How to prepare power tools for storage

If you have been through the process of relocation, you know that it can be complicated and tiresome. Proper organization and efficiency are needed for a successful move. Likewise, it is the same case for storing your items, including various tools that you may have in your inventory. Perhaps you need some free space in your garage or you simply do not currently have any room for your tools. In order to prepare power tools for storage properly, you need to follow a basic guideline that will help you do it successfully with all your tools remaining clean and working. From hiring moving companies in Glendale CA to organizing your tools we have it all covered. Let us begin by taking a look at the things that you can do on your own to prepare power tools for storage.

Organizing your power tools

To begin with, before you start packing your inventory for storage and calling your movers to help you transport your tools, you need to properly organize them. This means that you need to check the exact number of tools that you need to store as well as what type of tools you plan on packing for storage. To get a good insight into the number of power tools you have in your inventory, we recommend creating a simple checklist. A checklist helps you in listing and organizing all your tools as well as keeping a track of where and when a certain tool has been packed. In the checklist, you can organize your power tools according to their:

  • Size. Larger power tools will need bigger packing materials. In case you need good, high quality packing supplies and boxes, your movers can provide you with the necessary materials. To keep your power tools safe during transportation and storage, contact a professional moving company that offers excellent packing services such as Good Neighbors Moving Company.
  • Function. Tools have various functions and should be organized accordingly.
  • Type. There is a large number of different types of power tools and in order to have an organized packing, you need to separate them according to their type.
Creating a checklist.
Create a checklist for organizing your power tools for storage.

Prepare power tools for storage and packing

Once you have organized all your power tools it is time to begin preparing them for storage and packing. To keep these tools in working condition, there are a few things you need to do before you put them on the storage tool rack. When it comes to large power tools such as power drills and saws you need to follow the right cleaning and storage instructions.

Clean your tools after each use

To keep the dust and dirt away you need to clean each of your tools after use. Take a clean rag or a towel and wipe the tools to remove any grease or dirt that is on them. Before a tool is placed in storage, it needs to be completely dry and clean. Spray lubricant on all power tools with metal surfaces for protection.

Separate broken and unusable tools

If you do not plan on getting rid of some of your power tools that no longer work, separate them from the rest. Leaving all of your tools together regardless of their functionality can lead to clustering. This can then lead to valuable space being wasted. This is why it is important to keep the broken tools away from those that are functional.

Get the right containers and racks for your tools

When you rent a storage unit, you do not want to leave your tools down on the ground. Power tools should be placed on a specially designed track or a container. Plastic bins can be used to safely store certain power tools. They also provide some extra protection from potential outside damages. Your tools can also be hung on the wall according to their sizes or types. All of this will make your storage organized. Moreover, in this way, it is easier to find a specific tool that you may need.

Various power tools.
Prepare power tools for storage by properly maintaining your tools and creating containers or tool racks for storage units.


Where to store your power tools during relocation?

When it comes to keeping your power tools safe and protected, the location is as equally important as the packing material. You can choose your garage or a spare room to be your storage during relocation however, we recommend getting a storage unit that is designed for storing power tools. Storage facilities are great for keeping a large number of items such as tools temporarily or long-term. You need to avoid places that have mold or are damp. In case this happens, there are several ways you can prevent mold in your storage unit and thus keep the rust away from your tools. If you are renting a storage unit, look for the ones that have good security features and enough room for all your power tools. 

Storage facility.
A storage unit is a great place for storing your power tools during relocation.

Hire professional movers

When it comes to relocation and storing your inventory, you need to find the right movers. Getting reliable movers that are well-organized and efficient comes with many benefits. Your movers, as we have already mentioned, can provide you with the necessary packing materials for your power tools. Furthermore, they can send a number of hired workers to help you move your items. Additionally, you do not need to worry about any heavy lifting. Movers will do that part for you. This leaves you more time to prepare and organize your storage. This is especially important if you are moving to a large area such as Glendale, CA. Finding reliable local movers in Los Angeles is crucial for a successful and efficient move. With the right movers and good organization, you can properly prepare power tools for storage.