Items to never put in storage

You decided to rent a storage unit. It is a convenient way to find a place for items that would otherwise clutter your home. But it is not as simple as renting, paying, and using. You can’t do whatever you like. You should know that there are rules and regulations tied to it. And the most important one is the list of Items to never put in storage. You should know this before you rent your unit. Let us advise of the items that are prohibited by the law.

Storage rules and regulations

Most public storage units in Los Angeles are under rules and regulations signed by the state. It is important to know how to behave, how to maintain your unit, and what you shouldn’t store. All those rules are in place for the overall safety. Otherwise, you can endanger the neighborhood your storage unit is in, and yourself. Not to mention your possessions and those of others since there are many storage units tied together in a much larger facility. Therefore, you should follow those rules and avoid being held responsible if anything goes south.

A person writing on a paper
You should be informed about the storage rules and regulations.

Now, since most people rent storage units before or after the move, you should communicate the details further with your moving company. If you still haven’t chosen yours, we can recommend one. Your movers Diamond Bar CA are a marvelous combination of skill, knowledge, and expertise. They will inform you about the details regarding the storage unit rule. More importantly, they will pack you for storage if that is what you desire. Give it a try.

Hazardous materials, explosives, and chemicals are Items to never put in storage.

Now, some of the items on our list obviously shouldn’t be stored but we must mention them anyhow. And we are sure that led by common sense you wouldn’t store them in the first place. Those are hazardous materials, explosives, and chemicals. What stands out here are the highly flammable and toxic ones. Not all chemicals are bad. We strongly recommend that you should clean your storage unit regularly. But before you store any cleaning products, you must consult with the owner. While for the others we mentioned, you won’t have the permission to store them in a public self-storage unit. Therefore, stay away from any aerosol cans, gasoline tanks, propane tanks, motor oils, car batteries, pesticides, etc. More importantly, no firearms, ammunition, or fireworks are allowed at all. Storing explosives and easily flammable materials and liquids are punishable by law. Keep that in mind.

Two Propane tanks
Hazardous and flammable materials and liquids are extremely dangerous. Storing is prohibited by law.

What matters most is to rent from a proper storage unit provider. Be sure that the facility holding your valuables is legit and secured. We suggest you check local movers Los Angeles as one of the most reliable relocations and storage providers. You are following rules and regulations, be sure that your movers and landlord do the same.

Items of high value.

It can be complicated to pack and move antiques, artwork, jewelry, heirlooms, and other valuable items. And maybe even more to store them. Some items have high monetary value while others are emotionally valuable. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t store any of those. It is not restricted but you shouldn’t do it because the risk is too great. No matter how secured it is, there is always a possibility of a break-in. Or an unfortunate act of nature. Hence, if you have highly valuable items, seek proper storage for it. Maybe a bank, an insurance group, or professional artwork storage is a better option. And for emotionally valuable pieces, we suggest keeping them always at your home, by your side. Those are irreplaceable after all and among the Items to never put in storage.

Perishables are among the Items to never put in storage.

One of the Items to never put in storage is the food. Not even the pet food is allowed. It is one of the most important health and safety rules when using storage. People tend to overlook this one on many occasions. But such negligence can lead to a serious problem, followed by an equal penalty. The food will decompose overtime producing bacteria and a bad smell. This will attract rodents and pests that will eat away your belongings. More importantly, this can lead to an infestation of the whole facility. You do not want to be held responsible for all the damage they cause in other storage units as well.

One of the Items to never put in storage is food
Storing food and drinks can lead to infestation. Avoid storing perishables at all costs.

One way to get rid of all the rodents, pests, mold, and humidity is to rent one of the climate-controlled storage units. It is a great way to keep your items safe and sound by all means.

Animals and pets.

You might ask yourself who would ever do such a thing. But you won’t believe what people store in their storage units. A nice example is where people use their unit as a workshop or a second garage. It is a great way to support a hobby. And you can use your unit as you like, as long as you avoid storing a living being inside. It is against any safety regulations, restricted by law, and morally wrong. If you love your pet, keep it next to you and be a good and caring owner.

As well as plants.

The storage unit is often a damp windowless place and it is a hostile environment to any plant. Not to mention that plants need fresh air and water daily. This can be a problem if you visit your unit once a week or less. More importantly, plants can be a carrier for rodents, pests, and bacteria. This creates the same problem you would have if you store food. Moreover, this applies to any moldy, scented, or wet item or piece of furniture you store. Inspect your items before you store them and avoid this situation.

And this was it, a simple list of Items to never put in storage. Follow the rules and regulations set in place and you won’t have any headaches. The rest is up to you. Be sure to find a proper unit and to pack your belongings adequately.