La Verne for families – all you need to know

Enjoying California doesn’t always mean moving to the big cities. Whatever the advantages of LA and other places there are, you can arguably enjoy the state better in a smaller community. Thankfully, we from the Good Neighbors Moving Company have all the information on how to enjoy La Verne for families completely. It has a lot of things for you as parents and your kids. Make sure to check everything out, but here are just some of the places to check out.

Marshall Canyon

After you move to La Verne, you and your family will have a plethora of options of things to do. Above all, if you visit the Marshall Canyon and everything it has to offer. It’s a huge space that has things to do from outdoor fun to theaters, hiking and biking trails, and courts for different types of sports. Even the La Verne moving companies won’t be able to list everything this jewel has to offer as it grants weeks and even months of entertainment. It’s definitely worth a visit for you and your family.

A man hiking
La Verne is for families as it offers a lot of activities

Do you want to experience La Verne for families? Visit the Heritage Park

At Heritage Park, you’ll have 4 acres of space you can fully enjoy. And what says La Verne for families, more than a place where you can go from barbecue space and swings for your kids to some of the most historic places in town. One of the things our movers West Covina CA love about this park is that it always offers some fun activities. You’ll always have something to do here with your family and make sure to visit historic places like the Sloan Barn. That will give you a better insight into the history of La Verne.

Weber House

Above all, one of the places in Heritage Park needs to be emphasized completely on its own. Of course, we’re talking about the Weber House. It’s a place you can take your kids and let them take a look at how the people have lived in the past. But before you get in touch with our packing services, it’s time for your family to start picking oranges. It’s a little fun activity that you can do and it’s easy and even your kids can do it. After all, it’s great to learn some history and do such a fun activity.

An orange tree
Picking oranges with your family can be a lot of fun

La Verne for families includes farmers markets in Old Town

What’s better to feel the town’s spirit than to visit the farmers markets? Above all, they can be a great place to taste all the local foods that are produced in La Verne. And on top of that, it’s a place to get to know people around the city. Thankfully, when it comes to the city of La Verne, Old Town organizes them almost every other weekend. Make sure to round up your family and go and enjoy all the markets of Old Town have to offer.

There’s something beautiful about La Verne that you can’t experience everywhere in California. It’s a place that makes you and your family feel at home very quickly. That’s because it has a lot of things to offer that can be both educational and fun. That’s why La Verne is for families, and especially the ones with kids. We’re sure that if you visit the places we’ve told you about you will enjoy them to the fullest. Enjoy La Verene and make sure to explore it as it has a lot to offer.