Tips for storing glass items short-term

If you need to transport and store fragile inventory, this is the article for you. Take a look at how to make storing glass items easy and stress-free.

Prepare your belongings for storing

Before storing glass items, you should consider the best way of packing them. The first step in this process should be getting quality packing supplies. If you don’t have some already, you could ask a local moving company to provide them for you. Besides moving supplies, moving companies provide packing services that can guarantee the safety of your glass items in storage.

glass vases
Glass items may be complicated to store, but with some tips, you can make it work.

After you get all the supplies you need, you should consider looking for a storage solution, which would suit the nature of your inventory. If you check out some of the best movers San Gabriel, CA, you’ll ensure safe transportation to the storage.

In order to prepare your glass items for storing, you will also need to make a packing plan. This requires making a list of all necessary supplies. In general, it’s better to too many than too few of these supplies.

Find a suitable storage unit

If you decide on storing glass items in a rental storage unit, make sure to look for one on time. There are various types of storage units, but for this purpose, you will need to look for a quality one. Renting a low-quality storage unit might affect the materials you packed your inventory into. Furthermore, this could cause your glass items to fall and break.

Get quality packing supplies

Packing supplies are the most important part of every packing process. Items made out of glass are considered to be a sensitive inventory, which is why you should choose your packing supplies wisely. The best thing you could do before storing glass items short-term is to ask for supplies in one of the local moving companies. Movers usually have years of experience with packing fragile inventory.

Storing glass items – how to keep them safe?

If you want to keep your glass items safe in storage, here are the steps you should take:

Make sure to place larger boxes on the bottom of the storage space.
  • Pack each item individually. This will prevent them from touching each other in the box and breaking.
  • Get additional packing peanuts and other supplies. If you don’t have packing peanuts, some towels or cloths should do just fine.
  • Place larger boxes on the bottom of storage space. These boxes will make a sturdy base for the rest of your inventory.
  • When storing glass items of great value, consider hiring storage experts. This is highly recommendable if your inventory is of great value.

Transportation of glass items

If you decided to rent a storage unit for storing glass items, you will need to transport them safely. Fragile inventory can break easily during transportation, which is why you should consider hiring professional movers. One of the experienced professional moving companies in South California will offer you packing supplies, reliable moving services and a good storage solution. When storing your inventory made out of glass, hiring professional movers can be a great idea.