When should you start searching for reliable movers?

Are you moving to Los Angeles? Trying to find the best moving companies in Southern California but do not really know when to start your search? Good Neighbors Moving Company is here for you! We are here to help you! In this article, learn when you should start searching for reliable movers! So without further ado, let’s begin!

When should you start searching for reliable movers for local moves?

The first thing you need to realize is that the season you will be moving in will affect the time when you need to start searching for the movers. The second thing is the distance you need to cross. This is why we will cross-reference these two to give you the best results!

Los Angeles
Moving within the city can seem easy – but you will need professionals to help you!

When you are moving during the summer, you will want to book as fast as you can for local moves. Usually, two months before the moving day are the best! If not, then you need to call them at least four weeks before. Summers can be quite busy – so you will want to get on their radar beforehand. This is especially true if you need white glove movers Los Angeles or similar specialty services.

If you are in the off-season, then you can book even later! At around two to four weeks before the date should be nice. However, try to give your movers as much notice as possible!

What about long-distance moves?

When you are moving to another city, you will need to book 10 to 12 weeks before the moving date during the summer. Finding long distance movers can be even tougher than with the local ones, so this is why you need to give yourself more time. This can be a bit shorter in the off-season. You can start searching for reliable movers from eight to four weeks before the moving day. Aim for having two months to plan with your movers.

Interstate moves

If you are moving out of state, then you will need some extra preparation. Moving across state lines is often complicated, and you will need to hire a moving company that does interstate moves. During summer, this means at least 12 weeks of preparation! Similarly, the off-season will take some less preparation, but you will still need to prepare. For this, take at least 8 weeks.

USA map
Moving across the country can take some time!

Searching for reliable international movers

International moves are the toughest ones – and not many moving companies do them. Here, you will want to book your movers three to four months in advance. However, a smart idea would be to start searching for reliable international movers six months prior to the move! The distance here doesn’t matter too much – nor does the season. But you will need ample time for the process!