Commercial moving checklist

There is a lot that you need to do when moving your office. This is not an easy task – you will need the help of reliable commercial movers Los Angeles. But to better prepare for it, you will want to have a good commercial moving checklist by your side. Today, we look at things you need to do before the move which will make the experience easy and stress-free!

Our commercial moving checklist includes:

  • creating a good moving team;
  • planning the layout of your office;
  • employing the best Altadena moving company;
  • packing things up and getting them ready for the move.

A good moving team should be the first thing on your commercial moving checklist

Having people there to help you is always a must. This is especially true when the process is as messy and tiring as moving an office! So, find the workers you trust and rely on, and create a moving team. Each person will have a task to take care of – or a department to worry about. This way, you will delegate the work. It is impossible for one person to move the whole office – and your team will help you.

Plan the new layout of your office.

Your team will also help you with setting up the new office space. If you want to boost the quality of life of your workers, you will add this to your commercial moving checklist! Get the blueprints of the new place, and think about where everything will go. This can show you whether you need to downsize or if you have room to be more creative. Another smart idea is to let your team talk to their departments. Some people might have complaints or good ideas on how you can modify the office space to get even more efficiency out of your team.

Involve the moving company early in the process

Another important thing that you need on your commercial moving checklist is a good moving company. We have years of experience in the moving industry, and all you need to do is to contact us! We will help you deal with the logistics of the move, as well as any packing that you might need to do. Finally, we will organize the safe transport of your items and furniture.

a team creating commercial moving checklist
Work with your team and your movers!

It is essential to get a moving company early in the moving process. With our help, you will not have to worry about so many things. Instead, you can keep running your company while we take care of all your moving problems. This way, you can keep your doors open and offices running even while moving.

Consider what and how you pack when moving your office

Finally, there comes the packing process. There are two things to remember here. First is that your priority when packing should be the IT equipment. Pack it separately and have it set up when the movers arrive, and you will be able to start working straight after the move. Secondly, your workers should pack their personal belongings themselves. You do not want to move them since you can damage them – and this will make the whole process much easier.