Activities to explore after moving to Alhambra, CA

Alhambra, CA is a small city in San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County. In this beautiful city with a population of approximately 80.000 people, you can do many activates. It is usually hard after a move to get used to new surroundings. A move to another city confronts you with numerous challenges. But all it takes its time. By doing some outdoor activities you can open yourself to meeting new people. It is not just your house that makes a place a home. But mobility also has its pitfalls. After all, moving always means leaving one’s familiar space and moving into an unknown place. To a city where you don’t know the ways, the customs, and above all the people. That is why it is important to go outside and explore after moving to Alhambra.

Enjoy a day in a park

After you are settled in your new home and the moving company Alhambra CA is finished with its last task, it is time to explore Alhambra. The city of Alhambra has many beautiful parks.  Almansor Park Loop is a 1.8-kilometer-long, moderately frequented loop near the Alhambra, California. Due to the incline and distance, the trail is suitable for all levels of ability. It is a great place to walk and jog. The route is accessible all year round. Lacy Park is a breathtaking 30-acre park located not far from Alhambra in the center of San Marino and North of Monterey Road. In this park, you can find many green areas and different sorts of trees and scrubs. In Lucy park when doing a picnic often you can listen to musical concerts.

Group of people sitting on white mat on grass field
Spending a day walking, biking, or making a picnic in one of these parks can be a relaxing and batterie recharging thing.

Visit Mission San Gabriel Arcángel

The Mission San Gabriel is a Spanish Franciscan mission in San Gabriel near Alhambra in California. And it is definitely a must-see. It was founded on September 8. 1771. . The Mission was often called the “Godmother of the Pueblo de Los Angeles”. The Franciscan Padres, whose mission was to find the Mission, first chose a place on the banks of the Río de Los Temblores. They finally chose a fertile plain directly on the banks of the Rio Hondo in Whittier Narrows. Between 1771 and 1834, more than 25,000 people were baptized there. Between 1862 and 1908, the Mission Church served as the parish church for the parish of San Gabriel, only to be eventually taken over and restored by Claretians. Mission San Gabriel has been listed as an architectural monument in the National Register of Historic Places.

Hiking in Angeles National Forest

Hiking is an activity loved by many people. It is a good way to get some peace and enjoy nature. Angeles National Forest is located not far from Alhambra. After only 20 minutes drive you can be in this beautiful forest. The Angeles National Forest covers a total of 700,176 acres, large areas of protected San Gabriel Mountains, and the Sierra Pelona Mountains. It is located north of the densely populated urban area of Greater Los Angeles. As a physically gentle endurance sport, hiking, like most sports, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and strengthens our immune system. Our planet is our home and thus absolutely worth protecting. Hiking connect us with nature and make us feel that we are a part of it and the good side is that there are plenty of places to hike around Los Angeles. All you need to give is little of your time.

Hiking-explore after moving to Alhambra
Explore after moving to Alhambra by hiking. Regular physical activities such as hiking reduce the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.

Stay active and train and explore after moving to Alhambra

So you moved, and you want to explore activities in Alhambra. The residential mover Los Angeles did its part and you are settled in your new home. It may be a new chapter in your life. There is no better way to start a new life than including sports in your daily life. In Alhambra, you can do it all. From mixed martial arts to a baseball. You can also enjoy playing golf on Alhambra Golf Course. Improve your self-confidence, your fitness level, and health in general and sign-in in a local Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school. In that way, you can also meet new people and get to know more locals. Doing sports can only bring you benefits. It can improve your life in many ways. CrossFit is a competitive sport and fitness training method that combines weight lifting, sprinting, weight training, and gymnastics. Just try it out.

Eat-in a local dinner

In Alhambra, you can find many restaurants where you can have a delicious meal. From Japanese cosine to Italian pizza. A restaurant called Yang’s kitchen offers Asian food. In a restaurant called Spanglish kitchen, you can enjoy Mexican food, this place is vegetarian friendly.  Diner on Main is a retro American 50’s restaurant.  This Diner offers great tasting food from a menu of signature dishes that include juicy burgers, salads, steaks, hand-dipped shakes, and homemade pies. There are things that most people do not like to do alone. A trip around the world, celebrating Christmas, or just going to a restaurant. The same goes for moving so contact moving companies in California and you won’t have to go through the whole relocation process on your own.

Close up cutlery dining
Invite your new neighbor or a person you met in your new gym and enjoy a night out in one of the Alhambra restaurants.


During the first weeks at your new place of residence you need a good portion of calmness. Not everyone is so open to a new start. If you have difficulties approaching other people it is important to find a person that can help you with this change. Enjoy discovering a new city. You will quickly get used to the new environment if you start to explore after moving to Alhambra.