How to speed up your packing process

The packing process is a necessary part of any relocation. It involves gathering all of your stuff in one place, by placing them inside containers beforehand. Needless to say, it can be a LOT of work. You can enlist the help of a professional moving company Los Angeles in this process, of course. If you don’t want to bother with this part of your move, that might very well be the best idea. However, if you would like to do it on your own, there is quite a bit to know. We will help you stay organized, explain how to prepare and give you some tips on how to speed up your packing process. So, without further ado, let’s begin with:

Speed up your packing process – Tips and tricks

There are quite a few things that you need to do before the process itself if you want everything to go smoothly. You will need to:

  • Always stay organized!
  • Gather necessary packing materials
  • Start packing in advance if you want to speed up your packing process
  • Ask your friends for help
  • Speed up your packing process – Move some stuff early
  • Pack the moving truck strategically
  • Hire professional packers Los Angeles
The organization is the key!

Always stay organized!

Organization skills are absolutely essential in any endeavor that includes more than a hundred pieces. You will need to stay ahead of the numbers, so to speak. For this, you will need some to-do lists, which will help you track your progress. Give yourself plenty of time for each task. Everything will seem easier that way. You also want to organize which items go in which boxes, which you can then clearly label. Labeling the boxes is really important in the whole organizational scheme of things. So make sure that you do!

Gather necessary packing materials

You will also need a number of items for the packing process itself. Items like packing tape, bubble packs, various boxes in all sizes, and so on. The best thing to do, before you go and buy them, is to figure out what will you need. However, for that, you need to have some prior packing experience. If you have never moved before, that might be something that is lacking. You can bridge this gap in knowledge by contacting your local movers Los Angeles. Simply ask them for advice for packing some of the trickier items, such as a piano. You can also ask them anything that concerns your move, they will be happy to assist you. If you don’t want as precise information, you can simply ask at your local store about what items you might need for the move.

Start packing in advance if you want to speed up your packing process

If you want to make your packing process “faster”, you might want to consider starting really early. And you do that by having less stuff to pack when the time comes. In any case, everything that you pre-pack will lessen the overall burden of packing. Simply tick off some of the items on your packing checklist (and this is the true value of the checklist) every day. And the more days that you have for that task means that you can take it easier and more relaxed. And that is what life is about, having an easy and relaxed time of it. Whenever you can have it that way, why not?

winter clothes
Speed up your moving process – pack seasonal clothes well in advance.

Ask your friends for help

Depending on what you are carrying with you, you might need additional help. Usually, in a relocation, there are few items that are bulky and unwieldy. You might need assistance when it comes to moving such items. And who better to help you than your friends? Call some numbers, ask for some help. Consider that you will be spending some time with your friends while packing, you will have plenty of time to catch up, crack a joke, and so on. Everything is more beautiful with friends. Grab this opportunity to spend some quality time with a friend or two. Sure, there may be a bit of work but it is all for the good cause!

Speed up your packing process – Move some stuff early

The packing process might involve several back-and-forward trips between your new home and your old one. If you want to hasten the actual process, you can do some of those trips beforehand. Obviously this is impossible at times but for the times that it isn’t, it is a great way to save time elsewhere. Simply take some of the items that are not essential in your day-to-day life, pack them in boxes, clearly label them, and tow them away to your new home. Bit by bit. That is the best way to approach the packing process, incidentally. After you do so, it will be much easier to:

Pack the moving truck strategically

When the moving day comes, everything needs to go in the truck. You can save a bit of money if you know what size of the truck you need. Smaller truck = less cost. Simple as that. If you pack your belongings strategically, you will be able to utilize almost all of its actual space. You will also make your items safer, by doing that. The whole point is to ensure that there is the least amount of “wiggle room” inside the truck and that everything that is heavy is solidly secured. For that, you will need to consider what to put where to get the maximum effect. If you can, create that chart beforehand because creating it may require a considerable time investment.

Rent a proper size of the moving truck!

Hire professional packers

Of course, you may want to skip all of that and decide that it is too much work. In that case, you will need professional assistance. You can simply sit back and relax, giving an occasional instruction here and there, and not worry about it. There is a good reason why these services exist in the first place. It is usually a simple mathematic. If your time is more valuable than what you are paying for it, you came off good!