How to protect your delicate possessions while relocating to La Verne, CA?

Do you plan on moving soon? There are probably so many things to think about. First, you need to find a reliable moving company. Second, you need to decide what to keep, is there something you must sell, or how can you properly pack things. There is a safe way for packing each of your possessions during the relocation. But when it comes to delicate items, we are always worrying if they will remain unharmed. Movers like Good Neighbors Moving Company have so many tips on how to protect your delicate possessions. Learn from the experience and follow the steps below to ensure your precious goods will stay untacked.

Prepare before packing in order to protect your delicate possessions

You already know moving takes a lot of time. So, if something will take more time than planned, just be prepared for that. Delicate possessions require some strategy during packing. Prepare accordingly and you will ensure everything will safely arrive at the destination.

man writing on the paper to help you protect your delicate possessions
List all the items that need to be carefully handled. Note down if you need extra packing supplies.

If you are not completely sure how to do this, there are people who can help you. Elite movers have just the right equipment and packing supplies to deliver your delicate possessions safely. Things like art pieces or antiques will be safe in their hands. On the contrary, provide all the great protection your fragile items need. Find moving blankets or enough bubble wrap to protect things from damage during transport. Again, if you choose to hire a moving company, they already have everything prepared.

Pack delicate possessions separately from the other

First, consider collecting boxes of various sizes. This will give you enough space to insert the padding for each item. They also vary in size and material and, therefore, require an adequate number of layers. Pack heavier items on the bottom, and if there is extra space, put lighter ones on top. Also, try to follow additional rules when packing. If you didn’t know, there are common packing mistakes that can decide the future of your belongings. By packing accordingly you will be sure there are no surprises later.

Moreover, dividing boxes into categories will help the movers handle the relocation. They don’t have to do the hard work by remembering your words or waste time asking you the same questions again and again. Label boxes that need to go to a specific room. As well, label all the boxes that contain delicate possessions. Professional movers from La Verne moving companies will know exactly how to stack boxes in the truck. They will keep them safe from the area where the furniture is, for example.

protect your delicate possessions by inserting padding while packing
After you carefully protect your fragile items, label every box to make the job easier for movers.

Furthermore, don’t throw everything in the same box. Keep things as separate as possible and wrap them individually. You can pack similar items together in one box, but don’t stack anything heavy on top. Do everything to prevent damage, even if it’s caused by packing.

How to pack delicate possessions safely

There are things that are notoriously easy to break. Just think of glasses or plates. Imagine any of the fragile items slip out of the box. The whole relocation afterward needs to be careful, not to mention the necessary and immediate cleaning. Naturally, you will check if no one was injured before doing anything else. Nevertheless, here are the top tips for packing in one place:

  • Smaller boxes will do the work. They are easy to handle and there is no chance you can stack a lot of things that can crash together.
  • If you think you added enough padding, add more. Protect your delicate possessions that way they don’t have even the slightest chance to break. 
  • When you pack glasses or glass bottles do the extra wrapping. Add different layers of different materials to create cushion-like protection. Add wrapping paper, then bubble wrap, and maybe some blanket or towel in between. There is a rule for other kitchen items, too. If you want to pack your kitchen like a pro, read the best advice we could find.
  • If there is any extra space in the box, add more wrapping paper.

Again, if any of your fragile items can be placed in the box with cushions, for example, that will also be a great solution. Get a rough idea of what could go together, because there are things you already own that can act as protection for delicate possessions.

Carry small items of high value with you on a moving day

There are things that could go together in one bag. If there is something of high value, it’s best to prevent losing it. You can take one bag to personally transport it. You will be calm and sure afterward. Things that could go there could be jewelry, important documents, and bank cards, cash, or portable electronic devices. That way you don’t have to worry about losing them because they will be with you the whole time. Try to find original boxes of your electronic devices, if they are still available to you.

plants in the cardboard box
Even if you can put similar things next to each other, ensure they are packed separately.

Mind all the edges

Not only the small items are delicate, but furniture can also be damaged during the move. Just like you secured all of the edges of the artwork piece, remember to protect the furniture from the bottom to the top. Use moving blankets that you’ll secure-tape in order to avoid slipping off. Nowadays there are glass tables or wardrobes with mirrors on them. A big sheet of bubble wrap is not enough, so once again, remember to buy extra packing materials. 

Finally, walls can also be damaged. Any edge that is on the way should be protected in both the new and old the place you’re moving from. They can also make irreversible harm to your furniture. Protect your delicate possessions by doing everything to prevent damage.