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Moving doesn’t have to be difficult, even when you are only moving locally. Why not let someone else take care of that part of your move? We here at Good Neighbors Moving Company help Los Angeles homeowners, tenants and small businesses easily move to their next home or office. Our movers in Glendale CA consist of athletic and professionally trained movers who work hard to move your home so you don’t have to. We will keep on working until you are 100% satisfied!

Movers in Glendale CA
Glendale movers from Good Neighbors Moving Company will do everything they can to make your move as easy as possible

When looking for moving companies in Glendale CA, what you need are Good Neighbors!

If you are in the Glendale area and are planning to move, we can help! We are not only a high-quality and professional company but also proud to serve our customers with first-class service. These services include residential and commercial moving and packing. Each of our experienced local movers Los Angeles focuses on a customer-centric type of courtesy that they know you expect from superior moving companies in Glendale, such as ours.

Good Neighbors Moving Company was founded in 2013 and has been in use since its inception. We offer a full range of transportation and packing services for customers and businesses in Glendale. Our services also include disassembling and reassembling furniture, wrapping furniture and extra attention to packing fragile items for FREE! With us, there is no need to worry about moving cost Los Angeles. We will include everything in our price and make your move affordable.

Our office staff works 7 days a week to give advice and recommendations based on many years of industry experience. It is thanks to this experience that we can answer any questions that arise. As our customers are our priority, we take the time to listen to their every moving preference, to make sure they are satisfied, and every move goes smoothly.

Since we know that moving is considered a chaotic time, we are doing everything possible to provide the best service, so the move is stress-free. The movers in our Glendale CA office will be happy to assist you with your moving and packing needs.

Local movers in Glendale CA you can rely on

For our customers who plan to move to Glendale, we are here to help! We are not only competitive but also proud of the high quality of our services. We will be happy to discuss any issues that you may have on any day of the week when our offices and employees are happy to share their knowledge to make sure that your move goes smoothly!

Need supplies for packing? We can help!

Thanks to our Glendale moving company, you do not need to look for supplies for moving and packing. We have boxes, as well as all other packing materials necessary for a successful move. This convenience allows you to have the right materials so that your things are properly protected during your move.

Packing supplies provided by movers in Glendale CA
Our movers in Glendale CA will provide you with all the necessary supplies you need for safe packing of your belongings

Glendale CA moving company services

Our company operates as a professional mover in Glendale CA. We are a professional provider of moving and packing services for residential and commercial transportation. Our team of movers in Glendale CA is committed to providing you with honest pricing and some of the finest moving services in Los Angeles.

Commercial moving to Glendale, California

Do you have a business moving to Glendale, California? As one of the best moving companies in Glendale CA, we provide office and business relocation services to any state in the country. Whether you are moving your business across the street or across the city, our commercial relocation services in Glendale can help you get started quickly.

Our company understands how moving your business can lead to loss of income. The employees of our company also understand that the businesses want to move quickly and efficiently to prevent interruption of the work process. As a result, we do not only relieve stress and headaches associated with a commercial move but also do so in accordance with the deadline set by you. Glendale commercial relocation services provided by our company include:

  • Guaranteed good services and prices
  • Safely wrapping the office furniture
  • Setting up your office furniture on the new location
  • A complete package of unpacking services so that you can focus on your work

At Good Neighbors, a moving and packing company, we pride ourselves on our honest and upfront pricing. While other movers in Glendale CA charge deposits, travel expenses, and often include hidden fees for moving your belongings, we never do this. Billing begins when we arrive at your home. We calculate the exact time we spend at your home, so you do not pay for the time that you do not use.

Residential movers in Glendale, California

Glendale area is expanding, and people often move into the area. At Good Neighbors Moving, one of the best packing and moving companies in Glendale CA, we know how important it is to have a professional and reliable moving company to help make your moving process easy and carefree. You can rely on our team of professionals to get a variety of household relocation services. Although we offer office moves throughout the region, we specialize in:

Man loading a truck
With us, you can rest assured that all your belongings will be picked up and moved to your new home

About our team of Glendale CA movers

At Good Neighbors Moving Company, our entire team consists of athletic, professionally trained young people. We hire loaders full time, not only for day labor, so you get the expected results. Our team has experience moving all kinds of furniture and items, from grand pianos to large L-shaped tables to half-ton safes. We provide full commercial insurance, including replacement of the actual cost, for your peace of mind when moving large or expensive items. When you need to move something, you know that you can rely on our Glendale movers for the job!

Schedule your Glendale move today!

At Good Neighbors Moving Company, we want to make your upcoming move as carefree as possible. Contact us today to schedule a move with our movers in Glendale CA. Leave the hard work to us and enjoy other great moving services at a low hourly rate.

The guys at Good Neighbors did a wonderful job helping me move! They were up to the task of moving a 4 bdrm house with lots of heavy and delicate items. They took great care and nothing was damaged or broken. Staff was super friendly and professional, I highly recommend!

Laura H.

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