Guide to packing a pantry

If you need to pack your household and move to a new location, get ready for the packing process. Packing a pantry can be time-consuming since it’s the room with the biggest variety of items. Before calling reliable movers like Good Neighbors Moving Company, keep reading the following guide. Here are some useful tips for packing your pantry in the most efficient way.

Declutter and organize

The first thing you want to do before packing a pantry is to sort out the items. Most households keep many types of food in their pantries, including perishable items. Before moving your home, you should make sure to get rid of all food that is not safe for moving. Make sure to declutter the pantry and get rid of broken jars and cans.

walnuts in jars
Make sure to seal and pack all mason jars by size.

Broken glass and metal pieces can damage your moving boxes and make the food spill during the move. This is why you should move only food that you can seal tightly. Packing a pantry could take some time, but it will also help you reorganize your food supplies.

Get rid of spoiled food

Most people forget some items in their pantry and leave them to spoil. Food like seeds, pickled vegetables and others all have an expiry date. If you are not sure whether some foods are still good to eat, you shouldn’t move them. Before packing a pantry, it’s important to get rid of all unnecessary, broken, or spoiled items.

Seal all mason jars

The best way to pack a pantry is to leave the food in the existing jars. However, if you can’t seal them properly, your food can spill during transportation. That is why you should make sure to seal and pack all mason jars by size. Besides the jars, you could use Ziploc bags, plastic containers, and cardboard boxes for packing a pantry.

Tips on packing a pantry efficiently

To sum up the packing process, here are some additional tips:

empty mason jars
Before packing a pantry, it’s important to get rid of all unnecessary, broken, or spoiled items.
  • Start packing a pantry before packing the rest of the kitchen. This will help you save on packing supplies and decide on the right number of items you need to move.
  • Use the packing supplies you already have. If there is one room in your home that already has them – it’s probably your pantry.
  • Pack similar types of food together. You could pack all cereal boxes together, put all small jars in the same box, etc.…
  • Use protective packing supplies. Don’t forget to put bubble wrap and packing peanuts when packing your pantry and kitchen.

How to move your household safely?

After you are done with packing your food-storage space, you should make a plan for packing the rest of your home. If you have to secure some extra valuable items, you can always hire professional packing helpers. There are many affordable white glove movers Los Angeles has to offer. By paying for moving services, you will save time and energy. Professional movers can help you with packing a pantry and the rest of your belongings, and safely transport them to your new home.