How to relax after moving to Studio City, CA?

After a big move, people usually want to either celebrate or just relax and unwind. Especially when you move to such a nice place as Studio City. It’s a place that has a lot to offer to people all across the US. For that reason, we at the Good Neighbors Moving Company have decided to help you out. Here’s where and how to relax after moving to Studio City be it by yourself or with your family.

How to relax after moving to Studio City – Check out Universal Studio Tours

You’ll need a couple of visits to check this place out as it’s huge. It covers an area of almost 13 acres and is a perfect place to unwind after a stressful move. It’s a jewel of Southern California and will make you want to come back. Above all, our movers Studio City CA love it so much because it’s very interactive. Your virtual guide will be Jimmy Fallon and the whole experience won’t feel like an ordinary tour. For that reason, don’t hesitate and come check it out.

Woman playing with a parrot
How to relax after moving to Studio City? Enjoy Universal Studio

Universal CityWalk

After finishing up the tour in Universal Studio why not, even more, excite the movie lover inside you? You’ll be able to buy memorabilia and overall get you in the mood for movies. There are trivia and other competitions that are held from time to time where you compete with other people in movie knowledge. Our Pasadena movers absolutely love it. However, you can also enjoy amazing food and drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe. If you enjoy shops and places to relax and have fun, this is a spot for you.

How to relax after moving to Studio City – Visit the farmer’s market

If you’re looking for a perfect place to spend your Sunday mornings with your family, then the farmer’s market will be the right choice for you. It’s not just a place where you go and grab fresh fruits, but also a place of fun and social awareness. That’s why our residential movers love it so much. They offer face painting, pony rides, a petting zoo, and much more. What’s so cool and special about this farmer’s market is that all the money goes back to the community and to help people in need.

Transaction at a farmer's market
You can enjoy and bring back to the community at the farmer’s market

Coldwater Canyon Park

For all the nature lovers and people who enjoy strolls on a weekend, Coldwater Canyon Park is the place out of your dreams. The view is fantastic and the nature surrounding it will make you feel like you’re far from the city. However, if you look around you’ll have a beautiful view of the surrounding areas. That’s why Studio City is one of the best things California has to offer as the weather is always amazing. Take your man or woman and go for a walk. You’ll enjoy it every time you take a look around.

You can consider yourself lucky living in such a beautiful neighborhood like Studio City. It really has a lot to offer whatever your interests may be. Obviously, the moving industry made a huge impact on these parts so expect a lot of film-related happenings throughout the whole year. Above all, we hope we helped you with how to relax after moving to Studio City and we leave you to find the things you’ll like the most in your new neighborhood.