Things to Take Out of the Office Before Relocating Your LA Business to Burbank

So, you’ve decided that relocating your LA business to Burbank is the right move to take. After all, it’s one that holds the promise of new opportunities. Before you’ve packed your equipment, though, you must think hard about what stays and what goes from your current office. As someone who has handled their fair share of commercial ventures within the LA County area, Good Neighbors Moving Company is well-equipped to guide you when deciding on what to bring along and what to part ways with. From outdated equipment to surplus supplies, let’s navigate the path to a successful business move together!

Process of relocating your LA business to Burbank

A commercial relocation is no small feat. While going through it, there’s not just the transportation you need to think of but also packing, decluttering, and, above all, how to keep your business alive during the entire process. If all of this is too much for you, here’s a list of things you must take out of your old office before you’ve vacated it to make, at least, the decluttering and packing simpler:

  • Confidential documents
  • Valuable items
  • Portable tech equipment and removable storage devices
  • Personal belongings
  • Office plants
  • Emergency equipment
  • Keys and access card
desk with laptop, monitor, and a phone
Moving an office requires preparation and protection of office inventory.

Confidential documents

So, let’s start with one of the most important tasks—safeguarding confidential documentation. Now, when relocating your LA business to Burbank, protecting your valuable information requires particular attention. This especially rings true for legal contracts and agreements, the backbone of your business. Keep them organized and secure during the move to prevent any potential setbacks. Employee records and personal files should be handled with discretion as well. Entrust them to responsible hands to maintain confidentiality. Client lists and sensitive data shouldn’t be neglected, either. After all, without clients, your business would cease to exist, so make sure their data is safe and accounted for at all times!


Preserving the integrity of your valuable items during the relocation of your LA business to Burbank is as crucial as the move itself. While reliable movers Burbank CA locals recommend can lend a hand in this, it’s up to you to reach out to them and instruct them on what should be handled with extra care. For once, expensive office equipment, including laptops and projectors, requires diligent packing and handling to prevent damage. Then, high-value electronics such as cameras and specialized devices demand extra precaution to ensure they arrive in Burbank in optimal condition. Artworks and unique decorative items, often irreplaceable, should also be packed with the utmost care to safeguard their aesthetic and monetary value. So, to prevent any damage, you need to gather the right packing supplies, especially quality boxes. Or, if you hire movers, communicate clearly what needs the most care and oversee the process.

Personal belongings

Personal belongings are something that each employee should bring with them prior to the move of your LA business to Burbank. This includes anything from personal electronics and charges to cherished photos and mementos. Empower your team to participate actively in the process facilitated by commercial movers Los Angeles businesses hire, in minor part, of course. Moving a business is a big deal that becomes a whole lot simpler when everyone contributes.

a girl at the desk writing
Employees can pack and take their personal items with them.

Before relocating your LA business to Burbank, take out and protect your tech equipment

When packing removable storage devices like external hard drives, USB flash drives, and backup CDs/DVDs, prioritize their safety. Shield external hard drives with cushioning materials before securing them in a sturdy box. You can protect USB flash drives by placing them in protective cases, as that will prevent any damage. Organize backup CDs/DVDs in a compact, padded container. Ensure each item is snugly fit to avoid shifting during transit.

Make sure you safeguard Wi-Fi routers and modems in padded containers as well. If there are portable printers and scanners to bring along, you can protect them with cushioning materials. When moving an office, there is no such thing as too much caution. The good thing is that if you opt for booking packing services Los Angeles companies provide, you will not have to pack anything by yourself. And it is better to let professionals handle the packing, especially if the equipment is high-tech and expensive.

Office plants

Plants are alive, and as such, they can’t be left behind in your old LA office. But the question is, how do you transport them to Burbank without them suffering? Well, you do it by placing them in secure, well-ventilated containers. Shield delicate leaves with newspaper or bubble wrap to prevent damage. Since the distance between LA and Burbank isn’t vast, and the climate is pretty much the same, you’ll luckily have a much easier time getting them acclimated to the new workspace.

a cup of coffee and planner on the table and a plant behind
Don’t forget about office plants.

Emergency equipment, keys, and access cards

Assuming you’ve got a first aid kit lying around in your LA commercial space, it’s highly advisable you bring it along to Burbank. After all, you never know when something unexpected will happen. And isn’t it better to be prepared just in case? Instead of having it packed with the rest of the office belongings, it’s better you bring it along with you. Place it in a secure, easily accessible space in your car, for instance, to minimize the chances of your having to ramage through everything to get it.

On top of the first aid kit, bring along with you any other emergency supplies you may have in the LA office. This includes flashlights and batteries, among others. For security purposes, you also can’t leave behind spare keys and access cards. If the previous space was rented, return the keys and cards to the lender on your way out.

Make a list of things to bring along when relocating your LA business to Burbank

As you can see, there are quite a number of things you need to remove from the old office and move to your new one. To minimize the risk of your forgetting something, it’s recommended you put them all on paper. Whether you hire a moving company or decide on relocating your LA business to Burbank yourself, with such a checklist on hand, the process will be drastically simplified. What’s more, it will pave the way for a transition to remember.