Key differences between residential and commercial moving – LA edition

What are the actual differences between residential and commercial moving? Many people have their own ideas, but it’s not as simple as one is home moving and the other is office moving. There’s so much more that comes with it. Thankfully, we at the Good Neighbors Moving Company are professionals and will be able to explain to you all the key differences in no time. Here are just some things that distinguish commercial from residential moves.

Differences between residential and commercial moving? One is requiring more movers

When you move there is always a moving crew helping you. Of course given that you’re using a professional and reputable moving company. However, there’s a difference between those crews when you’re moving an office and an apartment. Usually, commercial movers Los Angeles are usually having more people for office moves. That’s because there is more delicate equipment like IT equipment, security cameras, furniture and much more. 

An empty office
Differences between residential and commercial moving? One needs more movers

Some relocations are more difficult than others

There’s a big difference between us relocating your furniture and business information. Residential and commercial moves require a different approach and style of work overall. That’s why commercial movers are so much different than residential movers Los Angeles as there are many details that make a huge difference between these types of moves. One has a bigger quantity of items, and the other probably has more delicate and expensive stuff.

Differences between residential and commercial moving? Ways of transportation

More delicate items mean that you will need to have a different approach to transporting them to their new location. How do people usually move? With smaller moving trucks or even pick-up trucks. However, when it comes to commercial moving, bigger trucks with additional features are a must. Be it that you’re moving locally or long-distance your office will also need a bit more protection when it comes to furniture and other specialty items.

A mover inside a moving van
You can move your apartment with a small van

Different time schedules and efficiency are needed for different types of moves

When you compare residential and commercial moving then you need to talk about the organization. Usually, your house or apartment can be moved in a day or two, with maybe a couple of days of planning. However, even if you have BBB-approved movers and experienced and professional commercial movers you’ll need some time to prepare. The fact that it’s very delicate to change offices with workers doing their job is extremely difficult and needs weeks of planning before the job can actually begin. 

Do you have a big coming up soon? Are you moving both your office and apartment? It’s a good thing to know the differences between residential and commercial moving before you start. After all, there are big differences in the approach of the moving company. It needs more people and time to organize and plan. For that reason, it’s a good idea to call them up a couple of weeks before your move. We wish you luck with your move and hope our tips and tricks helped you out a bit.