How to store patio furniture over the winter

Winter season is coming so to prevent snow to cause damage to your furniture you should store patio furniture. Move them somewhere safe until the spring or summer sunny days. Here are some tips on how to store them. If you don’t have a basement or some other room to place these pieces, you can contact Burbank movers and ask if they can offer you a storage unit for your furniture. But this is one of the possible solutions.

Storage facility

It is important to move indoors and store the furniture so you could use them for the next warm season. The excessive moisture from rain, ice, and mounds of snow can cause outdoor furniture to rot and rust, or they can crack in freezing temperatures depending on the material. In case you do not have some convenient place to store the furniture and you decide to rent a storage unit you should be careful. Contact some of the moving companies in Southern California to check their offer. Contact several companies before you decide.

store patio furniture
Make sure you choose a climate-controlled storage unit.

When choosing storage it is important to check with the facility owner if the unit is regularly cleaned and well-maintained. Check their security system. Make sure you choose a climate-controlled storage unit. In this way, you will be sure your furniture won’t get damaged. Reliable movers will rent you a storage unit but they can also help you pack your furniture if needed and relocate them from your home to the storage.

Tips to store patio furniture

Depending on the material of your furniture there are some steps you should take to protect and store them. There are some basic steps you should take:

  • remove them from the outside
  • before you store patio furniture clean it
  • hire some of the residential movers Los Angeles residents usually recommend
  • place the cushions inside too
patio furniture
If you have wooden furniture clean it and let them dry completely before you store it.

All outdoor furniture made from wood should have a protective sealant applied to it to protect it from any moisture. When you are about to store them you should clean them, let them dry completely and cover them with some blanket for example. In case you have plastic furniture just clean and store them. It is not necessary to additionally cover and protect them. If you have furniture made of metal, look for any rust spots and treat it with a rust-neutralizing primer before you store them. For additional protection add a coat of automotive wax. The best protection of your furniture is to move them indoors if it rains or snows.

The stuffing inside the cushions can also grow mold. Before storing cushions it would be good to wash and dry them. You can place them in a box or plastic bag. It is important to clean and dry before you store patio furniture. If you store them in a climate-controlled storage unit this furniture will be safe until the next season.