Scrub tiles, grout, and fixtures with a bathroom cleaner to remove soap scum and mildew. Consider a steam cleaner for deep grout cleaning. Polish faucets and showerheads to remove water spots and build-up.
  3. Living areas: Vacuum carpets thoroughly, including under furniture. Rent or use a carpet cleaner for a deeper clean. For windows, clean inside and out. Don’t forget the tracks and blinds. Regarding furniture, vacuum upholstery, and treat stains. Condition leather furniture.
  4. Bedrooms: First, deal with mattresses. Vacuum the mattress and rotate or flip it, if applicable. Wash all bedding, including bed skirts and pillow covers.
  5. Outdoor Spaces: Patio: Sweep and wash down all decking or patio surfaces. Clean furniture and cushions. Garage: Declutter and organize tools and stored items. Sweep the floor and check for cobwebs in corners.
a person cleaning
Clean your home room by room.

Seasonal spring cleaning tips for your Brea home

As Brea heads into the warmer months, focusing on seasonal maintenance is crucial to ensure your home remains comfortable and efficient. Check and replace the filters before summer hits, starting with the air conditioning system. A clean filter improves air quality and efficiency, reducing energy costs and preventing system strain. Schedule a professional inspection to ensure your system is in top condition to handle the summer heat. In your garden and exterior spaces, basic landscaping like trimming overgrown bushes and removing dead plants can prevent pests and improve curb appeal.

Also, clear out gutters and check irrigation systems to ensure proper water flow and distribution, which is vital during dry periods. For pest control, identify and address common springtime pests in Brea, such as ants, spiders, and mosquitoes. Seal cracks and openings around your home, maintain a clean yard free from debris, and consider eco-friendly pest control solutions to keep infestations at bay. These preventive measures enhance your home’s resilience against seasonal challenges and contribute to a healthier and more enjoyable living environment.

How can professional movers help you spring clean your Brea home

Professional movers can significantly enhance your spring cleaning efforts in Brea by providing essential moving services that streamline the process. They offer expert packing solutions, ensuring that all items, whether they are seasonal decorations or seldom-used equipment, are securely packed and labeled. This organization makes it easier to keep what you need and identify what you can discard or donate. Moreover, movers can assist with junk removal and handling the disposal of unwanted items responsibly and efficiently. This is particularly useful for large items that are difficult to manage on your own.

Additionally, professional movers can offer storage solutions if you find that your home is still cluttered after sorting through your belongings. These options provide a safe and secure space to store items that are not immediately needed but you’re not ready to part with, helping to keep your living spaces clean and tidy. With these services, professional movers become invaluable to your spring cleaning plan, allowing you to optimize space and maintain order in your home.

a man in a storage
Storage services come in handy when spring cleaning your Brea home.

Use storage when spring cleaning your Brea home

When you spring clean your Brea home, using storage units Los Angeles offers can be incredibly beneficial for managing clutter and maximizing space. Consider storing seasonal items like holiday decorations, winter gear, and bulky sporting equipment that you won’t need for the upcoming months. Brea movers can expertly pack these items, using durable materials and strategic methods to ensure everything is protected while in storage. They can label boxes clearly, making retrieving items easy when needed.