Suburban Cities With Easy Commutes to Los Angeles

We all know that traffic can sometimes be extremely annoying, and Los Angeles is notorious for this. Although its commute is not the longest one, it certainly can be pretty stressful. If you happen to be one of those people who find this city’s traffic incredibly tiring, you may want to consider moving to one of the suburban cities with easy commutes to Los Angeles. Today, we are going to list some of these so you can have an easier time choosing a new place to live. Let us also mention that if you are planning your move, you have to do your research and hire reliable movers Los Angeles locals rely on to help you relocate.

Why choosing between suburban cities with easy commutes to Los Angeles is important

You may wonder if searching for your perfect suburban city around Los Angeles is even worth it. The relocation process is already complex enough, and now you also have this to consider. However, let us explain why making informed decisions about a place to move to is so important and why moving to a less crowded area is well worth the hassle.

  • You get everywhere faster.
  • You do not have to constantly worry about being late for your job.
  • There’s more time on the table that you can use to spend with friends and family.
  • Easy commutes are more relaxing (this is especially important after your move).

As you can see, these are a few important reasons to do proper research when choosing your suburban city close to LA. Remember that you have to give yourself time to inform yourself of everything properly. So, make sure you start doing this on time.

A man researching suburban cities with easy commutes to Los Angeles.
Do your research when choosing suburban cities with easy commutes to Los Angeles.

Suburban cities with easy commutes to Los Angeles to consider

Without further ado, these are the best suburban cities with easy commutes to Los Angeles:

  1. Alhambra
  2. Burbank
  3. Covina
  4. Glednalde
  5. San Marino
  6. Monterey Park

Alhambra is a great choice for those who want to live near LA

This suburban city is located just 10 miles from Downtown LA. The good thing about this area is that an average car trip to Los Angeles is only around 30 minutes. What’s more, Alhambra has easy access to LA’s metro system. It is going both to and from downtown. When talking about Alhambra in general, you will have a lot of great career opportunities, especially if you are a teacher due to its large school district. Numerous different restaurants and shopping centers are also available.

However, potential residents should weigh the higher cost of living against these benefits. Alhambra’s dynamic real estate market, with a significant increase in homes listed for sale, reflects its desirability and vibrant community life. The Alhambra housing market has homes like a recent sale at $1,731,888 for a 4-bedroom, 4.5-bath property. Prices vary widely, with smaller homes like a 2-bedroom selling for $645,000. The market is competitive, with properties often selling above the list price, reflecting Alhambra’s appeal as a residential area close to Los Angeles​. However, if the real estate prices are worth the money so that you move here, hire the best moving company Alhambra CA offers and move like a pro.

Burbank is one of the best Suburban Cities With Easy Commutes To Los Angeles

Burbank is located around 12 miles from LA. Although it is not the closest suburban city, getting to it from Los Angeles and vice versa is relatively simple. It is a straight trip down the Interstate 5 freeway. So, lengthy commutes are avoidable, but you do have to take into consideration the fact that this freeway can get slightly busy sometimes. Burbank is known for its movie studios and business districts. In fact, it’s regarded as the Media Capital of the World! If this is something that you are looking for alongside many other career opportunities, then Burbank is right for you.

However, the cost of living in Burbank is notably higher than in Los Angeles, with Burbank housing costs being 21.6% more expensive. Despite this, Burbank offers a shorter average commute time than Los Angeles, making it an attractive option for those looking to live in a suburban setting with convenient access to urban amenities.


This city is located around 22 miles east of Downtown LA. The traffic to LA can be bothersome. However, you can adjust your time and take the highways when there is less traffic. Covina has great diversity and nightlife and is overall good for families. If you are looking to relocate here, be sure to contact professional movers in Covina CA, to help you out.

A freeway.
Freeways make it easy to commute, and Glendale has a perfect one.

Glendale is a great option

Glendale is a city on its own. It has excellent career opportunities as well as a large community. It is located just 10 miles from LA. The city lies between two valleys and is frequently visited by movers in Glendale CA, due to many relocations locals book. Some advantages that make it a desirable place to live include numerous shopping malls, around 50 parks, and, of course, several different options for public transportation. Glendale has a good and easy commute to Los Angeles, thanks to the California State Route 2 highway and Interstate 5. The great thing is that the cost of living in Glendale, CA, and Los Angeles, CA, is very similar, with no significant difference in disposable income for individuals moving between these two cities. This means that the expenses for housing, food, transportation, and other essentials are nearly the same in both locations. The median home cost is a notable factor, being 12.8% cheaper in Los Angeles compared to Glendale. This suggests that while the overall cost of living is closely matched, those looking to purchase a home might find Los Angeles slightly more affordable​​​​​.

San Marino is also a great choice due to the similar cost of living

San Marino is a residential city in LA. County. This city sits just 12 miles from Downtown LA. and is north of Alhambra. It is a top-rated site for filming studios. It also has many amenities to look forward to. The most important thing for this list, however, is its commute. Both the California State Route 110 and Interstate 10 are accessible from the city.

Comparing the cost of living between San Marino and Los Angeles shows no overall difference in expense. However, housing costs in Los Angeles are significantly lower, being 64.3% less expensive than in San Marino. Conversely, health-related expenses in Los Angeles are slightly higher by 3.8%. San Marino’s median home cost is notably higher at $2,232,300 compared to Los Angeles’ $912,500, reflecting San Marino’s more exclusive housing market​​. If you want to relocate here, you can rely on movers San Marino CA newcomers have already relied upon that have experience in local relocations.

Monterey Park is one of the best Suburban Cities With Easy Commutes To Los Angeles

Monterey Park is a city situated in the San Gabriel Valley, just east of Los Angeles. It is conveniently located only 8 miles away from the downtown area of LA. and is easily accessible via the Interstate 10 freeway. The city has a rich history and has seen significant growth over the years. In the 1970s, middle-class ethnic Asian Americans and Asian immigrants began settling in the west San Gabriel Valley, primarily in Monterey Park. The city has seen many new subdivisions developed over the years, maximizing its growth potential. Additionally, Monterey Park has a range of educational institutions, including public schools under the Alhambra Unified School District, such as Brightwood School and Monterey Highlands School.

Professional movers.
Hire professional, reliable, and experienced movers to help you relocate.

Ready to move? Hire professional movers to help you out

So, we have listed some of the best suburban cities with easy commutes to Los Angeles. However, the job is not done here. You still have to organize and plan your relocation. We have mentioned already that this is not an easy process and requires a lot of research. With all the moving-related tasks you need to complete, you may feel emotionally and physically drained after the relocation. To avoid this, we strongly recommend hiring professional movers to help you relocate to any area around Los Angeles you set your mind to making your home! Therefore, contact us and move without any stress.



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