Adjusting to San Bernardino County After Living in LA County

Watching the sunrise over the dry landscapes of San Bernardino County can be a significant change if you’re used to the busy streets of Los Angeles. Still, more and more people are swapping the City of Angeles and its surrounding area for this appealing part of Southern California. In fact, over 40,000 did so between 2007 and 2011 alone. Good Neighbors Moving Company has seen this growing trend of people moving inland, which hasn’t changed to this very day. As we look closer at this move, we’ll discuss the challenges, fun surprises, and changes people experience when adjusting to San Bernardino County after living in LA County. So, stay tuned for a thorough comparison!

The cost of living differences between San Bernardino and LA County are notable

Adjusting to San Bernardino County after living in LA County often presents itself as a financial sigh of relief, especially when eyeing the stark contrast in living costs between the two regions. In LA County, the median home value sits at around $850,000. San Bernardino County, on the other hand, offers a gentler median of $452,000. This difference also affects rental prices, with the latter boasting about a 30% lower rate on average. In addition, you’ll see lower property taxes in San Bernardino County. They’re hovering around 1.13% compared to LA’s 1.16%. This difference can significantly affect savings, especially with lower property values. General living expenses, from groceries to entertainment, are typically more affordable. For example, monthly food expenses in San Bernardino are around $566, compared to LA’s $673. All this provides an overall lighter financial burden and a diverse set of economic considerations for new residents.

Highway in San Bernardino County
Commuting between San Bernardino and LA County is simple, thanks to moderate traffic and the Metrolink system.

Prepare for a unique and slow-tempo lifestyle after your relocation

While navigating through the cultural shift with movers San Bernardino County residents turn to by your side, the lifestyle change becomes quite obvious. While Los Angeles County is always lively with its nightlife, diverse restaurants, and famous entertainment, San Bernardino County welcomes newcomers with a different feel. Here, life is closer to nature, and activities often focus on exploring beautiful places. A good example is the famous Joshua Tree National Park, where you can hike, bike, and camp. And even if it doesn’t have LA’s world-famous food scene and nightlife, San Bernardino has its own food and evening spots with a relaxed and genuine vibe. Basically, it’s just a different kind of fun and culture here.

San Bernardino residents can rely on a stable transit infrastructure

For many, shifting to San Bernardino County after living in LA County involves readjusting to daily commutes and public transportation. While LA County offers plenty of public transit options, including subways, buses, and commuter trains, San Bernardino County has a less dense transportation system with an average commute time of around 30 minutes. As for those still connected to Los Angeles County’s activities, good planning is essential. Many commuters rely on the Metrolink, which connects both regions, offering a practical but longer option than the often busy I-10 and I-15. So, using a mix of driving and public transit is a good balance for many people traveling between these two areas.

Both San Bernardino and LA County offer excellent education and employment

When you look at schools and jobs, San Bernardino County has its own story, different from that of LA County. The region provides excellent academic opportunities, with schools like California State University leading in education. Yet, it has fewer and less diverse schools compared to LA County’s many esteemed universities. On the employment front, San Bernardino County has a strong job market with an average salary of around $60,000. This is a bit less than its neighbor’s $68,000. However, on the flip side, San Bernardino has a 4.2% unemployment rate, while LA’s is 6.3%. This shows the former has a more stable job market, giving newcomers an interesting range of career options to think about.

Person adjusting to San Bernardino after moving from LA County
Adjusting to San Bernardino County after living in LA County requires research and comparison

A strong community makes adjusting to San Bernardino County after living in LA County simpler

Helping clients move from one place to the other, moving companies Los Angeles County residents gladly book regularly witness people adapting to San Bernardino County after living in LA County, or rather, adjusting to its community feel. In San Bernardino, there’s a big focus on building friendships. This is shown by fun local events like the National Orange Show and Rendezvous Back To Route 66. Here, people come together to celebrate their history and community spirit. And while local events and gatherings might not be as big as that of the City of Angeles, they make people feel like they belong. This feeling of togetherness helps create real, close connections.

The safety and crime rates are constantly improving in both areas

Looking at crime and safety, San Bernardino County has its own safety issues. The county has an overall crime rate of about 29.34 per 1,000 residents. But it’s important to know that some places within it are safer than others. LA County has a similar crime rate, around 25.87 per 1,000 residents. And like San Bernardino, some neighborhoods in LA are safer than others. However, despite potentially higher crime rates than in some other regions, it’s worth noting that both counties are working hard to improve safety. This has become especially apparent in recent years when more and more efforts began going towards increased community policing.

Both counties boast great healthcare and local amenities

Many people engaging long distance movers Los Angeles locals book regularly to move to the east are interested in the healthcare and local services in San Bernardino County. The former puts a lot into big hospitals, specialty clinics, and big shopping areas. San Bernardino County, however, has its unique charm. Its healthcare centers might be fewer, but they have dedicated staff giving excellent care. St. Bernardine Medical Center is a good example of this. The area also has lovely local shops, small shopping centers, and cozy eating places, making for a comfortable way of life.

hotel and mall in San Bernardino at night
San Bernardino County, while not as reach in amenities as LA, does have its fair share of shopping malls and eateries.

Discover, compare, and relocate

Adjusting to San Bernardino County after living in LA County has its challenges, but it also has surprises and new things to enjoy. With more affordable living, a different way of life, friendly people, and lots of activities, there’s always something new to discover. So, do your homework, check out the areas, and learn about local life. And when you’re ready to make the move to San Bernardino County, do so confidently, knowing you’ve got a helpful moving team with you.



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