How to pack your South Pasadena home in a hurry

Ideally, you would have enough time to prepare everything you need for the move in advance and at least a few days for the packing itself. However, sometimes you have to work with what you have and that includes quick packing. It is possible to pack your South Pasadena home in a hurry, it will just be a bit more stressful and you may need some help. You won’t be able to organize your items particularly well, so the unpacking process may take a bit more time, but you can do that at your own time. Your other option is to enlist professionals to do it for you. Good Neighbors Moving Company offers packing services, so you should contact them if you don’t believe you will manage. If you are set on packing yourself, here are some tips on how to do it.

Sort What You Need and Don’t Need

All of us have unnecessary items that we hoard for years thinking they may be useful at some point. If you haven’t used something for years, it’s unlikely you need it. They take up space and will make your packing harder. Throw them away, recycle them, or gift them to somebody. You can even organize a yard sale if you have the time. The fewer items you have to pack, the faster you will be done. Additionally, moving companies South Pasadena charge you by the size of your move. Do away with unnecessary possessions and save some money. Moving is a big change, so you might as well start organizing your life from the start.

Woman packing.
Do away with items you don’t use to be able to pack your South Pasadena home in a hurry.

Separate Your Most Important Things

In the chaos that ensues when you have to pack your South Pasadena home in a hurry, it is likely some items will be misplaced or lost. Set aside a bag that you will use to pack your essential items and pack that first. This can include your important documents, credit cards, medications, or the most valuable things you have. Naturally, you don’t want to lose anything during the move, but some things are more important than others. You should also set aside a spare change of clothes and essential toiletries. That way, you won’t have to rummage through your items when you start unpacking. If you have your essentials set aside, you can take your time unpacking. 

How to pack your South Pasadena home in a hurry.
Make sure your documents are not lost in the move.

Enlist Some Help

A helping hand is always welcome. Ask your relatives, friends, or neighbors to pitch in for the day. They can help you with the packing itself, but there are other ways they can help, too. If you have small children it can be very hard to pack your South Pasadena home in a hurry. Ask them to babysit so you can focus on packing your items. The same goes for pets. Taking care of your children or pets for the day will not be a huge burden on anyone. When you need to move quickly, it’s not just packing you should worry about. You need moving services Los Angeles that you can hire at short notice, so don’t forget to take care of that. We know packing is stressful, but we are also positive you can manage. Good luck!