5 things to consider when moving to Burbank in 2021

Burbank is the media capital of the world and for a reason. This city has that title because all the major companies in the movie industry have their place there. However, this city is popular mostly because of its great weather and suburban feeling. We can only say that the moving companies in Southern California are always working hard to get everyone that’s interested in moving to Burbank in 2021 to their new homes. Here are 5 things you need to take into consideration before you decide to move to Burbank.

If you’re moving to Burbank in 2021 expect beautiful weather

If you want to live in a perfect place when it comes to weather, then Burbank is the place for you. Sunny days all year long with the coldest months being December and January with almost no snow and just rain from time to time. Our Burbank movers can attest to how beautiful it can get in Burbank. And when you put in the low humidity levels in the mix it really can seem like paradise. However, there are natural disasters that hit Burbank and that is earthquakes. Obviously, the whole of California is impacted by them but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Picture of a landscape withe sun shining
You can expect a lot of sun and warm weather if you’re moving to Burbank in 2021

You’ll love the small-town feel

When you move to Burbank it has the vibes of a small community. All over the town, you’ll see shops and stores that are owned by local people and families. Another factor that makes it feel like a small community is that there are police and fire stations that serve only the Burbank area. If you add to it that Burbank has its own unified school district you know that Burbank is the best place to move to in California.

The perfect location for you and your family

Burbank can be the best place for your family relocation. The crime rates are far below the average in the US so that can give you a feeling of safety and security in the community. There are also many restaurants and entertainment centers available to you. Our residential movers know how much it’s important to live in a good neighborhood, so here’s a list of best neighborhoods to live in Burbank according to them:

  • Magnolia Park
  • Downtown Burbank
  • Chandler Park
  • Rancho Adjacent

Moving to Burbank in 2021 will leave you with many options when it comes to recreation

If you’re a person that likes sports and recreation Burbank is the right place for you. With its over 40 public parks, you’ll need time to explore all of them. Besides a public golf course for the golf lovers among you, there are also hiking trails. One of the famous ones and the one that our local movers would recommend is Wildwood Canyon Park. Besides that, there are skateboard parks, an aquatic center, sports centers, and much more recreational activities that await you in Burbank.


Woman and her dog hiking
Love hiking? Burbank has a lot of hiking trails on disposal

You’re connected to all strategic parts of California

Burbank is located in the south part of the San Fernando Valley and that makes its position extremely well connected to other parts of California. You’ll be at a short distance away from LA and Glendale. Its location near two highways makes it easy for you to access the Californian beaches and Hollywood whenever you want. From going to Pasadena to Downtown LA it doesn’t take nor a lot of time nor a lot of effort. The only problem with Burbank is that the traffic inside the city itself can get hectic at times.

Burbank is a great place to relocate from wherever you come from. The warm climate mixed with a friendly community is one of the main reasons people move to this California city. However, you need to always think about every outlook and opportunity Burbank has to offer you before deciding on a relocation. We hope you took everything mentioned into consideration and figured out what to do before moving to Burbank in 2021.