5 reasons why young parents are moving to Covina

Moving as young parents can be scary and unpredictable. However, if you’ve chosen Covina for your destination, it can be a bullseye. That’s because there are so many advantages for young parents when they are moving to Covina. There are so many moving companies in Southern California doing just that every day of the week. Here are our top 5 benefits of why it’s a good thing to move to Covina as a young parent.

Covina is a great location for young parents

When you’re a young parent you want to find a perfect location for you and your kids. What better place can you have for you and your family if not California. With all its great communities Covina is probably one of the best ones. Our movers Covina can attest that you can have fun as parents and relax, but you’ll also have a place that your kids will enjoy at the same time. For that reason, Covina is on top of the list when it comes to locations for young parents.

Kid learning in school
You’ll have a great education for your kids in Covina

Great schools

As a parent, you always want to have the best for your kids. And education has never been so important as it is now. For that reason, a big plus for Covina is its great school system. From kindergartens to high schools the students in Covina are always showing exceptional results. Even our long-distance movers would like to have their children in such prestigious schools, as they will receive all the care and education they will need.

Young parents are moving to Covina because of low housing prices

Another big reason why so many young parents are moving to Covina is the low housing price. It’s not easy to spend big bucks in California, however, if you compare the prices across the state and in LA you’ll easily find out that Covina is relatively cheap. That’s why our residential movers have more and more work to do in Covina. And we’re pretty sure that the trend will continue. We know how hard it is to have young parents in a new place, however, Covina isn’t a harsh place for newcomers.


It’s very important to have places where you can relax and recreate yourself. That’s why Covina is one of the most beautiful places if you like hiking and driving a bike. It has so many trails and recreation centers for anyone’s taste. It’s important to have in mind that Covina is full of recreational parks and places where you can practice any type of sport and physical activity. Another bonus is that your kids will grow up in a surrounding where they will have everything to keep them fit and healthy.

A bike in the forest
Young parents are moving to Covina in order to relax

Enjoy the shopping malls

As young people, you want to have everything available to you and enjoy shopping at the same time. That’s where the shopping malls of Covina come in as they offer you everything a mall can really do for you. Good places to eat with diverse types of food, entertainment centers where you can take your kids, places where you can shop for new clothes, and much more. You’ll spend hours there, and to be honest, sometimes it will be hard to leave.

Moving as young parents can be challenging if you’re moving far away. However, California and Covina in general are really welcoming places. They offer you a mix of tranquility, great opportunities for your kids, and space for you to enjoy Covina to its fullest. For that reason, we’re sure that you’ll feel like a native in no time. We wish you and your family a happy move to Covina ad we hope you’ll see why so many young parents are moving to Covina.