10 Best LA County Cities for Singles

Welcome to Los Angeles County! Here, different neighborhoods invite singles with their special charm. In this guide, we’ll check out the 10 best LA County cities for singles, exploring what makes each one perfect for the single lifestyle. If you decide to move to one of these cities, getting help from Los Angeles movers will save you time during the moving process.

Discovering the top 10 LA County cities for singles

Los Angeles County is a California place filled with excitement and variety. So, known for more than just Hollywood, it’s a region that includes crowded cities, beautiful beaches, and lovely neighborhoods. Also, the weather is often sunny, making it an ideal spot for outdoor activities and enjoying the beaches along the Pacific coast. When moving to one of the best LA County cities for singles, you can get great assistance from studio city movers with packing all your items and furniture.

hollywood sign on the green hill in one of the best LA County cities for singles
Hollywood provides opportunities for singles to connect and socialize.

The top 10 cities in LA Country for singles to live in are:

  • Los Angeles
  • Pasadena
  • Glendale
  • Burbank
  • Covina
  • West Covina
  • San Marino
  • Alhambra
  • San Gabriel
  • San Dimas

Criteria for choosing one of the LA County Cities for Singles

Choosing the right place for a single life involves looking for specific things that make a neighborhood friendly and welcoming. A good spot for singles usually has a lively nightlife, offering many entertainment options for those looking for fun. So, factors like lively surroundings, safety, convenience, community spirit, and cost of living are the key ingredients that create the perfect recipe for a single-friendly place.

Lights, camera, action! Single lifestyle in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, known as the “City of Angels” in Southern California, is famous for its culture and entertainment industry. This iconic city is not just the entertainment capital but also a haven for those looking for a single experience. The nightlife here is nothing short of spectacular, with trendy clubs, bars, and live music venues that are for different tastes. From celebrity sightings to iconic landmarks like the Hollywood Sign and Walk of Fame, there’s a constant sense of excitement in the air. So, trying the single lifestyle in LA means being part of a community that produces creativity and ambition.

Los Angeles is renowned for its luxury real estate market, especially in areas like Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Malibu.  The city faces issues of housing affordability, and the real estate market reflects this with a mix of high-end properties and more moderately priced homes. Efforts to address affordable housing and increase housing supply are ongoing to make living in Los Angeles more accessible. Living in Los Angeles offers residents an urban feel and most residents rent their homes. Median rent is $1,641.

a woman holding a couple of boxes
There is a lot of excitement and variety in LA County cities for singles in California.

Pasadena: Bridging history and modernity for singles

Placed against the backdrop of the San Gabriel Mountains, Pasadena has tree-lined streets, historic architecture, and a lively cultural scene. Also, Pasadena’s Old Town is full of life, offering eclectic shops, cozy cafes, and a lot of dining options that create the perfect backdrop for solo exploration. Pasadena rent prices vary across neighborhoods from Downtown Pasadena to Washington Square. The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Pasadena is $2,295. The decision to relocate to Pasadena is often a combination of personal and professional considerations. Pasadena Moving Company can provide the necessary transportation for your belongings.

Glendale’s social calendar for solo souls

Glendale is a fantastic place for singles looking for a fun and rewarding life. The community here is friendly, making it easy for solo explorers to build meaningful connections. Glendale’s parks and outdoor spots are perfect for some alone time and soaking up the California sunshine. The real estate market in Glendale offers a variety of housing options like single-family homes, condominiums, and apartments. The average rent price in Glendale for a 2-bedroom apartment is $3,298 per month. If you decide to move to Glendale, you should opt for one of the moving companies in Glendale CA. They often offer professional packing services to make sure that items are packed securely and efficiently.

aerial view of stadium in Pasadena
When considering which LA County cities for singles are the best, think and search about Pasadena.

Burbank: A Hollywood alternative with a suburban twist

Burbank is like a quieter version of Hollywood, giving singles a special mix of calm living and easy access to fun. With its mix of comfy suburban living and a touch of Hollywood charm, Burbank is a great choice for singles who want the best of both worlds in the busy life of Los Angeles County. Before making your move, learn more about renting in each neighborhood, and Burbank itself. Burbank rent prices vary across neighborhoods from Rancho Adjacent to Media Center. The average rent for 2-bedroom apartments for rent in Burbank is $2,795 per month. So, those who decide to relocate to Burbank can make their moving process simpler by getting assistance from movers in Burbank CA. They handle the heavy lifting associated with loading items onto a truck at the origin and unloading them at the destination.

Tranquil retreat in Covina

Covina is a cozy place that’s just right for singles looking for a calm yet lively lifestyle. Also, the people here are friendly, giving Covina a small-town charm that’s perfect for living on your own. Covina is characterized by a variety of residential options, including single-family homes, condominiums, and apartments. The real estate landscape is for different populations, from young professionals to families and retirees. Median rent in Covina is $1,643. The downtown area is full of local shops and places to eat, making it a comfy spot for singles to hang out and relax. Covina’s parks and green spaces are great for outdoor activities, perfect for solo adventures or meeting up with friends. So, it’s easy for singles to connect with others because Covina is in a convenient spot, and the community here is close-knit and friendly.

