Burbank moving guide for all generations

Burbank is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in all of California. It’s no wonder that so many film studios are operating in that part of it. and it’s no surprise why you would like to be part of that Burbank community. That’s why you should pick moving companies in Southern California and get your move going. Here’s a Burbank moving guide that will help you if you’re a student or an elderly person.

The pros and cons of living in Burbank

Wherever you decide to move at any period of your life it will have its positive and negative sides. The same goes for Burbank. As any Californian city, you can imagine that it has its perks, however, it also has its downsides as our Burbank movers know. For example, the pros are surely the beautiful weather, the small community feels it gives, and the weekly farmer’s markets. On the other hand, it has huge traffic jams, the cost of housing is almost quadrupled in comparison to the national average.

Woman writing down a list of pros and cons
Write down a list of pros and cons before moving to Burbank

Cost of living

Be it that you’re a student or a retired person the information that will interest you the most is the cost of living in Burbank. We already mentioned that the housing market is going wild and that the prices are high, but the same goes for the costs of living in Burbank. It’s almost double the US average and the only normal pricing that our local movers can report is the prices of groceries and utilities. At whatever age in life, you find yourself moving to Burbank, be ready to part ways with some cash.

Burbank moving guide – The weather

Can you imagine a place with more sun than California? We can’t. Above all, the weather in Burbank is one of the best things it has to offer. The sun is shining almost during the whole year and the winters aren’t harsh as there is almost no snowfall. The only unfortunate natural disaster that hits Burbank is the earthquakes. However, that’s true for all of California. We didn’t feel one in a long time and let’s hope it stays like that.

Red clouds
The beautiful Californian weather is what awaits you in Burbank

Burbank moving guide – Transportation

If you’re driving to work or school in Burbank expect at least a 30-minute wait until you get to your destination. It’s very rare to see people carpooling and most people are driving alone in their car. For probably that reason, our long-distance movers get stuck in traffic when they are ready to get people moving. Burbank is very well connected to all of South California. Public transportation is good in Burbank as it will get you to and from work almost anywhere in the city.

Living in a beautiful state has its own perks and Burbank only compliments the beauty of California. It offers a plethora of activities be it outdoors or indoors. Obviously, during the pandemic, you need to check the Burbank official website more often to get all the right information on events. We hope our Burbank moving guide helped you at whatever point of life you are. Enjoy Burbank to its fullest!