How to dress for a day of heavy lifting

When it comes to relocation, there are a lot of activities that have to be done before the moving day. That means that you have to be ready when the moving day comes. In order to do this, you will have to go physical and do some heavy lifting so that you can prepare your stuff for the move. Even though your strength is the most important in this particular task, there are other important aspects. You will have to dress up properly for this job. Find out how to dress for a day of heavy lifting and why this is so important!

How should you dress for a day of heavy lifting?

Good Neighbors Moving Company knows that preparing for the move can be quite exhausting. There are just so many things to pack, move to the bottom floor, moving furniture, etc. All of these things require physical strength. That is not everything! You have to be very careful since heavy lifting can be enough for you to injure yourself and no one wants this when it comes to moving. That would mean that you have to cancel your plans or to get extra help so that you could relocate properly. What should you dress for a day of heavy lifting then?

  • Light and breathable materials
  • Close-fitting clothes
  • Flexible clothes
  • Avoid wearing stuff you like

Light and breathable materials

Everyone who has even been to the gym knows that no one there is a fashion guru. You can see that everyone is wearing clothes that feel good for them and their skin. We suppose that you can think about heavy lifting when moving like a gym. In order to be as efficient as you can, you should wear clothes with light and breathable materials. It is very important so that you could be at a constant temperature. If you wear nylon or polyester, you will sweat more and you will feel that. On the other hand, materials like cotton or linen are perfect for a heavy day of lifting!

a white t-shirt - dress for a day of heavy lifting
Use light and breathable materials for your lifting

Close-fitting clothes

There is no room for comfort when having a tough heavy lifting day. The problem with preparing for the move is that there is a lot of room for mistakes and injuries. You can see that any residential movers Los Angeles will wear close-fitting clothes and you should copy that if you want to do everything by yourself. Baggy clothes are comfortable, that is for sure, but you are risking more injuries than when wearing close-fitting clothes. Baggy clothes are very wide and there is a higher chance that something catches on you. Most items are okay but what if there is something sharp and it gets stuck onto you? It certainly increases the chances of you getting injured…

Another reason why you should be careful about what to dress for a day of heavy lifting is tripping. Wearing wide clothes can troublesome here because you could make a wrong step and fall down. You can’t know whether you can react on time. You could have a heavy item in your hands and that is a situation where you do not want to trip and fall down.

a man in tracksuit on snow
Use clothes that are close-fitting

Flexible clothes

Even though your clothes for a day of the heavy lifting should be close-fitting, it also has to be flexible. No matter what moving activity you do, you will probably have to change a lot of positions. That is the reason why your clothes have to be flexible and to follow your movements. You would not want to clutch and find out that your jeans have ripped. Avoid jeans, skirts, dresses or any other item that just does not have the ability to stretch along with your body.

What should you wear then for a day of heavy lifting? Tracksuits, trousers, T-shirts are a perfect solution for this kind of problem. You probably have some old tracksuits that you have forgotten that you even have.

Avoid wearing stuff you like

Wearing things that you like is always a mistake. Why should you wear it when there is always a possibility to ruin it during lifting? For the purpose of heavy lifting, you should always wear stuff that you will not feel sorry you have lost them. Also, wearing branded items is a mistake. They can cost a lot and it would be a shame that you lose the money you have invested in them. Reusing your clothes is a perfect solution to this problem! After that, you can still use them for other things once you relocate.

Avoid using branded clothes for heavy lifting

Be prepared!

You can’t know how much you will spend lifting and moving your things all-around your place. It can be a whole day or it can be just a couple of hours. No matter how long it will last, you have to prepare yourself. Preparation means having multiple clothes ready for you to change. We are all different, we all sweat differently so you may want to change sometime into the process. Always have spare clothes so that you could just hop into them and continue doing what you have so far.

You can’t take a shower anytime you want. Some people can manage a longer period of time without one, some can’t. That is the reason why you should be ready and have clothes at your disposal. Even though you can’t shower, you can hop into clean clothes and continue working until you have some time to take a decent shower and relax!


Many people have their opinions about what to dress for a day of heavy lifting. But we are all different. Some things can apply to some people but some can’t. In order to make everything much more universal, we have made a list of things that you should be aware of when doing some heavy lifting. Remember that the most important thing is to be efficient and safe. Comfort takes the second place and is not that important when preparing for a local move in Los Angeles. We hope that we have helped you with your dilemma and we wish you a nice and pleasant trip to your new place!