Being single often comes with a greater degree of freedom and flexibility in decision-making. Without the considerations of a partner or family, singles can make spontaneous decisions to move based solely on their personal preferences and aspirations. So, if single people choose Covina for their new home, they should get help from professional movers in Covina CA with transporting all their belongings because movers provide insurance coverage for the items they transport.

a man sitting in a white van
When you are moving to one of the best LA County cities for singles you should get help from professional movers.

West Covina: Active lifestyle for singles

West Covina is a nice place for singles because it has both the comfort of the suburbs and the convenience of the city. It’s friendly and has a relaxed feeling for singles. There’s a big mall called Westfield where you can shop and have fun, a great spot to meet up with friends. West Covina has parks and places to play outside, so it’s easy for singles to stay healthy and active. Living here, it’s simple to check out other nearby places since West Covina is right in the middle. This makes it great for solo adventures or hanging out with friends.

With lots of places to eat and things happening locally, West Covina gives singles a good mix of relaxing and exciting things to do. The people here are friendly, making it easy for new people to feel at home. West Covina’s real estate market is often perceived as relatively more affordable compared to some neighboring areas. This affordability can attract individuals looking for housing options within a reasonable budget. So, if you decide to move to West Covina, you should know that the median rent there is $1,872. Your great assistance during the moving process can be movers West Covina CA residents speak highly of. They work to complete the move on time while ensuring the safety of the items being transported.

Cultural richness in San Marino

San Marino has a population of 12,620. It is in Los Angeles County and is one of the best places to live in California.  The streets are charming, and there are parks where you can enjoy quiet moments or take easy walks. Also, even though it feels suburban and relaxed, San Marino is close to Pasadena and Los Angeles, so singles can easily go to events and have fun. It offers a mix of upscale residential options, including well-maintained single-family homes and estates. The real estate market is characterized by elegant properties, often featuring classic architecture and landscaped yards.

two women drinking beer and smiling
One of the best LA County cities for singles is Covina with a quiet yet active lifestyle.

The city likes green spaces, like Lacy Park, where singles can chill, be active, and connect with others.  San Marino’s way of life is a mix of being fancy and simple, giving singles a nice and classy place in the big mix of Los Angeles County. So, singles who opt for living in San Marino can enjoy a good balance of comfortable living. Those with lots of furniture and other stuff should find out about movers from San Marino by combining recommendations, online research, and a thorough evaluation of the moving companies they consider.

Alhambra: Welcoming environment for singles

The downtown area in Alhambra is lively, with shops and places to eat, making it a great spot for singles to hang out and meet new people. First, Alhambra is easy to get around since it has good public transportation and is close to major highways. The city’s parks, like Almansor Park, are perfect for outdoor activities, keeping singles active and healthy. Alhambra has different types of homes like houses, apartments, and condos. The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Alhambra, CA is $2,000. This variety gives singles options based on what they like, whether it’s a comfortable apartment or a more private house. If you are considering moving to Alhambra, you can opt for Alhambra movers who have the knowledge and skills to make the relocation process easier and enjoyable.

San Gabriel is one of the top LA County cities for singles

This city cares about bringing people together, and there are events, parks, and cultural activities where singles can meet and make connections. San Gabriel features a different array of housing options. So, it allows singles to choose housing that suits their lifestyle, whether they prefer the convenience of an apartment or the independence of a house. In San Gabriel, most residents rent their homes. The median rent is $1,663. People who are moving to San Gabriel and want to buy a new home should know that the median home value is $768,500. Also, if they want to save time and energy during the moving process they should opt for one of the moving companies in San Gabriel CA.

a woman walking with backpack and suitcase and moving to one of the top LA County cities for singles
LA County promises an exciting adventure at the center of the entertainment industry and welcomes singles with open arms.

San Dimas: Enjoy small-town charm

San Dimas is in a good spot, making it simple for singles to go to nearby cities or explore the cool things in the bigger Los Angeles area. So, whether you’re checking out Bonelli Regional Park, going to local events, or just enjoying the chill vibes, singles in San Dimas find lots of opportunities for personal growth, making friends, and having a great lifestyle in the calm beauty of Los Angeles County. Singles who opt for a new life in San Dimas can make their moving process much easier with the help they can get from movers San Dimas CA citizens recommend. Compared to some other areas in Los Angeles County, San Dimas may offer relatively more affordable housing options. Affordability considerations can be attractive for singles looking for housing that fits their budget. The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in San Dimas, CA is $2,140.

a woman sitting in front of laptop and searching about LA County cities for singles
San Marino as one of the best LA County cities for singles offers a nice mix of comfortable lifestyles.

Wrapping up about choosing LA County cities for singles

The decision to live in Los Angeles County and the process of choosing the best LA County cities for singles are both transformative trips that involve careful consideration of personal priorities, aspirations, and lifestyle preferences. So, moving to LA County represents an opportunity to put oneself in a city renowned for its cultural differences and amazing lifestyle.


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