Best ways to move antiques to San Marino

Are you about to move antiques to San Marino? There are some steps to follow in order for your antiques to arrive safely at the final destination of our new San Marino home. Luckily, you don’t have to deal with moving antiques on your own. Our movers San Marino CA residents choose when moving antiques will help you navigate the whole moving process from start to finish, paying utmost attention to the safety of your valuable antique items. Besides, they will provide you with the right packing supplies suitable for different types of antique stuff. With us by our side, you will move your antiques to San Marino safely and efficiently.

an antique figure in a box
There are numerous useful ways to move antiques to San Marino

How to prepare antiques for the move to San Marino

When preparing antiques for a move to San Marino, start by cleaning each piece gently to avoid damage. For items with detachable parts, carefully remove these components to prevent loss or breakage during transport. Measuring your antiques is crucial for selecting the right packing materials and planning the space needed in the moving vehicle. Acquire high-quality packing supplies, such as bubble wrap, sturdy boxes, and padding materials, tailored to the size and fragility of each item. Given the value and sensitivity of antiques, consider hiring professional packers who specialize in handling such items. They have the expertise to ensure your treasures are packed securely, using techniques that protect against damage during the move. So, opt for our packing services Los Angeles and San Marino packers provide and pack up smoothly.

How to pack different types of antiques

  • Antique lamps and chandeliers: Remove any detachable parts, such as shades or bulbs. Wrap the base and detached pieces separately in bubble wrap, securing them with packing tape. Use sturdy boxes that accommodate the item snugly, filling any gaps with packing peanuts or crumpled paper.
  • Dishes: Wrap each dish individually in soft packing paper, then bubble wrap. Stack them vertically in a box lined with cushioning material, separating layers with cardboard dividers. Seal and label the box as fragile.
  • Antique jewelry: Use small jewelry boxes for individual pieces to prevent tangling or damage. Wrap these boxes in bubble wrap and place them in a small, firm box filled with soft padding material to keep them secure.
  • Antique artwork: Wrap paintings or framed pieces in acid-free paper, followed by bubble wrap. Place in mirror boxes or create a custom-sized box. Ensure the artwork is immobilized to prevent movement during transport.

Ways to move antique furniture to San Marino

Firstly, disassemble any parts that can be detached, like table legs or shelves, to make transportation easier and reduce the risk of damage. Wrap each piece separately in soft blankets or specialized moving pads to protect against scratches and dents. Use bubble wrap for extra protection on particularly delicate areas. Choose a moving company with experience in handling antiques, such as Good Neighbors Moving Company, as we will have the necessary skills and equipment to transport your items safely.

Hire white glove movers when moving antiques to San Marino

Hiring white glove movers for your antiques move to San Marino ensures a well-planned and executed transport with strong logistics support. They come prepared with moving supplies and packaging specifically tailored to each antique piece, ensuring that every item is protected according to its unique needs. Whether it’s a delicate vase, a large piece of furniture, or a fine art painting, white glove movers have the expertise to pack and transport it securely. Furthermore, they are known for their meticulous approach to leaving your space clean, ensuring that there is no clutter or packing material left behind. This level of service provides peace of mind, knowing that your precious antiques are in the hands of experts dedicated to preserving their condition throughout the move.

a mover sealing a box to move antiques to San Marino safely.
Hiring white glove movers when relocating antiques is the best way to move them safely and avoid clutter.

Should you use storage when moving antiques?

Using storage units can be beneficial when moving antiques, especially if your new space isn’t ready or if you need time to plan the perfect spot for your valuable items. Storage offers a secure environment to protect antiques from damage during the transition. To prepare antiques for storage, first clean them gently to remove any dust or debris, as buildup can cause damage over time. Disassemble any parts that can be separated to reduce the risk of breakage. Wrap each piece in breathable materials like acid-free paper or soft blankets to prevent moisture accumulation, which can lead to mold or mildew.

For added protection, consider climate-controlled storage units that maintain stable temperature and humidity levels, essential for preserving the integrity of sensitive antiques. Label each item clearly and create an inventory list for easy management. So, for the utmost safety of your antiques while in storage, use our storage services and leave your items to professionals.

a mover packing a box
Our San Marino movers will handle the whole antique move with tailored approach.

Contact Good Neighbors Moving Company to handle your antiques

Even though you know the best ways to move your antiques to San Marino and you can achieve the move yourself, why bother when you can have professionals handle the whole process for you? And who better to assist you than Good Neighbors Moving Company? Our moving professionals are here to customize your antique move. Each item will be packed with care and precision, supported by the latest moving supplies and the newest moving techniques. You can opt for packing services, white glove moving services, and storage options. You have all the necessary services in one place. Thus, don’t wait long. Contact us, ask for your moving estimate, and our movers will make a tailored moving plan. You won’t have to lift a finger – we’ve got your back. Let your antiques receive the utmost care they deserve, and move without any stress.