The list of items your movers will refuse to move

Moving companies provide a wide range of moving services. However, they all have different policies and regulations when it comes to things they don’t move. There are some items your movers will refuse to move for a few reasons. For some belongings, a moving company can’t guarantee safety during transportation. For others, movers usually don’t want to risk losing or damaging items of great value. Take a look at some of the things you will have to move by yourself.

What can a moving company pack for you?

Whether you plan to move locally or long distance, paying for packing services can be a great idea. However, some companies will not be able to pack every single item in your home, mostly because they don’t want to move them. In case of some very valuable inventory that has sentimental value, you might need to pack and secure those by yourself. If you contact trustworthy movers like Good Neighbors Moving Company, you can ask about all the policies and regulations. Top-notch moving companies always explain the packing and moving process and let your know all the details. 

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Moving companies have strict policies about items they won’t move.

Items your movers will refuse to move

Since there is no universal rule for items you can’t move, let’s focus on those that your movers will say no to. Even if you find the best moving services Los Angeles has to offer, you might find out that some materials are dangerous or unstable to relocate. Take a look at some of the most common items your movers will refuse the move.

  • Food. Before the moving crew arrives at your home, you might want to empty your fridge.
  • Hazardous materials. These are pretty much self-explanatory. Movers will never risk relocating unstable, flammable, or explosive items.
  • Some valuable inventory. If you need to relocate your family’s heirlooms, you might need to pack and move them yourself.
  • Plants. There are some companies that specialize in garden relocation. The rest of them will most likely refuse to move household plants.
  • Personal belongings. Documents, contracts, and other personal items should be with their owner on a moving day.

Keep in mind that movers might also refuse to relocate some seasonal gear. This is why you might want to consider storing your seasonal stuff during the moving process.

There are items your movers will refuse to move, so you might need to relocate some of your personal belongings by yourself.

How to prepare your belongings before the moving day?

In case you are not sure which items from your home your movers will refuse to move, make sure to ask them. Moving companies in LA have simple guidelines for getting your inventory ready for the relocation. In case there are some items your movers will refuse to move, they will let your know in advance. If you let your moving crew know all the details of your moving plan, they will suggest the best solution. No matter how big or small your inventory is, there is always a solution for relocating it to another destination.