Brea for newcomers – a comprehensive guide

Moving to a new city can seem scary, and you may feel lonely. It’s a natural feeling for obvious reasons. You will most probably live in a place where you don’t have any friends or acquaintances. On top of that, relocating can be stressful as well. Fortunately, there are many moving companies in California, such as Good Neighbors Moving Company, that can be of help. And what is more, you can prepare for life in a new place in advance. If you are moving to Brea, you are in the right place. Check out all you need to know about Brea for newcomers, from the cost of living, job options, lifestyle, and, of course, tips and tricks for moving to Brea.

a couple reading an article about Brea for newcomers before moving
Before you decide to move to Brea, check out the main traits, such as cost of living, weather traits, job options, and lifestyle in general.

Meet Brea

Brea is a small city in Orange County, just around 30 miles away from Los Angeles. So, if you are moving from LA to Brea, residential movers Los Angeles offers will surely be of help. It’s also regarded as a suburb of Los Angeles, and it offers a variety of activities for everyone. One of the key attractions of Brea is its strong economy, which is supported by various industries, including professional corporations, manufacturing, retail, and services. Besides, the city is known for its quality education system, with several schools consistently ranking high in state and national testing.

Brea’s cost of living

The first thing to know about Brea for newcomers is the cost of living. Namely, the cost of living in Brea is relatively high, which is a common trend in many parts of California. If you want to move here, you should expect to pay around $834,600, which is the median home value, according to Niche. When it comes to rent, the median rent is $2,218. Both are higher than the national average. Despite this, the combination of economic opportunities, quality education, safety, and a vibrant community life makes Brea an appealing destination for many. And if the home value does not prevent you from moving here, hire some of the finest movers Orange County has – the movers from Good Neighbors Moving Company.

Other expenses

For a single person, monthly expenses for Rent & Utilities average around $2,162, while a family of four faces higher costs, typically around $3,238. Food expenses also show a significant difference; an individual might spend approximately $695 per month, whereas a family of four could incur about $1,818 in food costs. Transportation costs in Brea are relatively more manageable, with an individual spending about $59.8 monthly, compared to $160 for a family of four. All in all, these figures reflect the financial considerations one must weigh when residing in Brea, indicating a higher cost of living, especially for families.

People using a calculator and holding ,money
The cost of living in Brea is affordable.

Brea for newcomers: Safety

For those interested in safety and community, Brea is notable for its low crime rates, particularly in violent crimes, making it a safer choice compared to many urban areas. Brea is relatively safe compared to other U.S. cities. For example, when considering violent crimes specifically, the rate in Brea is 1 in 516, which is lower than the average in many American communities. Also, for property crimes, the chance of becoming a victim in Brea is 1 in 30. This data suggests that while the overall crime rate might be higher, the incidence of violent crimes is comparatively lower. In terms of safety ranking, Brea is in the 80th percentile, meaning that 20% of cities are safer and 80% of cities are more dangerous.

The job market in Brea

When it comes to Brea for newcomers, no guide can go without the job market information. As previously said, Brea attracts newcomers due to a prosperous economy and diverse job market. Some of the key employers in Brea include Bank of America, Mercury Insurance Group, Albertson’s Inc., Kirkhill Elastomers, Brea Olinda Unified School District, Nordstrom, and Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. Additionally, Brea hosts corporate offices for companies like Beckman Coulter, Inc., Nature’s Best, American Suzuki Motor Company, Ventura Foods, LLC, and ViewSonic North America. Brea’s commitment to a pro-business environment also attracts corporate offices, contributing to the city’s economic growth and employment opportunities. According to, the monthly salary after tax is about $ 5,160.  So, if you are searching for good employment or want to move your own company to Brea, schedule some of the best commercial movers Los Angeles has and relocate for business in no time.

a person searching the net about Brea for newcomers
Research job options in Brea that suit you.

Education options in Brea

If you are a newcomer in Brea and have school-aged children, it is important to research the best public and private schools. However, education options in Brea, California, are diverse and highly regarded, which means it will be challenging to choose the best option. Among the best public schools, Brea Olinda High School and Brea Junior High School stand out for their academic excellence. These schools have earned high rankings based on their combined math and reading proficiency test scores. Additionally, Brea Country Hills Elementary School and Arovista Elementary are known for their strong educational programs at the elementary level.

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Enjoy Brea’s great weather all year round

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle and move to Brea, the city’s great climate may be one reason. Brea has a perfect climate. Summers are hot and short, and during the winter, it’s almost never below 37°F. There are many splendid beaches near the city, such as:

  1. Huntington Harbour, Huntington Beach, CA
  2. Bolsa Chica State Beach, Huntington Beach, CA
  3. Surfside Beach, Seal Beach, CA
  4. Newport Bay, Newport Beach, CA
  5. North Star Beach, Newport Beach, CA

So, if you are fond of swimming or sunbathing, this is an ideal place for you. Hire movers Brea CA has and enjoy Bra and beaches nearby.

