How to know you are not overpaying for moving services in LA?

Nowadays, there are plenty of moving companies. Most of them do the job nicely, but there could be really stressful situations no one wants to encounter. Moving across the country can be upsetting, so you want to make sure you are not overpaying for moving services in LA. You are leaving your friends and family and need to pack so much stuff. Moreover, you will entrust your belongings to a complete stranger. Maybe you have heard of insanely high prices for hiring movers. That depends on the services you are asking for. Nevertheless, if you want to lower the moving cost Los Angeles movers have, follow the tips we are sharing. Ensure your relocation will fit the budget without any surprises.

Do the research to prevent overpaying for moving services in LA

Despite what everyone believes in, you can avoid most moving surprises. First, you need to ask the right questions if you want to stop overpaying for anything. The average moving cost can vary a lot. It depends on the state, distance of the move, or the workload movers will have to do. Even though you can find affordable movers Los Angeles has plenty of, some moving companies can charge for things that can have hidden costs.

a woman holding money to carefully plan everything for avoiding overpaying for moving services in LA
Before you hire any moving company, ensure you properly check everything. Do your homework to avoid overpaying.

Here is what should you be careful of:

  • Never make a deal on the phone. Movers need to look at your belongings and do an accurate estimate. That’s the first thing to ask for to avoid overpaying for moving services in LA.
  • Buy extra insurance, if possible. Moving companies always guarantee your boxes will remain in a good condition, but better to be safe than sorry. In addition, think about hiring elite movers for your luxurious items to eliminate any extra stress regarding your fragile possessions.
  • Any changes to the contract must be agreed to by both parties. These changes shouldn’t be made after loading. Therefore, finish all the paying before movers start loading the truck.
  • Read the consumer reviews and complaint records on every company you’re about to hire

Some things to know before the moving day

As we mentioned, moving costs depend on so many things. Usually, those are the distance and the weight of your boxes, or the amount of things movers will have to move. Remember that there are also things some movers won’t move, therefore, you won’t be charged for those even if you ask to. The prices can vary from $500 to $2000 for a local move with no additional costs. On the other hand, when it comes to a long-distance move, count on expenses up to $7500.

a man carrying the moving boxes
Moving costs can go up high if your boxes require many people that will carry them. Having movers coming over before making the contract will save you extra costs later.

There are many ways to save in advance. First, the initial planning could really save your budget. If you are flexible around the time of your relocation, try to avoid moving during the peak season. Do the research on when the movers are available for the lower-pricing move. If not, you can find movers on short notice, and we will give you things to be careful of to not overpay for moving services.

Top things that can make you overpay for moving services in LA

No matter what happens, be sure to know every part of the contract you made with the movers. Nevertheless, different circumstances can affect the move. Strange situations might occur, so you can read below what is usually something you are overpaying for.

Avoid short-notice relocations

Easier relocation to neighboring Nevada will be the one where you have enough time to do the research and prepare everything. The usually perfect notice for the moving companies is at least six weeks before the move, or even more. Of course, this depends on the season you are moving, because summer is pretty crowded. During peak season, you should give the notice even earlier. On the contrary, sudden relocation can happen. Remember to do the research in that situation, too. Reliable companies won’t take advantage of this and will give you standard moving prices.

Available parking spot is very important to not overpay for moving services in LA

If your movers don’t have a parking spot that is close enough to either of your locations, you could get an extra fee. Consider everything, including the traffic, parking, or any other issues. That way you will prevent extra fees on your bill.

available parking spot is a good way to not overpay for moving services in LA
Ensure your movers have an available parking spot any time they arrive on a moving day.

Be careful with last-minute cancelation

When life happens, you can’t do anything about it. Don’t think the moving company won’t charge you some money either way. Most of them require some notice due to canceling or changing the date of the move. A couple of days could work just fine. Naturally, this depends on the company. If you read the agreement carefully, you should find there everything stated.

Disassemble furniture by yourself to avoid overpaying for that

It’s never easy to move bulky pieces of furniture. It’s sometimes easier when they can be disassembled, but don’t leave that to your movers, if you don’t want to pay for that service. For some valid reasons, professionals can do that work to prevent damages. Just keep in mind to ask in a timely manner for that service, if needed. On the contrary, do it all by yourself and secure all of the small parts.

Have enough packing supplies

First, ensure you have carefully and securely packed all of your belongings. Otherwise, movers will have to redo your work, and therefore, you are overpaying for moving services in LA. Pack everything by yourself in good-quality materials. That way your belongings are safe from breaking. If something occurs, movers will have to add extra supplies to ensure your possessions will remain undamaged. Don’t get surprised if you have to pay for bubble wrap, boxes, or even sticky tape.