Best activities for couples in Arcadia, CA

Arcadia, CA is quickly becoming one of the main locations to visit in the San Gabriel Valley. The landscape, the emerging art scene, and the many outdoor activities make it more popular year by year. Moving companies in California can attest to the increased traffic towards Arcadia. And, why not? It is located just about 13 miles from downtown LA, with all the splendor that it offers, but also provides its residents with the safety and tranquillity of a smaller city. You get the best of both worlds when you move here. There are many things you can do to keep yourself busy, but we have singled out 3 activities for couples in Arcadia that everyone can enjoy.

Visit the Moonlight Forest

The Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Gardens is one of the main attractions of Arcadia. No matter what you decide to do, you should not miss out on it. The arboretum and botanical gardens are located on the outskirts of the San Gabriel Mountains. The landscape and design make it one of the most romantic places for couple activities in Arcadia. However, we would single out the Moonlight Forest from its other attractions. Chinese lantern art is the main focus of this event. Artists and designers have made Chinese animals (both mythical and real ones) and plants come to life. While most of us have long felt over-saturated with Frozen, the lantern scene is beautiful, is it not? Well, you can experience something similar here.

Lanterns floating.
Visit the Moonlight Forest lantern festival.

Hiking on the Outskirts of the San Gabriel Mountains

If you and your significant other love the outdoors, you are going to love hiking around Arcadia. You could do it as part of a group, but there are so many paths and trails, that you can easily take a private hike in the hills. There is so much to explore that we guarantee you won’t ever get bored. Furthermore, it’s free. Romantic and free-of-charge activities for couples in Arcadia are hard to find, but it is possible. Start with a few short strolls and then upgrade to proper hiking. You will quickly come to understand why we recommend it. There is no shortage of couples that hired movers Arcadia CA to relocate them here after they fell in love with the landscape. 

Don’t Miss Out on the Arcadia Performing Arts Center

If you are more into indoor activities, the Arcadia Performing Arts Center should be your top choice. Out of all of the activities for couples in Arcadia, seeing a performance here is something you should not miss. It was established in 2012 but has already become the busiest art center in the San Gabriel Valley. The Performing Arts Center offers everything – from world-class acts to emerging stars. The diversity of the acts guarantees that you will be able to find something you both enjoy.

Activities for couples in Arcadia
Seeing the diverse acts at the Performing Arts Center is one of the best activities for couples in Arcadia to enjoy.

Make Your Choice Quickly

Arcadia, CA is quickly becoming the new hot-spot in the San Gabriel Valley. Due to the many activities for couples in Arcadia and the good quality of life, you won’t make a mistake if you decide to move here. However, you should do it quickly, as its popularity will cause the prices to rise. Moving services Los Angeles can get you here quickly and efficiently, so you can spend more free time with your significant other. We hope you come to stay!