Here are the best CA cities for students

So, you are thinking about spending your college days in California? Well, if that is the case, make sure to get informed about California and what this state can offer to students before you make any decision. To help you out and to save you some time, we, at Good Neighbors Moving Company, have listed the best CA cities for students in 2020. Make sure to read the following carefully and you will know which city in California will be the right one for you.

What makes one city the best choice for students?

Ah, college years – pure freedom, adventures, lots of energy, and opportunities! Is there anything better than those days? There is no doubt that these years will be one of the best chapters in your life. So, you should do your best to start this chapter properly – by finding a good city and a decent home. After all, you can’t just hire one of the best La Verne moving companies and relocate to the first city you see in California! This needs to be planned carefully so that you can find the best student city.

People hanging out after moving to one of the best CA cities for students
California is a great place for students – people are friendly and schools are among the best ones in the USA

But, what exactly one city needs to have in order to be classified among the best CA cities for students? Well, here are some of the traits student-friendly cities have.

  • Safety and low crime rates
  • Good Universities and Colleges
  • Lower living costs
  • Lots of outdoors activities and events
  • Cultural diversity

These are only some of the things you should look for when you start the search for a student-friendly city in California. But, the thing that is the most important is to find a place where you will feel comfortable and happy. Relocate there with the help of a reliable Altadena moving company and you will start your college years like a pro!

Top-voted CA cities for students

There are so many great cities in California, but we have listed the ones that students like the most. Make sure to get informed about these cities before you decide where you will relocate. Just think about it – You will prepare your moving budget so much simpler if you know how big living costs are in the city where you want to move. So, don’t be lazy and start your research. You can start with the information we have provided about the best CA cities for students.

Los Angeles

LA is a very open and progressive city. It is also an amazing place for those who want to spend their college years right in LA. If you choose to go to one of the top 10 colleges in LA, you will have the chance to meet people from all cultures, social classes, and ethnic backgrounds. The University campus is a truly diverse environment! If you opt to relocate here, you should get used to the fact that people in LA are very relaxed and have a laidback lifestyle. But, you will see that everyone is open, friendly, and helpful. Thus, you will meet new people with no problem and they will be able to help you settle in much faster.

Los Angeles at night
Los Angeles is a city that never sleeps

In LA, you will get a mixture of entertainment, information, education, and technology. It really is a great place for young freshmen and can offer a lot to its residents. So, we are sure you are going to love LA if you decide to relocate here.

San Francisco

One of the reasons why students love San Francisco is because it is home to some of the best schools in the USA. So, if you are still wondering whether this city will be the right one for you, make sure to take a look at the best colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area and you will get rid of any doubts. But, there is more to San Francisco. Most people who decide to study here come from all around the world! You can be one of them and learn about their countries and culture. In addition to this, San Francisco is where you want to be if you are a sports fan. Here, you will have the chance to catch an exciting game with your friends at least once a week. Trust us, this is something you don’t want to miss in your college years!

Santa Barbara

Do you want to live close to the beach, go to the best colleges, and have fun at major parties? Then you should choose Santa Barbara as a place where you will spend your student days. There are many reasons why Santa Barbara has been voted as one of the best CA cities for students but we will mention only some of them. Trust us, as soon as you set your foot in Santa Barbra, you will fall in love with it and overcome moving anxiety! The entire city is very relaxed and filled with awesome and unique people. This is, by far, a place where you will never be bored.

San Diego

Did you know that San Diego is home to more than 70.000 students? Yes, you read it right! San Diego is an amazing place for young people. There is always something going on and the people are very friendly. And, have we mentioned the weather? In San Diego, out of 365 days, 300 of them are rain-free. So, if you are sick and tired of cold weather, this is where you should relocate. San Diego is home to many top-notch schools and colleges and you will be able to find the one you like the most in no time!

San Diego ocean side
San Diego can offer to its residents a lot, especially if they are students

So, have you decided where you will relocate? In case you have any questions or need help with your relocation, we will gladly help you! Just make sure to get in touch with us.