Best activities for kids in Studio City, CA to try out

Studio City is well known for being only a single hill away from the famous bustle of Hollywood. In addition to looking absolutely amazing, it has all the necessities a modern family can ask for. Before you relocate with your children, you need to do your best and hire professional movers Los Angeles to help you. An experienced team of movers will help you with everything from packing and planning, to unpacking at your new home. Once they take over, you’ll have plenty of time to dedicate to yourself and your kids. Before you relocate to Studio City, keep in mind that it is a very sunny place with plenty of attractions. Many of these venues are perfect for exploring your new home town as a family. So, join us as we explore the perfect activities for kids in Studio City after the move.

aerial view of a los angeles neighborhood
In Studio City, you’re just one hill away from the flashy lights of Hollywood. Plus there are many fun activities for kids in Studio City, CA to try out

Museums are a great place to have fun and learn

Nothing gets a young child’s mind working quite like a museum. Luckily, Studio City offers a few very interesting museums with various themes. From historical to downright curious, all of these places are both entertaining, and very educational. Here are a few interesting museums to check out after your move.

Travel Town Museum is full of activities for kids in Studio City

Young kids always love intricate machinery with many moving parts. Given this fact, it makes sense that the Travel Town Museum is the perfect place for a day of fun. This outdoor venue showcases and celebrates the history and heritage of the western US railroad. Here, children can spend the entire day learning all about the fascinating history. There are plenty of fun facts, and the museum pays special attention to Southern California and how the railroad helped it grow through time. Plow through your move like a mighty train with the help of movers Studio City CA and visit as soon as you can! A museum like this would be nothing without an actual train ride! Travel Town Museum offers its patrons a ride through Griffith Park, all while allowing your kids to pretend to be actual train conductors.

Meet the famous figures face to face at Madame Tussauds!

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking a photo next to Brad Pit or meeting Keanu Reeves face to face, this is your chance! You can find all of your favorite stars in Madame Tussauds Hollywood museum. This place is definitely worth checking out while local movers Los Angeles unload your moving boxes at your new home. Here, you can come face to face with famous people from all spheres of life. Musicians, actors, writers, and other public figures are all waiting for you. Another great thing about Madame Tussauds is that the vax figures displayed come from many historical periods, meaning both teens and grandparents can get a kick out of visiting. Kids love their superheroes, and here, they’ll be able to meet their role models, such as Captain America, Thor, and the mighty Hulk. Every displayed figure comes with a bit of trivia, making this visit a learning experience.

griffith park, LA
Explore the beautiful Griffith Park and enjoy the lush scenery

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not is a museum full of wonders and curiosities

Ripley’s sits on the weird side of Hollywood, but it is one of the best activities for kids in Studio City none the less. Ripley was a real person, who traveled the world and collected all sorts of wonderful curiosities. His wish was always to share his collection with the world, and thanks to the Believe It Or Not museum, this is possible. Spreading across 8000 square feet and with over 15 themed galleries, it certainly is a sight to behold. Expect weird and unusual relics and treasures to marvel at. From exciting exhibits such as a giant robot made out of car parts, or a motorcycle made out of candy, to vampire-slaying kits and mermaids. Come and see why Mr. Ripley loved our beautiful and strange planet so much. You’ll be shocked, amazed, and certainly not disappointed!

Studio City offers plenty of outdoor activities for kids too!

Although museums are incredible sources of fun and knowledge, they aren’t the only thing Studio City has to offer. With our excellent packing services, you’ll have all the time you need to explore the scenery of Studio City. Take a walk with us through some of the great outdoor places for you and your kids.

Griffith Park is a true icon of the entire LA area

Even though Los Angeles is one of the most famous cities in the world, it isn’t just made out of skyscrapers and glass. It is full of beautiful nature spots tucked away in corners. One such place is Griffith Park, easily one of the most iconic parks in the entire AL area. Very close to Studio City, it is perfect for escaping the bustling noise of the city, and it offers the classic park experience. You can escape with your kids to this world of its own for a hike, a breath of fresh air. It offers a wide range of activities, through golf courses, hiking trails, outdoor gyms, and even a zoo! Rent out bikes and explore the 4200 acres of these beautiful landscapes. At the end of your exploration, you can pay a visit to the Griffith Observatory and gaze at the stars.

A pier full of activities for kids in Studio City
The Santa Monica beach is perfect for family fun in the sun

Santa Monica beach is sandy heaven for kids in Studio City

For anyone visiting or moving to Studio City, the Santa Monica beach is a must. As soon as your professional long-distance movers LA unload the last box from the truck, head down to the beach for a day of relaxation. You’ll be met with over 3 miles of beautiful coastline to walk and play on. And with over 300 days of sunshine a year, you’ll have many family days out here. It offers plenty of activities for kids in Studio City, from volleyball courts to surfing and swimming lessons. You don’t have to worry about safety either, since lifeguards are present all year long. There is also the local pier, full of theme parks, arcades, and snack stands. The Santa Monica beach is a perfect place for a family outing, any day of the year.