The reasons why families with kids love Altadena?

You are ready to relocate but you are still searching for the right place. You decided to check out Altadena CA but before you make any decisions, you must obtain all the info about it. Luckily, we know why families with kids love Altadena so much and we will provide all the info we have. Once you read our piece, all left to do is to create a moving plan, find Altadena moving company, pack, and hit the road. Let’s check it out!

Let us introduce you to the place first

Altadena is a community area in LA county just North of Pasadena CA. It has around 45k citizens and a rich history to tell. We will try to summarize it as much as possible in our little piece so you can decide if this place is worth visiting or even relocating to. Hopefully, you will decide on becoming a part of this place and you’ll rush with your affordable movers Los Angeles straight to the bottom of the Verdugo Mountains and find a place of your own.

a guy on the hillside at sundown
Take one of the hiking trails up the mountain and witness the marvel of nature.

As for the weather, you will face hot and dry summers with windy yet warm falls. Such a Mediterranean climate will bring some rain but you won’t see any snow at all. People here are friendly and diverse with a nice combination of Hispanics, African Americans, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Asians. It is a home for everyone. Now, let us talk a bit more about the notable places in the area and why families with kids love Altadena.

The countryside is amazing and that is why families with kids love Altadena

The countryside and the mountains surrounding this place are amazing. The view and the hiking trails available to locals and visitors alike are astonishing. Although, some are for experienced climbers so you must be careful before you embark on a journey with kids. Check out the following:

  • Echo Mountain Hiking Trails – This is a set of numerous trails leading all the way up to Inspiration Point where you’ll have a gorgeous view of all the landscape in Altadena. Moreover, you’ll be able to see all the way to Catalina Island. The view of the whole LA basin and the gorges and canons below will leave you astonished. Just make sure you choose the safe path for beginners. It is a long one but if you are taking the whole family, that is the one you need.
  • Mount Lowe Railway Trail – It is a part of Echo Mountains Hiking Trails but with all the historic goods along the way. Do not miss the former railroad turned into an outdoor museum with all the railroads, cogs, wheels, and other miscellaneous items from the 18th and 19th centuries scattered all over the place. After you indulge yourself with the leftovers and the perfect view of the landscape, you will again reach the Inspiration point to take a rest and a few selfies and family photos.
  • Millard Canyon Falls – Let us move away from the dusty trails for a moment and dive into the waterfall hike. A beautiful trail shaded and surrounded by plants and nature. All those streams, rocks, and sounds will leave you speechless. And what is more important, it is perfectly safe for your children. They can even take a swim at the end of the trail at one of the pools near the caves.

Families with kids love Altadena’s Bunny Museum!

The ever famous Bunny Museum is something you should miss no matter if you are moving here or just visiting. It is the world’s largest known collection of bunny memorabilia and it is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. The story behind this museum is simple. Two lovers exchanged bunny memorabilia from time to time and eventually, it grew into a 35k collection that is nowadays known as the largest one in the world. It was originally in Candace and Steve’s family home but now it is on display in a much bigger museum in Altadena. Here you can buy anything bunny-related starting with bunny costumes, ears, noses, tails, and candy in all shapes and sizes.

The Bunny Museum is the reason why families with kids love Altadena
Who wouldn’t visit a Bunny Museum in Altadena?

Also, there are live rabbits as well roaming around the place. But do not worry, they are trained and friendly so your kids can play with them and pet them. This is place contributes a lot and it is why families with kids love Altadena. The Bunny Museum is open all days of the week from noon to 6 pm apart from Sunday where they close at 5 pm.

Fun times in Altadena

Yes, you will focus on your children most of the time, but you want to have fun yourself as well. And the best way to combine those two is to visit restaurants, coffee shops, and malls. You have those in Altadena surely and we will recommend a few. Let’s start with Hoopla! An Emporium of Good Things. This shop has so many different and random items that we can’t describe. We urge you to visit their website and browse through their merchandise as soon as you can. You’ll find scented oils, soaps, socks, books, cards, customized mailboxes, and all kinds of souvenirs and random miscellaneous items. All crafted by over 100 artists both locals and foreign ones. It is a place you must visit if you are near Altadena at some point.

For restaurants and gastronomical wonders, we can say you should pay attention to Altadena Ale & Wine House, El Patron, and Venice Pizza. They are pretty self-explanatory but The Coffee Gallery Backstage is something entirely different. It is a place with an intimate environment where you can have a drink in peace. Listen to live music while having a snack and one of the best coffees in the city.

Let’s prepare to relocate you to this wonderful place

Now when we covered most of it, it is time to search for local movers Los Angeles and get you ready for the relocation. Start looking for your movers online and compare prices and services. Once you find the one you like, give them a call and confirm they have permits, safety standards, and tools to safely transport you over. Also, check a few moving reviews to ensure they will treat you right.

people in the cafe
Do not worry. You will have access to the best indoor and outdoor service in the state.

Ok, now when you have one of the moving companies in California assigned to your moving task, it is time to calculate your budget and pack accordingly. Obtain all the necessary packing materials at the nearest hardware store and start packing. Ensure you have enough cardboard boxes, labels, packing tape, and blister packs to cover the entire packing process. Pack patiently and carefully to ensure your items will arrive undamaged.

Now you know why families with kids love Altadena. If you need more information you can check online and read more thoroughly. We simply covered the most notable places. There is always more depending on your personal interests. But now you know at least where to start. Good luck and stay safe.