Types of moving estimates and how to use them

Getting the best possible price offer for your upcoming move depends on the types of moving estimates. However, in order to choose the best moving quote, you should understand all the types. Some you should avoid, while others are useful and secure. Luckily, Good Neighbors Moving Company is here to provide you with an insight into the moving quotes and how to use them in the best possible way. We will cover binding, non-binding, and binding not-to-exceed estimates, highlighting their pros and cons. This guide aims to help you compare estimates accurately, prepare for in-home assessments, and use the information to plan your move efficiently.

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Compare different types of moving estimates before hiring movers.

The definition of moving estimates

Moving estimates are detailed cost predictions provided by moving companies to help you understand the financial aspects of your move. These estimates outline the anticipated expenses based on factors such as the distance of the move, the weight of your belongings, and any additional services like packing or storage. Moving estimates generally give you a clear idea of what to expect financially, allowing you to budget accordingly and avoid surprises on moving days. They also serve as a basis for comparing different moving companies, enabling you to choose the most cost-effective and reliable option.

3 Types of moving estimates

You can expect these types of moving estimates when choosing your local movers Los Angeles has:

  1. Binding moving estimate
  2. Binding not to exceed
  3. Non-binding moving estimate

How do they differ?

Main traits of a binding relocation estimate

A binding estimate is a type of moving quote where the moving company guarantees the total cost of the move based on the initial survey of your belongings. Once this estimate is provided, the price will not change, regardless of any additional items or changes in shipment weight. This estimate type is detailed and specific, often including an inventory of items to be moved and a list of services to be provided. The binding estimate offers a fixed price, giving you certainty about the total moving cost. The primary advantage of a binding estimate is financial predictability. You know the exact amount you will pay, which helps in precise budgeting and eliminates the risk of unexpected expenses.

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Get to compare moving estimates and choose the one that suits your type of the move.

Non-binding moving estimates

A non-binding moving estimate provides an approximation of your moving costs based on the mover’s initial assessment of your belongings. Unlike binding estimates, non-binding estimates are not fixed, meaning the final cost can vary depending on the actual weight of your shipment and any additional services used. This type of estimate is more flexible, allowing adjustments as needed during the moving process.

However, the final cost could be higher or lower than the initial estimate, depending on the actual circumstances of the move. While non-binding estimates can be beneficial for those unsure of their exact moving needs, they also carry the risk of unforeseen expenses. It’s crucial to ensure clear communication with the moving companies Los Angeles County offers and understand that the initial quote is only an estimate, not a guaranteed price.

Binding not-to-exceed moving quotes

A binding not-to-exceed moving quote, also known as a guaranteed not-to-exceed estimate, combines the best aspects of binding and non-binding estimates. With this type of estimate, the moving company guarantees that the cost will not exceed a certain amount based on the initial assessment, even if the weight of your shipment increases. However, if the actual weight or services required are less than estimated, you’ll pay the lower amount. This type of estimate provides both a cap on potential costs and the possibility of savings if the move is less extensive than anticipated. The main advantage is the financial protection it offers, ensuring you won’t face higher-than-expected expenses. It also encourages accurate inventory assessments, as any overestimation can lead to cost savings for the customer. Overall, binding, not-to-exceed quotes offer a balance of predictability and flexibility, making them a popular choice for many movers.

What to look for in each estimate

When comparing moving estimates, understand the specifics of each type. For a binding estimate, ensure the total cost is fixed and includes a detailed inventory list. This provides financial predictability. For a non-binding estimate, remember it’s an initial approximation, and the final cost may vary. Be prepared for potential increases if the move is more extensive than expected. For a binding not-to-exceed estimate, confirm that the quoted amount is the maximum you’ll pay. This protects against unexpected high costs and offers potential savings if the actual move is less than estimated.

Steps to comparing moving estimates

Before you accept a moving quote, follow these steps:

  • Gather Multiple Estimates: Obtain quotes from at least three different moving companies to get a comprehensive comparison.
  • Check for In-Home Estimates: Prioritize companies that offer in-home estimates for more accurate quotes.
  • Review the Fine Print: Carefully read the details of each estimate, including terms and conditions.
  • Ask Questions: Clarify any uncertainties with the moving companies, such as potential additional charges or service specifics.

Red flags about moving quotes

Watch out for red flags when reviewing moving estimates. Unusually low estimates can signal potential scams or hidden fees. Be cautious of companies that refuse to provide written estimates, as this can lead to unexpected charges later. Additionally, the lack of transparency in what’s included in the estimate is a major warning sign. Ensure all services and potential extra charges are clearly outlined. By being vigilant about these red flags, you can avoid unreliable movers and choose a company that offers honest and clear pricing for your move.

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