How to pack liquids

Sometimes, there are things that your movers will not move. Even when you are working with the best moving and packing Los Angeles, transporting liquids, for example, usually brings a lot of risks. If a package were to break, then the liquid can damage your items and furniture in the truck. It can cause even more damage if it was a flammable liquid – and thus, it gets forbidden. So, you will have to pack liquids by yourself – and transport them as well. But worry not – we will teach you how to do it in this article!

Get rid of stuff before you pack liquids

Before you call Pasadena movers and start planning your move, what you will want to do is try to minimize the packing you will be doing. This is one of the longest and toughest moving chores, so you will want to work with as least things as possible. In order to get a better hold of what you are packing, you should create an inventory.

rain boots and umbrella
Water can badly damage your items if you are not careful.

Simply write down everything that you have in your home. As you do, it’s a smart idea to decide whether or not that thing will into the “stay” or “leave” pile. Those that stay behind will, of course, need to be thrown away or donated – but it’s a good start to know whether or not you are taking something with you.

After that, you will also want to try and reduce the things in your “leave” pile. For example, if you have liquids like juices and milk – perishables – you will want to use them before the move. Also get rid of the things you have not used in some time, or the liquid that is past its expiration date. You might also want to get rid of the things whose container is almost empty – these will be more extensive to move than buy again after the move. This way, you will reduce the number of liquids you need to pack by a good margin.

Keep liquids together while packing them

One of the best ways to pack liquids is to keep them together. Simply, you want to reduce the chance of damage. You can do this by keeping them contained. This way, a spill can only happen in one place! Still, you should divide the liquids by their type. You can have toiletries in one box while oils and sauces in another, and so on.

oils are a thing to think about when you want to pack liquids
Make sure you separate different liquids in your home.

Then, you will want to secure each bottle opening with some good packing supplies. Cut a square of plastic wrap, unscrew the bottle and place the wrap over the opening. Then, close it up again. After that, wrap some plastic over the top and secure it with rubber bands. This way, you create a double layer of protection when you pack liquids. The bottles then go into a box, which you want to line with plastic bags for extra protection.