A street with houses and palm trees on the side
Brea – a great city where you will never feel bored

Brea for newcomers: Lifestyle

Newcomers to Brea can anticipate a lifestyle that blends suburban comfort with convenient access to city amenities. As previously mentioned, Brea has safe neighborhoods. Besides, it has a strong community spirit, making it an ideal place for families and individuals pursuing a balanced life. For leisure and entertainment, Brea provides a variety of options, including a downtown area with shopping, dining, and entertainment venues. Outdoor lovers will appreciate the local parks and nearby natural attractions. Most importantly, Brea’s proximity to larger cities like Los Angeles ensures access to a broader range of cultural and recreational activities.

Overall, life in Brea offers a mix of tranquility and convenience, suitable for those who appreciate a quieter lifestyle but still want to be close to urban centers. So, if you are searching for a balanced life, Brea is the right place for you. So, pack your bags as soon as possible, but schedule the best packing services in Los Angeles, Brea, and beyond.

What to visit in Brea

Yes, Brea for newcomers is perfect. You can enjoy amazing and fun activities, whether indoors or outdoors. So, without further ado, these are the places to enjoy after moving to Brea:

  1. Visit Carbon Canyon Park: A natural park ideal for hiking and picnics, with a unique redwood grove.
  2. Shop till you drop at Brea Mall: A major shopping destination offering a variety of stores and dining options.
  3. Enjoy art and culture: Visit Brea Art Gallery
  4. Go to Downtown Brea: Offers a lively atmosphere with shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.
  5. Visit Brea Improv: A popular venue for comedy shows, providing entertainment and dining.

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You will definitely love spending time in Carbon Canyon Park

One of the most popular locations in Brea is definitely Carbon Canyon Park. It’s a large park facility offering many places for picnicking, playing sports, walking, and so on.  Something that will maybe strike you the most is a beautiful, calm lake. It’s a great spot for fishing, and you can also enjoy many water sports here.


A beautiful beach. Brea for newcomers guide will offer many useful tips.
Brea for newcomers offers a lot. There are many beaches near Brea that are simply marvelous

Newcomers should not miss out on Brea Mall for all fashionistas

Brea is a city with various attractions, and it’s also a great place for shopping. Brea Mall is a huge shopping mall with many stores and boutiques. Of course, there are great places for taking a break from shopping. There is a huge span of stores, such as Mango, Apple, and others. You can enjoy delicious food at restaurants and food courts that Brea Mall has. And you should not miss out on the Cheesecake factory.

Brea for newcomers: A great place for Art lovers

If you are an art lover, you will then enjoy living in Brea. There’s a 6,000-square-foot art gallery, Brea Art Gallery, where you can admire exhibitions from all around the world. Also, besides featuring international artists, the Gallery promotes local artists as well. So, if you are an artist, you may get lucky and be featured in this stunning Art Gallery. It is located at 1 Civic Center Cir, Brea, CA 92821.

Downtown Brea has a lot to offer for newcomers

It’s home to the Brea Improv, a premier comedy club providing laughs and dining experiences. For shoppers, the area boasts a variety of boutiques and stores. Dining options range from casual eateries to upscale restaurants catering to all tastes. Notable restaurants include Cedar Creek Inn, known for its American cuisine; Brunos Trattoria, offering Italian dishes; and Cha Cha’s Tacos & Tequila, perfect for Mexican food lovers. For those preferring Asian flavors, Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ is a great choice. Additionally, Brea hosts popular chain restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory and Buffalo Wild Wings. Besides, the downtown also hosts community events and street fairs, adding to its lively atmosphere. This area truly encapsulates the energetic spirit of Brea, making it a must-visit destination.

Visit Brea Improv

It’s a premier destination for comedy in Brea, featuring performances by renowned comedians and up-and-coming talents. The venue provides a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a night of laughter and fun. In addition to the comedy shows, Brea Improv also serves a variety of food and drinks, making it a great spot for a casual dinner or a night out with friends. The combination of great entertainment and a comfortable setting makes Brea Improv a must-visit for those looking for an enjoyable evening in Brea. All in all, Brea for newcomers is a great spot with endless options to enjoy after moving here.

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Hire some of the finest movers Breahas to offer. Contact Good Neighbors Moving Company.

Want to move to Brea? Good Neighbors Moving Company is a perfect match

Now that you know all about Brea for newcomers, you can make a decision whether to move here. As you can see, Brea has it all for people of all ages. It’s a place that blends an active lifestyle and a family feel – perfect for everybody seeking a balanced life. So, if Brea is your choice – hire some of the best moving companies in California – Good Neighbors Moving Company. Our moving services range covers any aspect of the move, from packing and transportation to storage services. Pack, move, and use our storage units Los Angeles residents rely on. Contact us today, get your moving quote, and move without any hassle. Enjoy Brea as soon as you move, thanks to our Brea movers.


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