How to prepare a mattress for storage

There are several reasons why you need to store a mattress. If you have a quality and expensive mattress when moving, you will certainly not decide to buy a new one. Therefore, call local movers Los Angeles and they can tell you how you can store the mattress safely and easily and on what you should pay attention to. Whether you want to keep your mattress for only a few weeks or a few months, proper storage and professional preparation are necessary. This way the mattress does not mold or be damaged in any other way. When storing, be sure to prepare a mattress for storage appropriately. This ensures that the mattress stays in good condition and that you can use it again even after a long period of storage.

How to prepare a mattress for storage – what solutions are there? 

Storing large, bulky mattresses in an apartment or storing mattresses under the bed is not recommended. Due to lack of space basement, attic, free space under the bed are used for storage. This is by no means a good solution, certainly not for mattresses. These areas do not have a suitable climate, ie. climatic conditions or storage space. Therefore, your mattress can be easily damaged. A lot can be done wrong if the mattress is not protected from the environment. Rough waking comes when you realize that the mattress is no longer usable.

Man wrapped in plastic tape near carton boxes
Preparation is necessary if you want to store the mattress properly!

Prepare a mattress for storage with Good Neighbors step by step guide

Make a comprehensive preparation for storing mattresses. This is crucial to keep your mattress in the same condition it was in before storage. You can go step by step with moving and packing Los Angeles tips. 

Removing the sheets 

Do not store the mattress together with the bedding.  We do not recommend it. It is different with the mattress cover. You can keep the mattress cover on the mattress. However, wash the cover beforehand. Remove bedding and store bedding separately.

Cleaning the mattress 

Clean the mattress, do not skip this step. Among other things, vacuum the mattress thoroughly. After all, after a while, you want to have a clean mattress. Otherwise, there is a risk of damaging the mattress. This step will also prevent unpleasant odors. Before you vacuum, you can sprinkle baking soda on the mattress, leave it for half an hour and then vacuum. Baking soda is great for extracting unpleasant odors from the mattress.

Drying the mattress 

Finally, dry and air the mattress. Before storage, it is extremely important that the mattress is completely dry. Wet mattresses encourage the formation of mold. If mold forms on the mattress, you will have to throw away the mattress afterward. Place the mattress in the sun or next to the heater to dry well. Dry the mattress for at least one whole day.

Prepare a mattress for storage with vacuum cleaner
Vacuum thoroughly to prepare a mattress for storage.

Wrap the mattress properly 

Buy special bags for closing mattresses for mattresses online or ask moving services Los Angeles how can they help you with wrapping your mattress. You can also use plastic mattress covers. If you want to make it easier for yourself, just use foil and secure it with masking tape. In all cases, it is important that you do not pack the mattress hermetically! There may always be residual moisture in the mattress or a change in room temperature can lead to condensation. In this case, this moisture must be able to come out.

What do you have to pay attention to when transporting a mattress? 

After the mattress is placed upright to dry for a few days, if possible, to avoid mold stains or mold from transport or subsequent storage, it is advisable to roll or bend the mattress – but be careful! Not all mattresses can be bent or rolled without any problems. All types of mattresses with latex or internal springs are best transported in a “natural” form. Otherwise, the springs could move irreversibly or the latex could crack. On the other hand, you can not roll or bent also all types of cold foam mattresses. Movers San Marino knows best how to properly transport a mattress because they have experience in that. Let professionals do this part of a job.

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Also, take care during transport to avoid damaging the mattress.

Protection during transport: Foil, sheets, or blankets are useful 

Protect the mattress from dust and other impurities that may occur during transport when you roll it. You can use more things for that. Pull blankets over the mattress on both sides. It is just as useful as painting foil, thick blankets, or special mattress protectors. Use them to protect rolled mattresses and mattresses in their normal shape during transport. It is certainly important to protect them during transport as well.

Store the mattress vertically 

If you want to save a mattress, follow these tips. Otherwise, there is a risk of significant loss of mattress quality. With a long storage time, there is a risk of irreparable damage or the formation of mold. Store the mattress properly so that you can use it later. One of the essential things is that when you put it in storage you put it vertically.

The ideal place for storage 

The storage where you place your mattress should meet different criteria. First of all, it is important that the place is clean and dry. Well-ventilated rooms are ideal for long-term storage of mattresses that are not currently needed. Therefore, you should not place this mattress in rooms where it is humid or where there is little air circulation, as the mattress will be unusable afterward. Not every space is equally suitable for storing mattresses. These include basements and garages. Storage space is the best solution. Rent storage that has good air circulation and is also clean and easily accessible to you.

We hope these tips help you store your mattress properly. Ask Good Neighbors Moving Company if you have any additional questions. They are at your disposal and they are there to help you at all times.