Guide to designing a game room in your basement

People rarely get the opportunity to transform their basement into a game room. For that reason, it’s important that you use your chance to the fullest. When designing a game room in your basement you need to think about many elements. But what most of our guys from moving and packing Los Angeles noticed when they see people attempting this, is that they don’t know where to start. Well, here are some tips on how to get the project going.

Go big or go home when it comes to your set up

This is the part where most of your budget will go. You need to satisfy everyone in the house, so it’s good to start with something that everybody will use. That’s why we recommend buying a big TV first. It’s good for watching movies, and kids can play with consoles on it. The bigger the TV the better. We are sure our residential movers will be jealous and will want to sit down for a game or two. Now that the more modern games are done, maybe it’s time for you to get something that’s more for adults. And what better to get than a stylish pool table? Maybe you want a poker table or just a corner where you play darts with friends? The opportunities are limitless when it comes to designing a game room in your basement.

Man playing pool and looking at the white ball
A pool table is a must when it comes to game rooms

Create a mix of style and comfort

Creating a game room doesn’t mean you should only use this room to play games. This is a perfect chance to create a real gathering place for your family and friends in which you can have fun be it playing games or watching movies. For that reason, getting a couple of ottomans for groups of people, movable chairs for real gamers, and bean bags for kids are a must. You can easily pick out something that is stylish, but comfortable at the same time and that will fit your vision.

Designing a game room in your basement – Lighting

If you want a full and immersive experience in your new game room you’ll need top-notch lightning. Instead of using a boring overhead system that is old and useless in this situation try to be creative. Put lights around the room for more brightness. Even better, try different combinations of colors to give it a more modern look. We are sure our local movers Los Angeles will be very impressed when they see your game room is done so well and shines with bright colors.

Man holding a pool stick
A good lighting system can make a room look so much better

Designing a game room in your basement – Wiring

When you’re designing a game room in your basement, one thing you should look after is the wiring. For example, bad wiring can ruin the look of a great game room, but not only that. Wires all over the floor can be a hazard for people and pets and above all can end up costing you money. Imagine going around with moving boxes around and you trip over. It can destroy your electronics in the room, and even injure you. That can cost you a lot of money, but also your health. For that reason, your wiring should be very well hidden along the carpet or wall, and as little visible as possible.

Designing a game room in your basement is the best way to get your inner child out. Everything you might have wanted when you were little can now be real. Obviously, the major goal is to create a room where everyone can relax and play. If you don’t go overboard with the budget and buy extraordinary pool tables or splash too much on the electronics we’re sure you’ll make a room that will make both you and your family happy, but also your budget in a good state.