How to sell your South Pasadena home on short notice?

Selling a property is stressful enough by itself. There are so many elements that make it stressful and pressuring. You need to do a lot of preparations and the house probably needs some work. However, it all get’s even worse when you have a deadline when the house has to be sold. Maybe a loved one passed away and it is up to you to handle the property. Maybe you are getting out of a separation process. Those can all be scenarios where you have to sell your home on short notice. What does help is the fact that it is situated in South Pasadena. The area is popular and a lot of people want to live there. There are some great schools, nice green areas and safety are at a really high level. So, it really won’t be hard to sell your South Pasadena home.

With enough tips and tricks on how to prepare your home, advertise it and make it attractive, you will sell your place in no time. Allow us to give you some advice and make a few ideas that can help you in your goal.

There is paint, cloth and brushes on the floor, and a bucket next to ladders.
Understand that there will be some extra expenses while preparing to sell your South Pasadena home.

How much will it cost to sell your South Pasadena home?

Before you book your move with some of the best moving companies Los Angeles County has to offer and before you start working on your plan to sell your South Pasadena home, do the math on how much selling the place is going to cost. Include real estate agent’s commission in the math, search cost, marketing cost, the conveyancer’s fee, the stamp duty, and rates and taxes. How much you will pay the agent commissions can vary. It always depends on where you live. The range goes from a minimum of 1.6% to a maximum of 4%.

Meanwhile, the national average charge is somewhere between 2% and 2.5%. Don’t forget to count in all those ‘hidden’ costs. For example, all the stuff you might have to give for house cleaning, yard and garden maintenance, small repairs & renovations, and you will have to pay extra if you decide to use a tradies services or a home stagers services.

How should you price the house to sell?

Even though it might seem like a waste of time compared to some more urgent matters, researching the market is really important. If you really want to set a fair price and sell your South Pasadena home, this is a crucial first step. Selling on short notice is just like finding movers on short notice. It takes time and research. You need to know if it is a slow or hot market. Some markets are more active than others. Once you find the information you need, it will ensure you get an idea what is the best price possible. In a market, experts would call hot, interested buyers will focus on the property’s location and financial potential of that property as an asset. So, that kind of situation makes people more willing to pay the top price for it.

However, if you’re in a cold or slow market, potential clients care about the price much more. In that situation, it is crucial to research the market and the pricing well if you want to sell your South Pasadena home. Research the price of properties online and you will get suburb reports. This information, with the assistance of your agent, can help a lot in setting a competitive price that attracts potential buyers and secures a quick sale.

Two old doors next to each other.
Explain the situation to your neighbors so they don’t get caught off guard.

You will also need the right real estate agent for the job

Before you can relocate with Good Neighbors Moving Company, you need help from an experienced salesman if you want to do the job well. Try looking for an agent who is across the market and who has a positive record of sales in the near past. So, across the market and positive record. Don’t get an agent if you don’t click with them and don’t trust them. Trust is crucial in an agent-customer relationship. Ask them to give you advice on renovating decluttering, repairing, and pricing. You’d be surprised how knowledgeable they are.

Ask your agent if they can get in touch with all the right for a renovating operation. They know reliable companies who can do the job well for you. When you begin interviewing the agents you should look for character traits like honesty, a lot of experience, success, pure professionalism, and you need an agent who is good at communication.

Besides, since you need to sell your South Pasadena home on short notice, you should also try finding an agent who is flexible and ready to hold viewings at short notice. Be sure you know how to find a real estate agent. As already mentioned, you should talk about and agree on the fees and commission they might ask for. It depends on the agent if marketing costs will or won’t be billed together. Make sure you’ve clarified these points before you formally appoint your agent to do the job. You don’t want to run into problems during the process. Everything needs to be understood on time.

Staging before you sell your South Pasadena home

Keep in mind that you can’t do all the work alone. Seriously consider giving some tasks to other people, like finding someone who would clean up or someone for sourcing tradies. This will provide you with time to put all your attention on the important things. such as:

  • Finding the right agent
  • Researching the market
  • Deciding the price range
One man is handing a house key to another man.
Finding a good real estate agent will make your job much easier.

Tell your neighbors about the move

Make sure your neighbors are informed. You’ve probably had a nice relationship with them and created some long-lasting friendships. Because of that and because of the price, tell them the situation. Who knows, maybe they will be interested in buying as well.

Potential buyers might come to meet the neighbors to check them out. If your neighbors leave a good impression, the house will be sold in no time and if they don’t, the chances that you will sell your South Pasadena home in a short time are reduced by a lot. If you are in good relations with your neighbors, just give them a heads up before you call moving companies South Pasadena to get your stuff to a new location.