Family-friendly neighborhoods in LA

Los Angeles is not really the first city that comes to mind when you want to raise a family. However, there are actually several family-friendly neighborhoods in LA that are worth your time checking out. Places like Sherman Oaks and Boyle Heights are quite family-friendly as expert movers Los Angeles can accredit. These areas are the go-to place to move for many families these days. But what makes these suburbs so attractive? Let’s find out!

Best family-friendly neighborhoods in LA – The list

In no particular order, these are the greatest places in LA to raise a family:

  • Sherman Oaks
  • Palms
  • Mar Vista
  • Miracle Mile
  • Boyle Heights
Pick the best neighborhood in LA!

These six places are all very attractive due to their crime rate, good access to schools, or great activities within. You will not make a mistake if you move your family to any of these places. Just make sure to hire the best residential movers Los Angeles, and you and your family can enjoy your new home! Let’s delve a bit further into these places. We will start with:

Sherman Oaks

This neighborhood is located in San Fernando Valley, bordering Encino and Bel Air, which are on its east and south sides, respectively. It has easy access to 101, which means that downtown LA and Hollywood are within quick reach. This area has a low population density, compared to surrounding areas. This fact makes it really popular for families that are looking for that relaxed lifestyle. Being outside the city but still able to reap the benefits that it brings is a great perk for families. The fact that there are over 70,000 people in Sherman Oaks says a lot for itself.

But the greatest asset of this place lies in its education. The residents of Sherman Oaks’ education is quite a bit higher than even the national average. More than 55% of people in here have at least a bachelor’s degree! When it comes to master’s degree or higher, 21% of the residents can boast to have it. The median household income is, understandably, quite high at over $93,000.

The housing is also quite expensive, truth be told, as the median house values just shy of $1 million. This area is reserved for families with deeper pockets, after all. It is still cheaper than Bel Air, and you can get a house for a lot less than the median price if you are willing to compromise a bit.


The neighborhood of Palms started as an agricultural community. Today, this place is proudly standing among the most diverse and densely populated parts of the city. This residential neighborhood has a lot to offer to families, regardless of their sizes. There are many homes available for purchase, from triplexes to single-family homes. Of course, renting out is an option, too. You can expect to pay around $1.1 million for a house in Palms, a price that is constantly rising.

The main reason for these high house prices is the combination of educated residents and low crime rates. If you thought that Sherman Oaks had a really educated populace, Palms beats it handily with 72% of its residents holding a bachelor’s degree!

Palms is one of the best and safest neighborhoods for you and your family.

Your kids can enjoy some unique experiences here, as well. There is the Kline Academy art workshop and the Museum of Jurassic Technology. The latter has its own Game Time gaming center, a hit with the kids. If you have the money to settle here, you will definitely have a great time!

One of the most interesting family-friendly neighborhoods in LA – Mar Vista

This veritable oasis of a neighborhood is simply overflowing with greenery. Most of the homes here have large yards that are full of plants and trees. Its diverse, multi-ethnic population still keeps that old-school charm. That is not to say that this place is backwater because nothing could be further from the truth. There is rapid development going on all around this place. If you want to move in here, you may want to work on your moving checklist, as Mar Vista residents are quite organized. The Palms housing situation is mostly comprised of single-family homes but there are also some apartments in the mix.

The main attractions include the Mar Vista Family Center which serves as a place for families to gather and have a positive influence on the community as a whole. For the athletic types, there is a recreation center that always has one or another sports program going on.

All this reflects on the housing, as the median house price is staggering $1.5m. One of the biggest reasons for these prices is the crime rate, which is a lot lower than the national average, 36%!

Miracle Mile

This neighborhood is situated to the west of LA downtown. If you make this place your home, downtown will be quite close and accessible. Within its boundaries, there are two Historic Preservation Overlay Zones and a plethora of museums within Museum Row. These museums include the world-famous George C.Page Museum and the Los Angeles County Museum of art.

The median price of the houses here is kind of misleading because it stands at $1.6m. The misleading part is that many of the homes are actually quite affordable, it is just that some homes are really expensive so that brings the median value to this number.

There are some great schools within easy reach here, such as Fairfax Senior High School and Carthay Center Elementary. Your kids will be able to enjoy excellent education opportunities.

If you love museums, you will love moving to Los Angeles!

Boyle Heights

The last but not least on our list is the neighborhood of Boyle Heights. Standing at the most affordable of all family-friendly neighborhoods in LA, with a median house price of only $687,000, this place is a really popular choice for many working-class families. If you find a home for a great price here, you might want to move in a hurry, to snatch the opportunity. The population of Boyle Heights is around 100,000, with over 20 public schools. That means that your kids will be able to choose the school that fits them the best.

This neighborhood started as a community of Jews, which transitioned to the Latino community. It has a multicultural feel to it, which brings a welcoming touch to anyone that moves in.