Most affordable neighborhoods in LA

”Affordable” and “Los Angeles” may sound crazy when put in the same sentence. It is true that, if compared to the rest of the U.S., L.A. gets pretty pricey. But whether you’re currently living here or you are a prospective Angelino thinking about making the move, there are a lot of factors considered. Our residential movers Los Angeles are to help you by suggesting some neighborhoods for future movers. There are so many neighborhoods you could move to in Los Angeles that you could easily make your own. Our choices offer affordability, cultural and culinary centers, and more! Below, we present you with some of the most affordable neighborhoods in LA so read on and take notes!

Skyline of LA at sunset
There is some major price-point disparity between neighborhoods when it comes to housing in LA.

How we determined the most affordable neighborhoods in LA

In order to categorize the cheapest areas to live in Los Angeles, we had to determine what criteria define “affordable”. By using extrapolated BLS data available online, and census, we have established the following set of criteria:

  • Overall Cost Of Living
  • Rent To Income Ratio
  • Median Home Value To Income Ratio

We then began to rank each neighborhood with scores in each category, where 1 was the most cost-effective. Next, we created an average value of the rankings for each neighborhood and set a cheap neighborhood index. And finally, we were able to crown the neighborhood with the lowest cheapest index the “Most affordable neighborhoods in LA.” Read on below to learn more about what it’s like to live in the most affordable neighborhoods in LA.

Los Angeles is a very eclectic and fun city

The city of angels consists of hundreds of interesting and different neighborhoods. Fun fact: the boundaries of these neighborhoods are often subject to dispute. And believe us when we tell you that many have tried to draw them. Sometimes walking just a few blocks in LA will often reveal a community that looks and feels distinctly different.

Take Leimert Park for example. It is a tight community, usually scoring the top family-friendly neighborhoods in LA. On the other hand, in Downtown Los Angeles, you will find a “very contemporary and modern” vibe, with its glassy new high-rises and sexy rooftop bars. Or take a turn and go to the San Fernando Valley, where you’ll find it “a little bit calmer… The pace is a little bit slower.” Small-town San Pedro is reminiscent of the Midwest, but at the same time — it’s the last affordable beach town.

LA at dusk
So as you can see, there is a place for everyone.

1. Los Feliz

Though this is a little obvious, it’s, in fact, no surprise to its residents that “Feliz” translates to “happy.” Los Feliz is kind of a unicorn neighborhood in L.A. How come? As any of one of the many moving companies in California will tell you, it’s one of the few areas of the city that you should really experience on foot. If you are thinking about moving west, this may be one of the perfect neighborhoods. Besides it being ideal because it is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in LA, it features a vast array of dive bars, movie houses, and independent book and clothing stores. This a place to enjoy, being the true-blue neighborhood that is only a short distance from both Hollywood and the Valley.

  • And there is another reason why this area is an LA unicorn – it’s one of the most affordable neighborhoods in LA because it gives you easy access to all the city’s heavy-traffic destinations. All of these amenities come without you having to deal with moving over a long distance in the everyday heavy traffic jams!
  • Median one-bedroom in Los Feliz rental price: $1,895

2. Why Silver Lake is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in LA

Silver Lake may very well be L.A.’s most yuppie absent area these days. The neighborhood is overflowing with independently-owned coffee shops and stores. It is wonderful for finding the most amazing ways to spend your days when work is light. Come to one of the most affordable neighborhoods in LA and you will find affordable and diverse dining options here. Come to Cafe Stella for French bistro-style eats, or make a reservation at Pine & Crane for authentic Taiwanese cuisine. Of course, since a lot of Millenials have been flocking to LA, rental prices have quickly risen, which is why you should choose to relocate before it’s out of reach entirely.

  • Median one-bedroom rental price: $1,950
Low angle of an LA sign
Since a lot of Millenials have flocked to LA, rental prices have quickly gone up.

3. Echo Park

Echo Park persists as one of the most affordable neighborhoods in LA that is different enough to keep tourists and Hollywood enthusiasts out, while still being extremely attractive for artists looking for loads of cultural events within walking distance. Well, maybe a short-driving distance, this is still Los Angeles.

But what may be the most attractive and thrilling aspect of Echo Park for singles and families alike, are not its vast array of top-ranking indie music venues such as The Echo, but the incredibly cheap parking spots available all around! Which is a big deal in big cities nowadays.

  • Median one-bedroom rental price: $1,820

Appreciating LA and its many charms can take time—even years

If you don’t fall in love with any of these affordable neighborhoods in LA right away, be patient. With time, you can uncover all of the advantages of living here. Just think about the possibility to spend a morning in the mountains but the evening at a beach bonfire. You will appreciate LA’s many taquerias and fruit vendors, or maybe your favorite will be the garden apartments. Hopefully, you’ll call us to relocate you to this amazing city and experience all its splendors. After we move you maybe you will start volunteering to help to make the city better, at least in some small way.