Guide to storing musical instruments

There are many people that move to a smaller apartment. If you are one of these people you know that you need to be space-efficient once you move to a smaller place. You will not have as much space for your hobbies as before. But you do not have to quit your hobbies just because you live in a smaller place now. If you have no space for your musical instruments you do not have to get rid of them. Start storing your musical instruments. This way, they will be close when you want to play them again. But you need to be careful. If you do not store your instruments property, they might get ruined over time. If moving your instruments to a storage facility stresses you out, hire storage experts in Los Angeles. They will keep your things in one piece so you will have no worries.

Getting organized for storing musical instruments

Preparing your musical instruments is no easy task. You will have a lot of things to plan out and do. This is why you have to stay organized. The best way to remember all the tasks in front of you is to write down a plan. This can be useful for every type of task in front of you, it is very good for moving. If you have a hard time while battling procrastination this simple trick is crucial. Just write down all the things you have to do and place the plan somewhere you can often see it. This way you will always have a reminder in front of you. If this does not work and you have little time to do a lot you should hire Good Neighbors Moving Company. They can do all the tasks related to moving and storage for you.

Write down a checklist while you are storing you musical instruments

Storing musical instruments – piano

Most people that decide to store a musical instrument are storing piano. This is completely normal since these take up a lot of space at your home. If this is the case you need to take care of the piano properly before you store sure you clean the whole piano before you place it at storage. Some moisture or dirt might warp the wood if you store it for a long time. You should also polish the piano, but it is important that you avoid any alcohol-based polishes and oil-based polishes. These might ruin the wood over time. While you actually place the piano into storage you need to be extra careful. As you know these are heavy and you will most likely need a helping hand from reliable movers. Take your time and do some research on the company in order to make sure they are reliable.

A piano, be sure your instruments are clean before storing musical instruments
You need to make sure your piano is clean before you place it into storage

How to store a string instrument properly

Storing a guitar is a whole different story. Yes, it is not heavy and you can’t really get hurt if something goes wrong. This does not mean you should relax if you plan to store a guitar. First, you need to make sure it is clean before you pack it. You will not really need any extra boxes or cushioning materials since the case will protect your guitar for any damage. But humidity might still damage the guitar. This is why it is a good idea to get a climate-controlled storage unit. These storage units will as the name suggests control the temperature and humidity. You can easily find a storage unit quickly. Just make sure you ask about climate control. Another thing you mustn’t forget to do is loosening the strings a little bit before you store the string instrument.

A guitar, you willneed a hard case when Storing musical instruments
The hard case is all you need to protect your guitar from damage

Storing musical instruments – drums

Drums are another type of musical instruments that require a lot of care while handling. You do not want your drums to break while in transit. Replacements and repairs cost a lot as you know. First you need to make sure you find some packing materials before you start the preparations. You need some boxes that are a bit bigger than your drums. This way you have space for cushioning. You can buy many types of cushioning materials, but you can also use old clothes. These will do the same job and they are free. You just need to make sure you use these liberally. Again heat and moisture might ruin your instruments so be extra careful. Drums can also be ruined if under direct sunlight for a long time.

Drum set
You need to make sure you use a lot of cushioning materials while you pack your drums

Get help from movers

When you plan on storing your musical instruments you might get overwhelmed by pressure. It is normal to worry about your precious instruments. If you do not think you can handle this task get help from white-glove movers Los Angeles. This is especially useful if you plan to store your instruments while you move or right after you move. This is because you will already have too many things on your mind while you move. they will help you get rid of all that moving stress.

There are many people that simply do not have any more space for their hobbies after they relocate. This is a shame but you have to think about storing musical instruments. This is a very delicate task. You will have to do a lot of little things in order to prepare your instruments for storage. This might be boring but you have to go through these tasks. If you do not you might damage your instruments. Replacements and repairs are not at all cheap when it comes to instruments either so stay focused.